List of Most Common file extensions

There are many different common file extensions and common file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of common file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of most common file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online common file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.3DM Rhino 3D Model Free 3DM Apps
.3DS 3D Studio Scene Free 3DS Apps
.3G2 3GPP2 Multimedia File Free 3G2 Apps
.3GP 3GPP Multimedia File Free 3GP Apps
.7Z 7-Zip Compressed File Free 7Z Apps
.ACCDB Access 2007 Database File Free ACCDB Apps
.AI Adobe Illustrator File Free AI Apps
.AIF Audio Interchange File Format Free AIF Apps
.APK Android Package File Free APK Apps
.APP macOS Application Free APP Apps
.ASF Advanced Systems Format File Free ASF Apps
.ASP Active Server Page Free ASP Apps
.ASPX Active Server Page Extended File Free ASPX Apps
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File Free AVI Apps
.B Grand Theft Auto 3 Saved Game File Free B Apps
.BAK Backup File Free BAK Apps
.BAT DOS Batch File Free BAT Apps
.BIN Binary Disc Image Free BIN Apps
.BMP Bitmap Image File Free BMP Apps
.C C/C++ Source Code File Free C Apps
.CAB Windows Cabinet File Free CAB Apps
.CBR Comic Book RAR Archive Free CBR Apps
.CER Internet Security Certificate Free CER Apps
.CFG Configuration File Free CFG Apps
.CFM ColdFusion Markup File Free CFM Apps
.CGI Common Gateway Interface Script Free CGI Apps
.COM DOS Command File Free COM Apps
.CPL Windows Control Panel Item Free CPL Apps
.CRX Chrome Extension Free CRX Apps
.CSR Certificate Signing Request File Free CSR Apps
.CSS Cascading Style Sheet Free CSS Apps
.CUE Cue Sheet File Free CUE Apps
.CUR Windows Cursor Free CUR Apps
.DAT Data File Free DAT Apps
.DB Database File Free DB Apps
.DBF Database File Free DBF Apps
.DCR Shockwave Media File Free DCR Apps
.DDS DirectDraw Surface Free DDS Apps
.DEB Debian Software Package Free DEB Apps
.DESKTHEMEPACK Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File Free DESKTHEMEPACK Apps
.DLL Dynamic Link Library Free DLL Apps
.DMG Apple Disk Image Free DMG Apps
.DMP Windows Memory Dump Free DMP Apps
.DOC Microsoft Word Document Free DOC Apps
.DOCX Microsoft Word Open XML Document Free DOCX Apps
.DRV Device Driver Free DRV Apps
.DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database File Free DWG Apps
.DXF Drawing Exchange Format File Free DXF Apps
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript File Free EPS Apps
.EXE Windows Executable File Free EXE Apps
.FLV Flash Video File Free FLV Apps
.FNT Windows Font File Free FNT Apps
.FON Generic Font File Free FON Apps
.GADGET Windows Gadget Free GADGET Apps
.GED GEDCOM Genealogy Data File Free GED Apps
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format File Free GIF Apps
.GPX GPS Exchange File Free GPX Apps
.GZ Gnu Zipped Archive Free GZ Apps
.HEIC High Efficiency Image Format Free HEIC Apps
.HQX BinHex 4.0 Encoded File Free HQX Apps
.HTM Hypertext Markup Language File Free HTM Apps
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language File Free HTML Apps
.ICNS macOS Icon Resource File Free ICNS Apps
.ICO Icon File Free ICO Apps
.INDD Adobe InDesign Document Free INDD Apps
.INI Windows Initialization File Free INI Apps
.ISO Disc Image File Free ISO Apps
.JAR Java Archive File Free JAR Apps
.JPG JPEG Image Free JPG Apps
.JS JavaScript File Free JS Apps
.JSP Java Server Page Free JSP Apps
.KEY Keynote Presentation Free KEY Apps
.KML Keyhole Markup Language File Free KML Apps
.KMZ Google Earth Placemark File Free KMZ Apps
.LNK Windows Shortcut Free LNK Apps
.LOG Log File Free LOG Apps
.M Objective-C Implementation File Free M Apps
.M4V iTunes Video File Free M4V Apps
.MAX 3ds Max Scene File Free MAX Apps
.MDB Microsoft Access Database Free MDB Apps
.MDF Media Disc Image File Free MDF Apps
.MID MIDI File Free MID Apps
.MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Message File Free MIM Apps
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie Free MOV Apps
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File Free MP4 Apps
.MPG MPEG Video File Free MPG Apps
.MSG Outlook Mail Message Free MSG Apps
.ODT OpenDocument Text Document Free ODT Apps
.OTF OpenType Font Free OTF Apps
.PAGES Pages Document Free PAGES Apps
.PCT Picture File Free PCT Apps
.PDB Program Database Free PDB Apps
.PDF Portable Document Format File Free PDF Apps
.PHP PHP Source Code File Free PHP Apps
.PKG Mac OS X Installer Package Free PKG Apps
.PL Perl Script Free PL Apps
.PLUGIN Mac OS X Plugin Free PLUGIN Apps
.PNG Portable Network Graphic Free PNG Apps
.PRF Outlook Profile File Free PRF Apps
.PSD Adobe Photoshop Document Free PSD Apps
.PSPIMAGE PaintShop Pro Image Free PSPIMAGE Apps
.RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive Free RAR Apps
.RM RealMedia File Free RM Apps
.ROM N64 Game ROM File Free ROM Apps
.RPM Red Hat Package Manager File Free RPM Apps
.RSS Rich Site Summary Free RSS Apps
.RTF Rich Text Format File Free RTF Apps
.SAV Saved Game Free SAV Apps
.SDF Standard Data File Free SDF Apps
.SITX StuffIt X Archive Free SITX Apps
.SQL Structured Query Language Data File Free SQL Apps
.SRT SubRip Subtitle File Free SRT Apps
.SVG Scalable Vector Graphics File Free SVG Apps
.SWF Shockwave Flash Movie Free SWF Apps
.SYS Windows System File Free SYS Apps
.TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File Free TAR.GZ Apps
.TEX LaTeX Source Document Free TEX Apps
.TGA Targa Graphic Free TGA Apps
.THM Thumbnail Image File Free THM Apps
.TIF Tagged Image File Free TIF Apps
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format Free TIFF Apps
.TMP Temporary File Free TMP Apps
.TOAST Toast Disc Image Free TOAST Apps
.TTF TrueType Font Free TTF Apps
.TXT Plain Text File Free TXT Apps
.UUE Uuencoded File Free UUE Apps
.VCD Virtual CD Free VCD Apps
.VOB DVD Video Object File Free VOB Apps
.WAV WAVE Audio File Free WAV Apps
.WMV Windows Media Video File Free WMV Apps
.WPS Microsoft Works Word Processor Document Free WPS Apps
.WSF Windows Script File Free WSF Apps
.XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language File Free XHTML Apps
.XLR Works Spreadsheet Free XLR Apps
.XLS Excel Spreadsheet Free XLS Apps
.XLSX Microsoft Excel Open XML Spreadsheet Free XLSX Apps
.YUV YUV Encoded Image File Free YUV Apps
.ZIP Zipped File Free ZIP Apps
.ZIPX Extended Zip File Free ZIPX Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps