List of Game file extensions

There are many different game file extensions and game file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of game file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of game file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online game file tools and apps.


Extension File Type Free Apps
.0 M3 DS Real Save File Free 0 Apps
.00 The Ur-Quan Masters Saved Game Slot 0 File Free 00 Apps
.001 Snes9x Slot 2 Saved State Free 001 Apps
.0ADSAVE 0 A.D. Game Save File Free 0ADSAVE Apps
.32X Sega 32X ROM Free 32X Apps
.3DS Nintendo 3DS ROM Free 3DS Apps
.3DSX Homebrew Launcher File Free 3DSX Apps
.3DZ Nintendo 3DS ROM Free 3DZ Apps
.555 Black & White Weather Settings File Free 555 Apps
.68K SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Classics ROM File Free 68K Apps
.8LD Overlord 2 Language File Free 8LD Apps
.A26 Atari 2600 ROM Free A26 Apps
.A52 Atari 5200 ROM Free A52 Apps
.A78 Atari 7800 ROM Free A78 Apps
.AAO America's Army Map File Free AAO Apps
.ABK Need for Speed Underground Audio File Free ABK Apps
.ABK Arena Opening Book File Free ABK Apps
.ABS AB SuDoKu Saved Game Free ABS Apps
.AC AC3D 3D Definition File Free AC Apps
.ACF Steam Application Cache File Free ACF Apps
.ACWW Animal Crossing Wild World Pattern File Free ACWW Apps
.ACX Atari ST Program Free ACX Apps
.ADF Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Audio Data File Free ADF Apps
.ADT World of Warcraft Map File Free ADT Apps
.AGB Game Boy Advance ROM Free AGB Apps
.AGE3REC Age of Empires 3 Recording Free AGE3REC Apps
.AGE3SAV Age of Empires 3 Save File Free AGE3SAV Apps
.AGE3SCN Age of Empires 3 Scenario File Free AGE3SCN Apps
.AGE3XREC Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Recording Free AGE3XREC Apps
.AGE3XSAV Age of Empires 3: The WarChiefs Save File Free AGE3XSAV Apps
.AGE3YREC Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Recording Free AGE3YREC Apps
.AGE3YSAV Age of Empires 3: The Asian Dynasties Save File Free AGE3YSAV Apps
.AGX AGT Game File Free AGX Apps
.AI Battlefield 2 Artificial Intelligence File Free AI Apps
.AIN Source Engine Compiled AI Nodegraph File Free AIN Apps
.AIR M.U.G.E.N. Animation File Free AIR Apps
.AIV Stronghold Crusader AI Village File Free AIV Apps
.ALR ADRIFT Language Resource File Free ALR Apps
.AM1 Adventure Maker Free AM1 Apps
.AN2 Croc Legend of the Gobbos Animation File Free AN2 Apps
.APP Wii U Game Data File Free APP Apps
.AR Midtown Madness Data File Free AR Apps
.ARC African Safari Data File Free ARC Apps
.ARCH00 F.E.A.R. Game Archive Free ARCH00 Apps
.ARENA Quake 3 Engine Arena File Free ARENA Apps
.ARK ARK: Survival Evolved World File Free ARK Apps
.ARKPROFILE ARK: Survival Evolved Player Profile File Free ARKPROFILE Apps
.ARKTRIBE ARK: Survival Evolved Tribe File Free ARKTRIBE Apps
.ARP Audition Replay File Free ARP Apps
.ARS Carmageddon Saved Game Free ARS Apps
.ASH Audiosurf Audio Metadata File Free ASH Apps
.ASH KoLmafia ASH Script Free ASH Apps
.ASS Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File Free ASS Apps
.ASSET Unity Asset File Free ASSET Apps
.ASSETS Unity Asset File Free ASSETS Apps
.ASSTRM Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File Free ASSTRM Apps
.ATLAS Atlas Generator File Free ATLAS Apps
.ATM PSP Game Audio File Free ATM Apps
.BA2 Bethesda Softworks Archive Free BA2 Apps
.BAK Terraria Backup File Free BAK Apps
.BAK1 Starbound Backup File Free BAK1 Apps
.BAK2 Starbound Backup File Free BAK2 Apps
.BAK3 Starbound Backup File Free BAK3 Apps
.BAR Age of Mythology Data File Free BAR Apps
.BAR Age of Empires 3 Data File Free BAR Apps
.BARS Binary Sound Archive File Free BARS Apps
.BB3 BlasterBall 3 Level File Support Free BB3 Apps
.BBDOC Buildbox Document Free BBDOC Apps
.BDAE Gameloft Game Data File Free BDAE Apps
.BDF BSDiff Patch File Free BDF Apps
.BF CryoBF Game Data File Free BF Apps
.BFG Big Fish Games Application File Free BFG Apps
.BFM Terminal Reality Model File Free BFM Apps
.BFS FlatOut Game Data File Free BFS Apps
.BFSAR BFSAR Sound Archive File Free BFSAR Apps
.BGL Flight Simulator Scenery File Free BGL Apps
.BGZ Blood Frontier Map File Free BGZ Apps
.BIC Civilization 3 Scenario File Free BIC Apps
.BIC Neverwinter Nights Character File Free BIC Apps
.BIF BioWare Infinity Engine File Free BIF Apps
.BIG Electronic Arts Game Data File Free BIG Apps
.BIK Video Game Movie File Free BIK Apps
.BIN Sega Genesis Game ROM Free BIN Apps
.BIN PCSX PlayStation BIOS Image Free BIN Apps
.BIN Nintendo DS Binary File Free BIN Apps
.BIN Atari 2600 Game ROM Free BIN Apps
.BIO Fallout 2 Character Biography File Free BIO Apps
.BIQ Civilization 3 Scenario File Free BIQ Apps
.BIX Civilization 3 Scenario File Free BIX Apps
.BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2 Blackhawk Striker 2 Saved Game Free BLACKHAWKSTRIKER2 Apps
.BLB Interactive Fiction Package Game File Free BLB Apps
.BLB Dreamworks Resource File Free BLB Apps
.BLORB Interactive Fiction Package Game File Free BLORB Apps
.BLP Speedy Eggbert Game Data File Free BLP Apps
.BLP Blizzard Texture File Free BLP Apps
.BLS Blockland Saved Game File Free BLS Apps
.BLZ N-Gage Mobile Video Game File Free BLZ Apps
.BMD MU Online Game Data File Free BMD Apps
.BMD GameCube 3D Model File Free BMD Apps
.BME BeatMania 7-Key Song File Free BME Apps
.BMG Nintendo Message File Free BMG Apps
.BMS BeatMania Song File Free BMS Apps
.BMZ Portal Bonus Map Zip File Free BMZ Apps
.BNG The Bingo Maker Card File Free BNG Apps
.BNK Test Drive Unlimited Data Package Free BNK Apps
.BNR Nintendo Wii Banner File Free BNR Apps
.BNS Portal Bonus Map Script Free BNS Apps
.BNZ The Bingo Maker Card Template File Free BNZ Apps
.BO2 Minecraft BO2 Object File Free BO2 Apps
.BO3 Minecraft BO3 Object File Free BO3 Apps
.BPS BPS Patch File Free BPS Apps
.BREFF Wii Effect Controls File Free BREFF Apps
.BREFT Wii Effects File Free BREFT Apps
.BRFNT Wii Game Font File Free BRFNT Apps
.BRLYT Wii Textures and Material Lists File Free BRLYT Apps
.BRMDL Wii BRMDL Model File Free BRMDL Apps
.BRN Gabriel Knight Barn File Free BRN Apps
.BRRES Wii BRRES Resource Package Free BRRES Apps
.BRSAR Wii BRSAR Audio Archive Free BRSAR Apps
.BRSEQ Binary Revolution Sequence Format File Free BRSEQ Apps
.BRTEX Wii BRTEX Texture File Free BRTEX Apps
.BRV Brick Rigs Vehicle File Free BRV Apps
.BS1 VirtualBus Vehicle Configuration File Free BS1 Apps
.BSA Bethesda Softworks Archive Free BSA Apps
.BSB BioShock Saved Game File Free BSB Apps
.BSDIFF BSDiff Patch File Free BSDIFF Apps
.BSG Besiege Machine File Free BSG Apps
.BSP Quake Engine Game Map File Free BSP Apps
.BUS VirtualBus Board Parameters File Free BUS Apps
.BUS OMSI Bus Configuration File Free BUS Apps
.BWA Bookworm Adventures Player File Free BWA Apps
.BZW BZFlag World File Free BZW Apps
.C4K Clonk Key File Free C4K Apps
.CAH 5e Companion App Character File Free CAH Apps
.CAR Gary Gadget Car File Free CAR Apps
.CARC Nintendo Compressed Archive File Free CARC Apps
.CBF ChessBase Game Information File Free CBF Apps
.CBH ChessBase Database Header File Free CBH Apps
.CBS Code Breaker PS2 Save File Free CBS Apps
.CBV ChessBase Database File Free CBV Apps
.CDP Trainz Simulator Content Dispatcher Pack Free CDP Apps
.CDP2 Trainz Classics Content Dispatcher Pack 2 Free CDP2 Apps
.CEM Children of the Nile Model File Free CEM Apps
.CETRAINER Cheat Engine Trainer File Free CETRAINER Apps
.CFG Wesnoth Markup Language File Free CFG Apps
.CFGE Jewel Quest Configuration File Free CFGE Apps
.CFR Cross Fire Replay File Free CFR Apps
.CGF Crytek Geometry Format File Free CGF Apps
.CGZ Cube Map File Free CGZ Apps
.CHART Guitar Rhythm Chart File Free CHART Apps
.CHD MAME Hard Disk Image Free CHD Apps
.CHESSTITANSSAVE-MS Microsoft Chess Titans Saved Game Free CHESSTITANSSAVE-MS Apps
.CHK StarCraft Chunk File Free CHK Apps
.CHR Doki Doki Literature Club! Character File Free CHR Apps
.CHR0 Wii Model Animation File Free CHR0 Apps
.CHT Emulator Cheat File Free CHT Apps
.CIA CTR Importable Archive Free CIA Apps
.CIV5MAP Civilization 5 Map Free CIV5MAP Apps
.CIV5MOD Civilization 5 Mod File Free CIV5MOD Apps
.CIV5SAVE Civilization 5 Saved Game Free CIV5SAVE Apps
.CIV5SLN Civilization 5 Solution File Free CIV5SLN Apps
.CLI Grand Theft Auto Clip Data File Free CLI Apps
.CLIP Grand Theft Auto 5 Clip Free CLIP Apps
.CLR0 Wii Color Swapping Animation File Free CLR0 Apps
.CLT VisualBoyAdvance Cheat List File Free CLT Apps
.CM CLEO Custom Mission Free CM Apps
.CMAP The Escapists Custom Prison Map File Free CMAP Apps
.CMD M.U.G.E.N. Character Commands File Free CMD Apps
.CME Crazy Machines Experiment File Free CME Apps
.CML Crazy Machines Lab File Free CML Apps
.CNS M.U.G.E.N. Character States File Free CNS Apps
.COL Grand Theft Auto Collision File Free COL Apps
.COMPILED Compiled Game Resource File Free COMPILED Apps
.CON Battlefield 1942 Configuration File Free CON Apps
.COS Creatures CAOS File Free COS Apps
.COURSE Super Mario ReMaker Course File Free COURSE Apps
.CPG StarCraft Campaign File Free CPG Apps
.CPK CRI Middleware Package Free CPK Apps
.CPN Grim Dawn Default Character File Free CPN Apps
.CPN Age of Mythology Campaign File Free CPN Apps
.CPR CPC Plus Cartridge Free CPR Apps
.CPS The Powder Toy Save File Free CPS Apps
.CPX Rise of Rome Campaign File Free CPX Apps
.CRAFT KSP Spacecraft File Free CRAFT Apps
.CRP Cities: Skylines Colossal Raw Asset Package Free CRP Apps
.CRPL Creeper World 3 Script File Free CRPL Apps
.CRS StepMania Course File Free CRS Apps
.CRYSISJMSF Crysis Saved Game Free CRYSISJMSF Apps
.CRYSISPSF Crysis Warhead Saved Game Free CRYSISPSF Apps
.CS CLEO Custom Script Free CS Apps
.CSA Star Stable Online Game Archive Free CSA Apps
.CT Cheat Engine Cheat Table Free CT Apps
.CTM Star Wars Republic Commando Map File Free CTM Apps
.CTX Valve ICE Encoded Script Free CTX Apps
.CTY SimCity City File Free CTY Apps
.CWD Nonogram Puzzle File Free CWD Apps
.CYTOIDLEVEL Cytoid Level Archive Free CYTOIDLEVEL Apps
.D$$ AGT Game Encrypted Message File Free D$$ Apps
.D2S Diablo 2 Save File Free D2S Apps
.D3DBSP Call of Duty Map File Free D3DBSP Apps
.DA1 AGT Game Data File Free DA1 Apps
.DA2 AGT Game Data File Free DA2 Apps
.DA3 AGT Game Data File Free DA3 Apps
.DA4 AGT Game Data File Free DA4 Apps
.DA5 AGT Game Data File Free DA5 Apps
.DA6 AGT Game Data File Free DA6 Apps
.DAM DAME Project Free DAM Apps
.DAT_MCR Minecraft Level.dat Backup File Free DAT_MCR Apps
.DAT_NEW Minecraft World Level File Free DAT_NEW Apps
.DAT_OLD Minecraft Level.dat Backup File Free DAT_OLD Apps
.DAT Minecraft Data File Free DAT Apps
.DAT SimCity 4 Game Data File Free DAT Apps
.DAT GameMaker Studio Game Audio Data Package Free DAT Apps
.DAY Day of the Zombie Map File Free DAY Apps
.DAZIP Dragon Age: Origins Game File Free DAZIP Apps
.DB X-Ray Engine Database Free DB Apps
.DCT DeSmuME ROM Cheats File Free DCT Apps
.DDB Command & Conquer: Renegade Data File Free DDB Apps
.DDT Football Manager Keep Player Data File Free DDT Apps
.DEC Magic: The Gathering Online Deck File Free DEC Apps
.DEF M.U.G.E.N. Character Definition File Free DEF Apps
.DEK Magic: The Gathering Deck File Free DEK Apps
.DEK Yugioh Virtual Desktop Deck File Free DEK Apps
.DEK LackeyCCG Card Deck File Free DEK Apps
.DEM Video Game Demo File Free DEM Apps
.DEMO Pokémon Type Wild Data File Free DEMO Apps
.DESC Battlefield 2 Map Description File Free DESC Apps
.DFC DeSmuME Firmware Configuration File Free DFC Apps
.DIF MAME CHD Diff File Free DIF Apps
.DIVA Project DIVA Song File Free DIVA Apps
.DJA Dundjinni Module File Free DJA Apps
.DL Zoo Tycoon 2 Data File Free DL Apps
.DLG Dialogue File Free DLG Apps
.DM_68 Quake 3 Demo File Free DM_68 Apps
.DM_82 Wolfenstein 1.00 Demo Movie File Free DM_82 Apps
.DM_83 Wolfenstein 1.02 Demo Movie File Free DM_83 Apps
.DM_84 Wolfenstein 2.06 Demo Movie File Free DM_84 Apps
.DM2 Quake 2 Demo File Free DM2 Apps
.DM3 Quake 3 Demo File Free DM3 Apps
.DMB BYOND Game Executable Free DMB Apps
.DMO Cube 2: Sauerbraten Demo File Free DMO Apps
.DMO Duke Nukem 3D Demo File Free DMO Apps
.DMS Dream Maker Script Free DMS Apps
.DN1 Duke Nukem 1 Game Data File Free DN1 Apps
.DN2 Duke Nukem Episode 2 Game File Free DN2 Apps
.DN3 Duke Nukem Episode 3 Game File Free DN3 Apps
.DNF Duke Nukem Forever Map File Free DNF Apps
.DNH Danmakufu Script Free DNH Apps
.DNS Duke Nukem Forever Save File Free DNS Apps
.DOL GameCube Executable File Free DOL Apps
.DPF Dargon Package Free DPF Apps
.DRM Deus Ex Data File Free DRM Apps
.DS Furcadia DragonSpeak File Free DS Apps
.DSG Doom Saved Game Free DSG Apps
.DSG Decker Saved Game Free DSG Apps
.DSPL Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server Playlist Free DSPL Apps
.DSR Modern Warfare 3 Dedicated Server Recipe File Free DSR Apps
.DST DeSmuME Save State Free DST Apps
.DSV DeSmuME Save File Free DSV Apps
.DTA Sonic Robo Blast 2 WAD Resource File Free DTA Apps
.DTAPE Just Dance Game File Free DTAPE Apps
.DTM Dolphin TAS Movie Free DTM Apps
.DUC Action Replay Max DS Save File Free DUC Apps
.DUN Dungeon Defenders Saved Game File Free DUN Apps
.DUPE Garry's Mod Dupe File Free DUPE Apps
.DV2 Divinity 2 Data File Free DV2 Apps
.DWP Darwin Pond Save File Free DWP Apps
.DXS Deus Ex Saved Game Free DXS Apps
.DZ Land of the Dead Level File Free DZ Apps
.DZIP The Witcher 2 Game Archive Free DZIP Apps
.E2GM Pangea Enigmo 2 Custom Game File Free E2GM Apps
.ECL Touhou Stage Script Free ECL Apps
.ECW EclipseCrossword Word List File Free ECW Apps
.EDAT Sony Encrypted Data File Free EDAT Apps
.EEPF EmuOS Exchangeable Packet File Free EEPF Apps
.EFX Jedi Knight Effects File Free EFX Apps
.EGG Beat Saber Custom Song File Free EGG Apps
.EGM Enigmo Custom Game File Free EGM Apps
.EIX Metin2 Game Data File Free EIX Apps
.EK6 Generation 6 Pokémon Save File Free EK6 Apps
.EKX Encrypted 3DS Pokémon Save File Free EKX Apps
.ELF PlayStation Executable File Free ELF Apps
.ELM Eternal Lands Map File Free ELM Apps
.ENC Cabal Online Data File Free ENC Apps
.ENG Chess Engine Free ENG Apps
.EPC Doctor Who Game Data File Free EPC Apps
.EPK Metin2 Game Data Package Free EPK Apps
.ERB Evil Genius Resource File Free ERB Apps
.ERF BioWare Entity Resource File Free ERF Apps
.ERP Ego Engine Game Archive Free ERP Apps
.ERP Alter Ego Game Archive Free ERP Apps
.ESCAPE Prison Architect Escape Mode Save File Free ESCAPE Apps
.ESG Enigmo Saved Game File Free ESG Apps
.ESM Fallout 3 Master File Free ESM Apps
.ESM Elder Scrolls Master File Free ESM Apps
.ESP Elder Scrolls Plugin File Free ESP Apps
.ESP Fallout 3 Plugin File Free ESP Apps
.ESS The Elder Scrolls Saved Game Free ESS Apps
.EST_UAX Spanish Unreal Audio Package Free EST_UAX Apps
.EVP Talisman Online Game Data File Free EVP Apps
.EWL EclipseCrossword Word List File Free EWL Apps
.EXC Black & White Zone File Free EXC Apps
.EXS Blades of Exile Scenario Free EXS Apps
.FAR The Sims Archive File Free FAR Apps
.FBRB Battlefield Bad Company 2 Data File Free FBRB Apps
.FC1 FCEUX Save State File Free FC1 Apps
.FC2MAP Far Cry 2 User Map Free FC2MAP Apps
.FCE Need for Speed Mesh File Free FCE Apps
.FCM fCraft World File Free FCM Apps
.FCS FCEUX Save State File Free FCS Apps
.FDS Nintendo FDS ROM Free FDS Apps
.FF Call of Duty 4 Fast File Free FF Apps
.FFD FATE Saved Game Free FFD Apps
.FGD Forge Game Data File Free FGD Apps
.FILA Aleph One Replay File Free FILA Apps
.FILM_CPK Sega FILM Multimedia File Free FILM_CPK Apps
.FL Freelancer Saved Game File Free FL Apps
.FLASH Frictional Games Flashback File Free FLASH Apps
.FLD YSFLIGHT Field File Free FLD Apps
.FML WWE RAW Character File Free FML Apps
.FNTA Aleph One Font File Free FNTA Apps
.FOMOD Fallout Mod Archive Free FOMOD Apps
.FORGE Assassin's Creed Game Data File Free FORGE Apps
.FOS Fallout 3 Saved Game Free FOS Apps
.FOX Furcadia Art File Free FOX Apps
.FPG FPS Creator Game Project File Free FPG Apps
.FPID FPS Creator AI Wizard Data File Free FPID Apps
.FPK Civilization 4 Data File Free FPK Apps
.FPMB FPS Creator Mab Buffer File Free FPMB Apps
.FPMO FPS Creator Map Overlay File Free FPMO Apps
.FPOP Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Saved Game Free FPOP Apps
.FPP FPS Creator Prefab File Free FPP Apps
.FPS FPS Creator Segment File Free FPS Apps
.FRC FS Recorder File Free FRC Apps
.FREECELLSAVE-MS Microsoft FreeCell Saved Game Free FREECELLSAVE-MS Apps
.FRM Fallout Graphics File Free FRM Apps
.FRW RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Effects File Free FRW Apps
.FRZ Snes9x Saved State Free FRZ Apps
.FS2 FreeSpace 2 Saved Mission File Free FS2 Apps
.FSG FreeCol Saved Game File Free FSG Apps
.FSM FreeSpace Mission File Free FSM Apps
.FSSAVE Flight Simulator Save File Free FSSAVE Apps
.FST Crazy Machines 2 Object File Free FST Apps
.FTC Dream League Soccer Asset File Free FTC Apps
.FTL Faster Than Light Mod File Free FTL Apps
.FUK Postal 2 Map File Free FUK Apps
.FWD RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 Fireworks Display File Free FWD Apps
.FXT Grand Theft Auto Fake Text File Free FXT Apps
.G3X RealFlight Content File Free G3X Apps
.GALAXY Blizzard Galaxy File Free GALAXY Apps
.GAM Saved Game File Free GAM Apps
.GAME GameSalad Exported Game File Free GAME Apps
.GAME Apple Chess Saved Game Free GAME Apps
.GAMEDATA Sandlot Game Data File Free GAMEDATA Apps
.GAR Farming Simulator Game Archive File Free GAR Apps
.GB Game Boy ROM File Free GB Apps
.GBA Game Boy Advance ROM Free GBA Apps
.GBASKIN Game Boy Advance Controller Skin File Free GBASKIN Apps
.GBC Game Boy Color ROM Free GBC Apps
.GBCSKIN Game Boy Color Controller Skin File Free GBCSKIN Apps
.GBLORB Glulx Blorb Game File Free GBLORB Apps
.GBX Nadeo Game File Free GBX Apps
.GC Galactic Conquest Saved Game Free GC Apps
.GCD Fallout 2 Character Profile File Free GCD Apps
.GCF Game Cache File Free GCF Apps
.GCI GameCube Save File Free GCI Apps
.GCM GameCube ROM Free GCM Apps
.GCS GameCube SharkSave File Free GCS Apps
.GCT Ocarina Cheat Code Manager File Free GCT Apps
.GCZ Compressed GameCube/Wii ROM Free GCZ Apps
.GD Godot Engine Script Free GD Apps
.GDC Godot Engine Compiled Script Free GDC Apps
.GDG GDevelop Project File Free GDG Apps
.GDG.AUTOSAVE GDevelop Project Autosave File Free GDG.AUTOSAVE Apps
.GDI Dreamcast Gigabyte Disc Image Free GDI Apps
.GDW Jaws Unleashed Data File Free GDW Apps
.GEN Sega Genesis ROM Free GEN Apps
.GENOME Cell Lab Design File Free GENOME Apps
.GFX GFx Scaleform File Free GFX Apps
.GG Sega Game Gear ROM Free GG Apps
.GGPACK Thimbleweed Park Resource Archive Free GGPACK Apps
.GHB Lego Ghost Path File Free GHB Apps
.GJD The 7th Guest Media File Free GJD Apps
.GLA Ghoul 2 Animation File Free GLA Apps
.GLB Glulx Blorb Game File Free GLB Apps
.GLKSAVE Zoom Game Save Package Free GLKSAVE Apps
.GMA Garry's Mod Addon File Free GMA Apps
.GMD Nintendo 3DS Game Dialog File Free GMD Apps
.GME DexDrive Game Card File Free GME Apps
.GMRES GameMaker Resource File Free GMRES Apps
.GMS Garry's Mod Save File Free GMS Apps
.GMV Gens Game Recording Free GMV Apps
.GNP GenePool Save File Free GNP Apps
.GOD Gore Game Data File Free GOD Apps
.GOD Populous II Player Progress File Free GOD Apps
.GOOMOD World of Goo Add-on Free GOOMOD Apps
.GPD Gamer Profile Data File Free GPD Apps
.GPF GRAVITY Ragnarok Online Patch File Free GPF Apps
.GPF Gecko Patch File Free GPF Apps
.GR2 Granny 3D File Free GR2 Apps
.GRF Ragnarok Client Archive Free GRF Apps
.GRF Transport Tycoon Graphics Resource File Free GRF Apps
.GRP StarCraft Graphics Group File Free GRP Apps
.GRP Ken Silverman's Build Engine Group File Free GRP Apps
.GS0 Sega Genesis Emulator Quick Slot 0 Save File Free GS0 Apps
.GSBA Game Save Backup Archive Free GSBA Apps
.GSC Call of Duty Game Script Free GSC Apps
.GSX Sega Genesis Emulator Saved State File Free GSX Apps
.GTWORLD Growtopia World File Free GTWORLD Apps
.H2O Battle Realms Game Data File Free H2O Apps
.H3 Nintendo Wii U Hash File Free H3 Apps
.H3M Heroes 3 Map File Free H3M Apps
.H4R Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File Free H4R Apps
.H5M Heroes of Might and Magic V Map Free H5M Apps
.H5U Heroes of Might and Magic V Mod File Free H5U Apps
.HAM Descent 2 Resource File Free HAM Apps
.HAMBU RGTW Game Map File Free HAMBU Apps
.HAT A Hat in Time Save File Free HAT Apps
.HAT Duck Game Hat File Free HAT Apps
.HBS Haxball Stadium File Free HBS Apps
.HE Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE Apps
.HE0 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE0 Apps
.HE1 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE1 Apps
.HE2 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE2 Apps
.HE4 Humongous Entertainment Sound Archive Free HE4 Apps
.HEARTSSAVE-MS Microsoft Hearts Save File Free HEARTSSAVE-MS Apps
.HHI The Sims 4 Household Data File Free HHI Apps
.HHSL Hockey High Score List File Free HHSL Apps
.HI MacMAME High Scores File Free HI Apps
.HIT The Sims Sound File Free HIT Apps
.HMP Worms Height Map File Free HMP Apps
.HOF OMSI Map Parameter File Free HOF Apps
.HOG Descent Mission File Free HOG Apps
.HOI4 Hearts of Iron IV Game Save File Free HOI4 Apps
.HONMOD HON Modification Manager File Free HONMOD Apps
.HOT The Sims Sound File Free HOT Apps
.HPK Tropico Game Archive Free HPK Apps
.HPS HPL Script Free HPS Apps
.HQM Hardcore Questing Mode Data File Free HQM Apps
.HS LaserTank High Scores File Free HS Apps
.HUM OMSI Human Configuration File Free HUM Apps
.HWD Hedgewars Demo File Free HWD Apps
.HWMAP Hedgewars Drawn Map File Free HWMAP Apps
.HWS Hedgewars Saved Game Free HWS Apps
.HXM Descent 2 Resource Modification Free HXM Apps
.I3PACK Point Blank Game Data File Free I3PACK Apps
.IB2 IncrediBots 2 Saved Challenge File Free IB2 Apps
.IB3 IncrediBots 3 Saved Challenge File Free IB3 Apps
.IBCH IncrediBots Challenge File Free IBCH Apps
.IBRE IncrediBots Replay File Free IBRE Apps
.IBRO IncrediBots Robot File Free IBRO Apps
.IBT Texture and Model File Free IBT Apps
.ICMOD Inner Core Minecraft PE Mod File Free ICMOD Apps
.IDE GTA Item Definition File Free IDE Apps
.IDX0 Runescape Cache Index File Free IDX0 Apps
.IDX255 Runescape Cache File Free IDX255 Apps
.IFP GTA Animation File Free IFP Apps
.IMG Grand Theft Auto Data File Free IMG Apps
.IMGA Aleph One Image File Free IMGA Apps
.INFO Minecraft Forge Information File Free INFO Apps
.INFORM Inform Project Free INFORM Apps
.INP MAME Replay File Free INP Apps
.INS AGT Game Instruction File Free INS Apps
.INT Intellivision Game ROM File Free INT Apps
.INT Unreal International Localization File Free INT Apps
.INT Fallout Compiled Script Free INT Apps
.INV INVedit File Free INV Apps
.IPL GTA Item Placement File Free IPL Apps
.IPS Internal Patching System Patch File Free IPS Apps
.ISR GoMoku Game File Free ISR Apps
.ITK ScummVM Game Data File Free ITK Apps
.ITR Icy Tower Replay File Free ITR Apps
.IVT International Volleyball 2006 Data File Free IVT Apps
.IWD Call of Duty Game Data File Free IWD Apps
.J2I Jazz 2 Internet Link File Free J2I Apps
.J2L Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level File Free J2L Apps
.J64 Atari Jaguar Game ROM Free J64 Apps
.JA Jet Archive Free JA Apps
.JAG Atari Jaguar Game ROM Free JAG Apps
.JAG Jagex Data File Free JAG Apps
.JAM PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 Mod File Free JAM Apps
.JAP Nonogram Puzzle File Free JAP Apps
.JAP Japanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM Free JAP Apps
.JBEAM BeamNG Vehicle Definition Format Free JBEAM Apps
.JCR Nonogram Puzzle File Free JCR Apps
.JEM JSON Entity Model File Free JEM Apps
.JG4 BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle Free JG4 Apps
.JGC JungleTac ROM File Free JGC Apps
.JIGSAW Jigsaw Explorer Save File Free JIGSAW Apps
.JKB Jedi Knight Bot File Free JKB Apps
.JMF Jackhammer Project Free JMF Apps
.JRC PCjr Cartridge ROM File Free JRC Apps
.JRZ PSP Game Data File Free JRZ Apps
.JST Jnes Save State Free JST Apps
.K2S Kaiser 2 Saved Game Free K2S Apps
.KAG King Arthur's Gold Map File Free KAG Apps
.KAR Karel Function Dictionary Free KAR Apps
.KCL NIntendo Collision File Free KCL Apps
.KF2 Max Payne Resource File Free KF2 Apps
.KFS Max Payne Model File Free KFS Apps
.KMP Mario Kart Wii Course Description File Free KMP Apps
.KODU Kodu Game File Free KODU Apps
.KV6 Ken's Voxlap 6 Model File Free KV6 Apps
.KWREPLAY Command & Conquer 3 Replay File Free KWREPLAY Apps
.L2R Lineage II Replay File Free L2R Apps
.L3D Black & White Graphics File Free L3D Apps
.LABY Laby Level File Free LABY Apps
.LANG Minecraft Language File Free LANG Apps
.LDB Minecraft Level File Free LDB Apps
.LDB Max Payne Level File Free LDB Apps
.LDW Virtual Villagers Saved Game File Free LDW Apps
.LGL LeechGet Download List Free LGL Apps
.LGP Final Fantasy Media Archive Free LGP Apps
.LIN Valve Leak Pointfile Free LIN Apps
.LIP Real Virtuality Lip Sync File Free LIP Apps
.LIP Bethesda Softworks Lip Sync File Free LIP Apps
.LITEMOD Minecraft LiteLoader Mod File Free LITEMOD Apps
.LK12 LIKO-12 Disk File Free LK12 Apps
.LL List & Label Preview File Free LL Apps
.LMP Quake Engine Lump File Free LMP Apps
.LMU RPG Maker Map File Free LMU Apps
.LOC TrackMania Locator File Free LOC Apps
.LOCK Minecraft World Lock File Free LOCK Apps
.LOD Heroes of Might and Magic 3 Graphics File Free LOD Apps
.LOVE LÖVE Game File Free LOVE Apps
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