List of Ebook file extensions

There are many different ebook file extensions and ebook file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of ebook file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of ebook file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online ebook file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.ACSM Adobe Content Server Message File Free ACSM Apps
.AEP Activ E-Book Project Free AEP Apps
.APNX Amazon Page Number Index File Free APNX Apps
.AVA AvaaBook eBook Free AVA Apps
.AZW Amazon Kindle eBook File Free AZW Apps
.AZW1 Amazon Topaz eBook Free AZW1 Apps
.AZW3 Amazon KF8 eBook File Free AZW3 Apps
.AZW4 Amazon Print Replica eBook Free AZW4 Apps
.BKK BookBuddi eBook File Free BKK Apps
.BPNUEB PNU eBook File Free BPNUEB Apps
.CBC Comic Book Collection Free CBC Apps
.CEB Apabi eBook File Free CEB Apps
.CEBX Apabi XML eBook File Free CEBX Apps
.DNL DNAML eBook File Free DNL Apps
.EA Kindle End Actions File Free EA Apps
.EAL Kindle End Actions File Free EAL Apps
.EBK eBook Pro eBook File Free EBK Apps
.EDN Adobe eBook Activation File Free EDN Apps
.EPUB Open eBook File Free EPUB Apps
.ETD Adobe Reader EBX Transfer Data File Free ETD Apps
.FB2 FictionBook 2.0 File Free FB2 Apps
.FKB Flipkart eBook File Free FKB Apps
.HAN Amazon Kindle eBook Data File Free HAN Apps
.HTML0 Book Designer File Free HTML0 Apps
.HTMLZ Zipped HTML eBook Free HTMLZ Apps
.HTXT Hanvon eBook File Free HTXT Apps
.HTZ4 HyperMaker 4 Publication Free HTZ4 Apps
.HTZ5 HyperMaker 5 Publication Free HTZ5 Apps
.IBOOKS Multi-Touch iBook Free IBOOKS Apps
.JWPUB Jehovah's Witnesses Publication File Free JWPUB Apps
.KFX Amazon KF10 eBook File Free KFX Apps
.KOOB Koob E-Book File Free KOOB Apps
.LIT eBook File Free LIT Apps
.LRF Sony Portable Reader File Free LRF Apps
.LRS Librie Reader Source File Free LRS Apps
.LRX Sony Portable Reader File Free LRX Apps
.MART MartView eBook File Free MART Apps
.MBP Mobipocket Notes File Free MBP Apps
.MOBI Mobipocket eBook Free MOBI Apps
.NCX EPUB Navigation Control XML File Free NCX Apps
.NVA NVA Document Free NVA Apps
.OEB Open eBook File Free OEB Apps
.OEBZIP Zipped Open eBook File Free OEBZIP Apps
.OPF Open Packaging Format File Free OPF Apps
.ORB Original eBook Reader File Free ORB Apps
.PEF PEF Braille Book File Free PEF Apps
.PHL Kindle Popular Highlights File Free PHL Apps
.PML Palm Markup Language File Free PML Apps
.PMLZ Zipped Palm Markup Language File Free PMLZ Apps
.POBI Kindle Touch Periodical File Free POBI Apps
.PRC Mobipocket eBook File Free PRC Apps
.QMK YanCEyDesktop Quickmarks File Free QMK Apps
.RZB Red Zion Book File Free RZB Apps
.RZS Red Zion Security File Free RZS Apps
.SNB Shanda Bambook eBook Free SNB Apps
.TCR Psion Series 3 eBook File Free TCR Apps
.TK3 TK3 Multimedia eBook Free TK3 Apps
.TPZ Kindle Topaz eBook File Free TPZ Apps
.TR TomeRaider 2 eBook File Free TR Apps
.TR3 TomeRaider eBook File Free TR3 Apps
.VBK VitalSource eBook Free VBK Apps
.WEBZ WEBZ Compressed eBook File Free WEBZ Apps
.YBK YanCEyWare eBook Free YBK Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps