List of Encoded file extensions

There are many different encoded file extensions and encoded file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of encoded file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of encoded file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online encoded file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.ACID ACID Encrypted File Free ACID Apps
.ADAME Adame Ransomware Encrypted File Free ADAME Apps
.ADOBE Dharma Ransomware Encrypted File Free ADOBE Apps
.AEP Advanced Encryption Package Encrypted File Free AEP Apps
.AES AES Crypt Encrypted File Free AES Apps
.AFP FileProtector Encrypted File Free AFP Apps
.ASC PGP ASCII Armored File Free ASC Apps
.ATSOFTS LetEncrypt Encrypted File Free ATSOFTS Apps
.AURORA Aurora Ransomware Encrypted File Free AURORA Apps
.AXX AxCrypt Encrypted File Free AXX Apps
.AZF AirZip FileSECURE File Free AZF Apps
.AZS AirZip FileSECURE File Free AZS Apps
.B2A Btoa Encoded File Free B2A Apps
.BC5B Ransomware Encrypted File Free BC5B Apps
.BFA Blowfish Encrypted File Free BFA Apps
.BHX BinHex Encoded File Free BHX Apps
.BIN Macbinary Encoded File Free BIN Apps
.BIP Dharma Ransomware Encrypted File Free BIP Apps
.BIT FinalCrypt Encrypted Data File Free BIT Apps
.BLOWER Blower Ransomware Encrypted File Free BLOWER Apps
.BPK Nero SecurDisc Public Key File Free BPK Apps
.BPW Bitser Password File Free BPW Apps
.BSK Nero SecurDisc Private Key File Free BSK Apps
.BTOA Binary-to-ASCII Encoded File Free BTOA Apps
.BVD Bitdefender Vault File Free BVD Apps
.CAROTE Carote Ransomware Encrypted File Free CAROTE Apps
.CCF CryptLoad Container File Free CCF Apps
.CDOC Encrypted DigiDoc File Free CDOC Apps
.CEF CenturionMail Encrypted Package Free CEF Apps
.CERBER Cerber Ransomware Encrypted File Free CERBER Apps
.CERBER2 Cerber2 Ransomware Encrypted File Free CERBER2 Apps
.CGP PixelCryptor Encrypted File Free CGP Apps
.CHML Chameleon Encrypted Database File Free CHML Apps
.CLX Ceelox SecureMail Secure Message Free CLX Apps
.CNG CryptoNG Encrypted Archive Free CNG Apps
.COOT Coot Ransomware Encrypted File Free COOT Apps
.CPIO Unix CPIO Archive Free CPIO Apps
.CPT Ccrypt Encrypted Archive Free CPT Apps
.CRYPT WhatsApp Encrypted Database File Free CRYPT Apps
.CRYPT CryptXXX Ransomware Encrypted File Free CRYPT Apps
.CRYPT1 UltraCrypter Ransomware Encrypted File Free CRYPT1 Apps
.CRYPTED WinOptimizer Encrypted File Free CRYPTED Apps
.CRYPTO Encrypto Encrypted File Free CRYPTO Apps
.CRYPTRA Cryptra Encrypted File Free CRYPTRA Apps
.DC4 ViaThinkSoft (De)Coder 4 File Free DC4 Apps
.DCD DisCryptor Encrypted Database Free DCD Apps
.DCF Safetica Free Encrypted Archive Free DCF Apps
.DCO Safetica Free Encrypted Virtual Disk Archive Free DCO Apps
.DDOC DigiDoc Signature File Free DDOC Apps
.DED DED Cryptor Ransomware Encrypted File Free DED Apps
.DHARMA Dharma Ransomware Encrypted File Free DHARMA Apps
.DIM DIME File Free DIM Apps
.DIME Direct Internet Message Encapsulation File Free DIME Apps
.DLC Download Link Container File Free DLC Apps
.DM LG Encrypted Gallery File Free DM Apps
.E4A Encrypt4all Archive Free E4A Apps
.ECD Encrypted Cryptee Document Free ECD Apps
.EDOC Electronically Certified Document Free EDOC Apps
.EFL Encryptafile Encrypted File Free EFL Apps
.EFR Encryptafile Private Key File Free EFR Apps
.EFU Encryptafile Public Key File Free EFU Apps
.EMC Striata Reader Encrypted Document Free EMC Apps
.ENC Encoded File Free ENC Apps
.ENX Max PC Safe Encrypted File Free ENX Apps
.ENX eDataSecurity Management Encrypted File Free ENX Apps
.ESF Password Manager Container File Free ESF Apps
.ESLOCK ES File Explorer File Manager Encrypted File Free ESLOCK Apps
.EXC eDataSecurity Management Self-extracting File Free EXC Apps
.EXTR COW App Extractor File Free EXTR Apps
.FILEBOLT Filebolt Encrypted File Free FILEBOLT Apps
.FILM Filmkey Player Media File Free FILM Apps
.FPENC FileProtect Encrypted File Free FPENC Apps
.FSM Splitty Master Split File Free FSM Apps
.GDCB GandCrab Ransomware Encrypted File Free GDCB Apps
.GFE Glarysoft Encrypted File Free GFE Apps
.GXK Galaxkey Secured File Free GXK Apps
.GZQUAR Bitdefender Antivirus Quarantine File Free GZQUAR Apps
.HBX BinHex Encoded File Free HBX Apps
.HEX BinHex Encoded File Free HEX Apps
.HID KeepSafe File Free HID Apps
.HID2 KeepSafe File Free HID2 Apps
.IDEA Tresor IDEA Encrypted File Free IDEA Apps
.IWA iWork Archive File Free IWA Apps
.JAC JaStaCry Encrypted File Free JAC Apps
.JCEKS JCEKS Keystore File Free JCEKS Apps
.JKS Java Keystore File Free JKS Apps
.JMC JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMC Apps
.JMCE JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCE Apps
.JMCK JM-Crypt Key File Free JMCK Apps
.JMCP JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCP Apps
.JMCR JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCR Apps
.JMCX JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCX Apps
.KDE KryptoStorage Container File Free KDE Apps
.KEYSTORE Java Keystore File Free KEYSTORE Apps
.KKK KKK Ransomware Encrypted File Free KKK Apps
.KLQ Kaspersky Quarantine File Free KLQ Apps
.KODE KodeFile Encrypted File Free KODE Apps
.KRAB GandCrab V4 Ransomware Encrypted File Free KRAB Apps
.KS Keystore File Free KS Apps
.KSD KeepSafe File Free KSD Apps
.KXX Keyman Developer Encrypted Keyboard File Free KXX Apps
.LASTLOGIN Minecraft User Credential File Free LASTLOGIN Apps
.LCN License File Free LCN Apps
.LILOCKED Lilocked Ransomware Encrypted File Free LILOCKED Apps
.LITAR Litar Virus Encrypted File Free LITAR Apps
.LOCKED Ransomware Encrypted File Free LOCKED Apps
.LOCKY Locky Ransomware Encrypted File Free LOCKY Apps
.LVIVT Lvivtotoro Encrypted Game File Free LVIVT Apps
.MBA Martus Bulletin Archive Free MBA Apps
.MCRP MobyExplorer Encrypted File Free MCRP Apps
.MEO MEO Encrypted Archive Free MEO Apps
.MFS MetFS Encrypted File System Free MFS Apps
.MIME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extension Free MIME Apps
.MJD Adobe Acrobat MIME Encoded Job Definition File Free MJD Apps
.MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Free MME Apps
.MNC AutoCAD Compiled Menu File Free MNC Apps
.MSE 3ds Max Encrypted MAXScript File Free MSE Apps
.NBES Nbes Ransomware Encrypted File Free NBES Apps
.NC mcrypt Encrypted File Free NC Apps
.NULL Null Ransomware Encrypted File Free NULL Apps
.NXL Nextlabs Encrypted Data File Free NXL Apps
.ODIN Locky Ransomware Encrypted File Free ODIN Apps
.PACK Pack200 Packed Jar File Free PACK Apps
.PDC Lizard Safeguard Secure PDF File Free PDC Apps
.PDEX Orient Computer Encrypted Data File Free PDEX Apps
.PFILE Rights Management Protected File Free PFILE Apps
.PFO Private Folder Free PFO Apps
.PKEY PowerKey Encrypted File Free PKEY Apps
.PLP Photo Locker Picture Free PLP Apps
.PPDF Rights Management Protected File Free PPDF Apps
.PSW6 Password Depot 6 File Free PSW6 Apps
.PWV Password Vault Archive Free PWV Apps
.PXF Pendix Firmware File Free PXF Apps
.PXX Keyman Developer Encrypted Customization File Free PXX Apps
.RAP Scarab Ransomware Encrypted File Free RAP Apps
.RDI Rohos Disk Image File Free RDI Apps
.REPP Repp Ransomware Encrypted File Free REPP Apps
.RSDF RapidShare Download File Free RSDF Apps
.RZK Red Zion Key File Free RZK Apps
.RZX File Crypt Encrypted File Free RZX Apps
.SAFE SIGLock Encrypted File Free SAFE Apps
.SCB Euro Truck Simulator 2 Product Key File Free SCB Apps
.SCB Scrambls Encrypted File Free SCB Apps
.SDO Signed Document Free SDO Apps
.SDOC Sealed Word Document Free SDOC Apps
.SDTID SecurID Soft Token File Free SDTID Apps
.SEB Safe Exam Browser Configuration File Free SEB Apps
.SEF Encryptafile Signature File Free SEF Apps
.SEF Password Manager Container File Free SEF Apps
.SFI SafeFolder Encrypted File Free SFI Apps
.SGZ SigzaLock Encrypted File Free SGZ Apps
.SHY ShyFile Encrypted File Free SHY Apps
.SIA Sia Metadata File Free SIA Apps
.SIGNATURE e-Filing Digital Signature File Free SIGNATURE Apps
.SJPG Sealed JPG File Free SJPG Apps
.SLE Steganos Safe Encrypted Drive Free SLE Apps
.SME SmartEncryptor Encrypted File Free SME Apps
.SNK Strong Name Key File Free SNK Apps
.SPD Sealed Acrobat Document Free SPD Apps
.SPDF Sealed PDF File Free SPDF Apps
.SRF Samsung Smart TV Recording File Free SRF Apps
.STXT Sealed Text File Free STXT Apps
.SUF Ccrypt Encrypted File Free SUF Apps
.SWITCH Switch Package Free SWITCH Apps
.SXLS Sealed Excel Spreadsheet Free SXLS Apps
.SXML Sealed XML File Free SXML Apps
.TAR.MD5 Android System File Free TAR.MD5 Apps
.UEA Protector Suite QL Encrypted Archive Free UEA Apps
.UFR Upfiring File Free UFR Apps
.UU Uuencoded File Free UU Apps
.UUD UUDecoded File Free UUD Apps
.VDATA Vaulty Vault File Free VDATA Apps
.VIIVO Viivo Encrypted File Free VIIVO Apps
.VLT WinVault File Archive Free VLT Apps
.VP Verilog Encrypted Source Code File Free VP Apps
.WALLET Wallet Ransomware Free WALLET Apps
.WCRY WannaCry Virus Encrypted File Free WCRY Apps
.WERD Werd Ransomware Encrypted File Free WERD Apps
.WLS R-Link Update File Free WLS Apps
.WLU Jaff Ransomware Encrypted File Free WLU Apps
.WNCRY Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Encrypted File Free WNCRY Apps
.WNRY WannaCry Virus Encrypted File Free WNRY Apps
.WOLF Wolf RPG Editor Game Data Archive Free WOLF Apps
.WPE WordPerfect Entrust Document Free WPE Apps
.WRYPT Panwrypter Depleted Storage Volume File Free WRYPT Apps
.XMDX ExamSoft Answer File Free XMDX Apps
.XTBL XTBL Ransomware Encrypted File Free XTBL Apps
.XXE XXEncoded File Free XXE Apps
.XXX Extractor Ransomware Encrypted File Free XXX Apps
.YENC yEnc File Free YENC Apps
.YKCOL Locky Ransomware Encrypted File Free YKCOL Apps
.YNC yEnc Encoded File Free YNC Apps
.ZEPTO Zepto Virus File Free ZEPTO Apps
.ZPS Zebra Portable Safe File Free ZPS Apps
.ZZZZZ Ransomware Encrypted File Free ZZZZZ Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps