List of Settings file extensions

There are many different settings file extensions and settings file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of settings file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs. Below is the list of settings file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online settings file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Developer Free Apps
.256 Descent 2 Color Palette File Interplay Free 256 Apps
.3DL 3D Lookup Table File Not Available Free 3DL Apps
.3DZ Easy 3D Creator Project DzSoft Free 3DZ Apps
.8ST 8start Launcher File 8start Free 8ST Apps
.A2M TS-AudioToMIDI Settings File TallStick Free A2M Apps
.A2THEME Aston 2 Theme File Gladiators Software Free A2THEME Apps
.A7D Authorware 7 Model Adobe Free A7D Apps
.A7L Authorware 7 Library Adobe Free A7L Apps
.A7P Authorware 7 Project Adobe Free A7P Apps
.ABS TurboZIP Auto Compress Script FileStream Free ABS Apps
.ABS Avant Browser Skin File Avant Force Free ABS Apps
.ACB Adobe Photoshop Color Book File Adobe Free ACB Apps
.ACB AutoCAD Color Book File Autodesk Free ACB Apps
.ACBL Adobe Color Book Legacy File Adobe Free ACBL Apps
.ACELIVE Acelive Broadcast File ACE Stream Free ACELIVE Apps
.ACF Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter File Adobe Free ACF Apps
.ACO Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File Adobe Free ACO Apps
.ACRODATA Acrobat Data File Adobe Free ACRODATA Apps
.ACS2 AIMP Skin File Not Available Free ACS2 Apps
.ACS3 AIMP Skin File Not Available Free ACS3 Apps
.ACT Adobe Color Table File Adobe Free ACT Apps
.ACV Photoshop Curves File Adobe Free ACV Apps
.ACW Windows Accessibility Wizard File Microsoft Free ACW Apps
.ADO Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options File Adobe Free ADO Apps
.ADPP Adobe Device Profile Package Adobe Free ADPP Apps
.AEA Ae Timer Alarm Document Ae Applications Free AEA Apps
.AGG AggFlow 6 Project BedRock Software Free AGG Apps
.AGG Autograph Graph FIle Autograph Free AGG Apps
.AGTEMPLATE Adobe Lightroom Template Adobe Free AGTEMPLATE Apps
.AHL eMule Metadata File eMule Free AHL Apps
.AHS Adobe Halftone Screen File Adobe Free AHS Apps
.AHU Adobe Photoshop HSL File Adobe Free AHU Apps
.AIA Adobe Illustrator Action File Adobe Free AIA Apps
.AIP Advanced Installer Project Caphyon Free AIP Apps
.AIP Actual Installer Project Softeza Development Free AIP Apps
.AIT Adobe Illustrator Template Adobe Free AIT Apps
.AIU Advanced Installer Updates Configuration File Caphyon Free AIU Apps
.ALL Java RMI Policy File Oracle Free ALL Apps
.ALV Adobe Photoshop Levels File Adobe Free ALV Apps
.ALX BlackBerry Application Loader XML File Research In Motion Free ALX Apps
.AMGP antimicro Profile File Not Available Free AMGP Apps
.AMP Adobe Photoshop Curves Map File Adobe Free AMP Apps
.AMS Adobe Monitor Setup File Adobe Free AMS Apps
.ANIMEACTION Anime Studio Action Document Smith Micro Free ANIMEACTION Apps
.ANIMEBRUSH Anime Studio Brush Document Smith Micro Free ANIMEBRUSH Apps
.ANIMEEXPORT Anime Studio Export Profile Document Smith Micro Free ANIMEEXPORT Apps
.ANIMESTYLE Anime Studio Style Document Smith Micro Free ANIMESTYLE Apps
.ANTISPAM5 Personal AntiSpam Settings File Intego Free ANTISPAM5 Apps
.AOIS CFS Console Add-on Installer Settings File Zaplots Free AOIS Apps
.AOM After Effects Output Module Adobe Free AOM Apps
.API Adobe Photoshop Inks File Adobe Free API Apps
.APPLICATION ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File Microsoft Free APPLICATION Apps
.APPREF-MS Microsoft Application Reference File Microsoft Free APPREF-MS Apps
.ARG AutoCAD Profile Autodesk Free ARG Apps
.ARL AOL Organizer File AOL Free ARL Apps
.ARP Advanced RAR Password Recovery Setup Elcomsoft Free ARP Apps
.ARS After Effects Render Settings File Adobe Free ARS Apps
.ASE Adobe Swatch Exchange File Adobe Free ASE Apps
.ASEF Adobe Swatch Exchange File Adobe Free ASEF Apps
.ASK Ableton Live Skin File Ableton Free ASK Apps
.ASL Photoshop Style Adobe Free ASL Apps
.ASP Adobe Color Separation Setup File Adobe Free ASP Apps
.AST Adobe Color Separations Table Adobe Free AST Apps
.ASV Adobe Photoshop Selective Color File Adobe Free ASV Apps
.ASW ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File ACD Systems Free ASW Apps
.ASWCS Avast Compressed Skin File Avast Software Free ASWCS Apps
.ASWS Avast Skin File Avast Software Free ASWS Apps
.ATC AutoCAD Tool Catalog File Autodesk Free ATC Apps
.ATF Photoshop Transfer Function File Adobe Free ATF Apps
.ATH Alienware AlienFX Theme File Dell Free ATH Apps
.ATN Photoshop Actions File Adobe Free ATN Apps
.ATZ Aston Compiled Theme Gladiators Software Free ATZ Apps
.AUTOSAVE.CDP Sony CD Architect Project Autosave File Sony Free AUTOSAVE.CDP Apps
.AUX LaTeX Auxiliary File Not Available Free AUX Apps
.AVE Avid User File Avid Technology Free AVE Apps
.AVS Adobe Photoshop Variations File Adobe Free AVS Apps
.AVS AVS Preset File Nullsoft Free AVS Apps
.AVS Avid Project Preferences File Avid Technology Free AVS Apps
.AWCAV ActiveWorlds Custom Avatar File ActiveWorlds Free AWCAV Apps
.AWS AutoCAD Work Space File Autodesk Free AWS Apps
.AXP CDBurnerXP Audio Compilation File Canneverbe Free AXP Apps
.AXT Adobe Photoshop Extract File Adobe Free AXT Apps
.BAU Apache OpenOffice AutoText File Sun Microsystems Free BAU Apps
.BCMX Business Contact Manager Customization Microsoft Free BCMX Apps
.BCP BlackMagic Custom Palette NeuralTek Free BCP Apps
.BCP Batch Compiler Preset File Nem's Tools Free BCP Apps
.BCS Batch Compiler Specification File Nem's Tools Free BCS Apps
.BCS Boland Calibration Settings File Boland Free BCS Apps
.BGI BgInfo Configuration File Microsoft Free BGI Apps
.BIN BlackBerry IT Policy File Research in Motion Free BIN Apps
.BITPIM BitPim Configuration File BitPim Free BITPIM Apps
.BITSBOARD Bitsboard Board File Happy Moose Apps Free BITSBOARD Apps
.BKS NTBackup Settings File Microsoft Free BKS Apps
.BLOB Valve Steam Archive Valve Free BLOB Apps
.BLT AIM Buddy List AOL Free BLT Apps
.BLW Adobe Photoshop Black and White Presets File Adobe Free BLW Apps
.BOOT InstallShield Boot File Flexera Software Free BOOT Apps
.BRG ProjectWise User Settings File Bentley Systems Free BRG Apps
.BRUSHVARIANT Painter Brush Variant File Corel Free BRUSHVARIANT Apps
.BS7 Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin Windows 7 Boot Updater Free BS7 Apps
.BSXC BimSens Component Configuration File Striped Horse Free BSXC Apps
.BSXP BimSens Project Configuration File Striped Horse Free BSXP Apps
.BTSEARCH BitTorrent Search Engine File BitTorrent Free BTSEARCH Apps
.BXX BS Contact Parameter File Bitmanagement Software Free BXX Apps
.BZZ BuzzBundle Project Link-Assistant Com Free BZZ Apps
.C2R Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File Microsoft Free C2R Apps
.C3P Construct 3 Project Scirra Free C3P Apps
.CAMP WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File Microsoft Free CAMP Apps
.CAP PASCO Capstone Experiment File PASCO Free CAP Apps
.CASE SlipCover Case Template Bohemian Coding Free CASE Apps
.CBOARD Final Cut Pro Color Board Preset Apple Free CBOARD Apps
.CDP Sony CD Architect Project Sony Free CDP Apps
.CDRT CorelDRAW Image Template Corel Free CDRT Apps
.CDT CorelDRAW Image Template Corel Free CDT Apps
.CENON Cenon Project vhf interservice Free CENON Apps
.CEX SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File Dassault Systemes Free CEX Apps
.CF Sendmail Configuration File Not Available Free CF Apps
.CFG LightWave Configuration File NewTek Free CFG Apps
.CFG Celestia Configuration File Celestia Development Team Free CFG Apps
.CFG MAME Configuration File The MAME Team Free CFG Apps
.CFG Citrix Server Connection File Citrix Systems Free CFG Apps
.CGR Quest3D Channel Group File Act-3D Free CGR Apps
.CHA Photoshop Channel Mixture Adobe Free CHA Apps
.CHL WinFast PVR2 Channel List Leadtek Research Free CHL Apps
.CHPROJ Adobe Character Animator Project Adobe Free CHPROJ Apps
.CHX AutoCAD Standards Check File Autodesk Free CHX Apps
.CIS CheckInbox Settings File VicTech Software Free CIS Apps
.CLG Windows Catalog File Microsoft Free CLG Apps
.CLKP Clicker Object Palette File Crick Software Free CLKP Apps
.CLR CryptLoad Router Information File CryptLoad Free CLR Apps
.CLR Vue Color Maps File E-on Software Free CLR Apps
.CM Cable Modem Configuration File Not Available Free CM Apps
.CMATE ControllerMate File OrderedBytes Free CMATE Apps
.CMMTHEME CleanMyMac Theme File MacPaw Free CMMTHEME Apps
.CMP Windows Connection Manager Profile Microsoft Free CMP Apps
.CNF Telnet Configuration File Not Available Free CNF Apps
.CNF MySQL Configuration File MySQL Free CNF Apps
.COLORS Scratch 2.0 Block Colors File MIT Free COLORS Apps
.COLOURSCHEME Speedy Browser Colour Scheme File J and ASoft Free COLOURSCHEME Apps
.COMP Fusion Composition File Blackmagic Design Free COMP Apps
.CON COW System Settings File IXI International Free CON Apps
.CONF Unix Configuration File Not Available Free CONF Apps
.CONF Generic Configuration File Not Available Free CONF Apps
.CONTROLS OpenBVE Keyboard Shortcuts File OpenBVE Free CONTROLS Apps
.COPRESET Capture One Preset File Phase One Free COPRESET Apps
.COS Capture One Settings File Phase One Free COS Apps
.COSTYLE Capture One Style File Phase One Free COSTYLE Apps
.CPDX Adobe Captivate Storyboard Project Adobe Free CPDX Apps
.CPF Cab Provisioning Format File Microsoft Free CPF Apps
.CPG ESRI Code Page File ESRI Free CPG Apps
.CPR Adobe Captivate Preferences File Adobe Free CPR Apps
.CPS Captivate Styles File Adobe Free CPS Apps
.CPTM Captivate Theme File Adobe Free CPTM Apps
.CPX Oracle ADF Binding Context File Oracle Free CPX Apps
.CROP Crick Software Options File Crick Software Free CROP Apps
.CSAPLAN SPSS Analysis Plan File IBM Free CSAPLAN Apps
.CSF Adobe Color Settings File Adobe Free CSF Apps
.CSG CounterSketch Design Project Stuller Free CSG Apps
.CSKIN CD Art Display Skin File CD Art Display Free CSKIN Apps
.CSPLAN SPSS Sampling Plan File IBM Free CSPLAN Apps
.CST Canvas Custom Set File ACD Systems Free CST Apps
.CTB AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File Autodesk Free CTB Apps
.CTBODYFITTING CrazyTalk Animator Actor Fitting File Reallusion Free CTBODYFITTING Apps
.CTF PSP Custom Theme File Not Available Free CTF Apps
.CUI Autodesk Custom Workspace File Autodesk Free CUI Apps
.CUIX AutoCAD Custom User Interface File Autodesk Free CUIX Apps
.CUS AutoCAD Custom Dictionary File Autodesk Free CUS Apps
.CVA HP System Software Manager Information File Hewlett-Packard Free CVA Apps
.CWF CorelDRAW Workspace File Corel Free CWF Apps
.CWPRJ CanvasWorkspace Project Brother Free CWPRJ Apps
.CWY ChordWizard Style ChordWizard Software Free CWY Apps
.CXP FMAT Assay File Applied Biosystems Free CXP Apps
.CYBERDUCKLICENSE Cyberduck Donation Key Cyberduck Free CYBERDUCKLICENSE Apps
.CYBERDUCKPROFILE Cyberduck Connection Profile Cyberduck Free CYBERDUCKPROFILE Apps
.DAR DVD Architect Project Sony Free DAR Apps
.DBB Skype User Information File Skype Free DBB Apps
.DBG Visual FoxPro Debugger Configuration File Microsoft Free DBG Apps
.DCL AutoCAD Dialog Definition File Autodesk Free DCL Apps
.DCP Adobe DNG Camera Profile Adobe Free DCP Apps
.DCST Adobe InDesign Document Presets File Adobe Free DCST Apps
.DDF Diamond Directive File Microsoft Free DDF Apps
.DEFT Juice Grinder Defaults File Chris Formeister Free DEFT Apps
.DFT eJuice Me Up Default Settings File Breaktru Software Free DFT Apps
.DICPROOF Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File Microsoft Free DICPROOF Apps
.DINFO DivX Temporary Video Info File DivX Free DINFO Apps
.DIRECTORY KDE Folder View Properties File KDE Free DIRECTORY Apps
.DMI Statistica Node Interface Configuration File TIBCO Free DMI Apps
.DOK DesktopOK Icons Layout File SoftwareOK Free DOK Apps
.DOLPHINVIEW Dolphin Folder View Settings File Dolphin Free DOLPHINVIEW Apps
.DOWNLOADHOST MSN Download Settings File Microsoft Free DOWNLOADHOST Apps
.DPS DivX Player 2 Skin File DivX Free DPS Apps
.DPV Siemens NX Drafting Standard File Siemens PLM Software Free DPV Apps
.DR5 Dramatica Story Expert Project Write Brothers Free DR5 Apps
.DRM Cubase Drum Map File Steinberg Free DRM Apps
.DRP DaVinci Resolve Project Blackmagic Design Free DRP Apps
.DS_STORE Mac OS X Folder Settings File Apple Free DS_STORE Apps
.DSC Kingsoft Design Science Equation File Kingsoft Free DSC Apps
.DSD AutoCAD Drawing Set Description File Autodesk Free DSD Apps
.DSF Dramatica Pro Project Write Brothers Free DSF Apps
.DSW Visual C++ 6 Workspace File Microsoft Free DSW Apps
.DSX DAZ Studio XML File DAZ Productions Free DSX Apps
.DTSCONFIG SSIS Package Configuration File Microsoft Free DTSCONFIG Apps
.DUCK Cyberduck Bookmark Cyberduck Free DUCK Apps
.DUN Dial Up Network File Microsoft Free DUN Apps
.DVTCOLORTHEME Xcode Color Theme File Apple Free DVTCOLORTHEME Apps
.DXLS DashXL Skin Set File Palmer Performance Engineering Free DXLS Apps
.DXP Dexpot Profile File Dexpot Free DXP Apps
.EAP Adobe Photoshop Exposure File Adobe Free EAP Apps
.ECFG ArcGIS Component Configuration File ESRI Free ECFG Apps
.EFT Logitech Lighting Effect File Logitech Free EFT Apps
.EFTX Office 2007 Theme Effect File Microsoft Free EFTX Apps
.EHI HTTP Injector Config File Evozi Free EHI Apps
.ELM Office Theme File Microsoft Free ELM Apps
.EMM MindMaple Map MindMaple Free EMM Apps
.EMMT MindMaple Map Template MindMaple Free EMMT Apps
.ENP EndNote Preferences File Clarivate Free ENP Apps
.ENS EndNote Style File Clarivate Free ENS Apps
.ENV Vue Environment File E-on Software Free ENV Apps
.ENV WordPerfect Environment Corel Free ENV Apps
.ENZ EndNote Connection File Clarivate Free ENZ Apps
.EPR Photoshop AME Preset File Adobe Free EPR Apps
.EQF Winamp Equalizer Preset File Nullsoft Free EQF Apps
.EQL MathType Settings Not Available Free EQL Apps
.EQP MathType Preferences Not Available Free EQP Apps
.ETFF Encrypt4all Theme File Encrypt4all Software Free ETFF Apps
.EUM Enterprise User Monitor Configuration File Not Available Free EUM Apps
.EV3 Everlock Options File Az-Tech Software Free EV3 Apps
.EWPRJ Ultiboard Layout Project National Instruments Free EWPRJ Apps
.EWW Embedded Workbench Workspace IAR Systems Free EWW Apps
.EXAMPLE Example Configuration File Not Available Free EXAMPLE Apps
.EXE4J Exe4j Configuration File Ej-technologies Free EXE4J Apps
.EXP SonicWALL Preference File SonicWALL Free EXP Apps
.EXPORTEDUI Microsoft Office Exported UI Customization File Microsoft Free EXPORTEDUI Apps
.EYETVP EyeTV Recording Metadata File Geniatech Free EYETVP Apps
.EYETVSCHED EyeTV Schedule File Geniatech Free EYETVSCHED Apps
.FAN Finale Font Annotation File MakeMusic Free FAN Apps
.FAT Zinf Theme File The Zinf Team Free FAT Apps
.FAVORITEMETADATA Transmit Favorites Data File Panic Free FAVORITEMETADATA Apps
.FBT ABBYY FineReader Document Options File ABBYY Free FBT Apps
.FC FirstClass Settings File OpenText Free FC Apps
.FCC Forms Credential Collector File Netegrity Free FCC Apps
.FCP FontCreator Project High-Logic Free FCP Apps
.FD LaTeX Font Definition File Not Available Free FD Apps
.FDC AutoCAD Field Catalog File Autodesk Free FDC Apps
.FE_LAUNCH FCS Express Launch File De Novo Software Free FE_LAUNCH Apps
.FETCHMIRROR Fetch Mirror Document Fetch Softworks Free FETCHMIRROR Apps
.FEV FLAMES Environment Variable File Ternion Free FEV Apps
.FFX After Effects Preset File Adobe Free FFX Apps
.FLIPANIM FlipAnim Project Poklik Free FLIPANIM Apps
.FLP FlipAnim Project Poklik Free FLP Apps
.FLST Adobe InDesign Flattener Presets File Adobe Free FLST Apps
.FLT Vue Filters File E-on Software Free FLT Apps
.FLW Fusion Flow File Blackmagic Design Free FLW Apps
.FM3 Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File IBM Free FM3 Apps
.FMOD Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module Adobe Free FMOD Apps
.FMP AutoCAD Font Map File Autodesk Free FMP Apps
.FMT FoxPro Format File Microsoft Free FMT Apps
.FNC Frogans Player Network Certificate STG Interactive Free FNC Apps
.FORM PreForm Job File Formlabs Free FORM Apps
.FPL Foobar2000 Playlist File Foobar2000 Free FPL Apps
.FRAMES xScope Frames File The Iconfactory Free FRAMES Apps
.FRC Mandelbrot Explorer Color Settings File J R Oakley Free FRC Apps
.FRR Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File J R Oakley Free FRR Apps
.FSPY fSpy Project Stuffmatic Free FSPY Apps
.FST FL Studio State File Image-Line Free FST Apps
.FT Edgecam Feature Template Planit Software Free FT Apps
.FTH FileMaker Theme File FileMaker Free FTH Apps
.FTH Foobar2000 Theme File Foobar2000 Free FTH Apps
.FTP FlashFXP XML File OpenSight Software Free FTP Apps
.FTPQUOTA Ftpquota File ProFTPD Free FTPQUOTA Apps
.FVP File Viewer Plus Batch Presets File Sharpened Productions Free FVP Apps
.FWT FacetWin Configuration File Facet Corp Free FWT Apps
.FXB FX Bank File Steinberg Free FXB Apps
.FXP FX Preset File Steinberg Media Technologies Free FXP Apps
.GCSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File Microsoft Free GCSX Apps
.GDIAGRAMSTYLE OmniGraffle Diagram Style File The Omni Groupg Free GDIAGRAMSTYLE Apps
.GID Windows Help Global Index File Microsoft Free GID Apps
.GIN GEMS Engine Control Unit File General Engine Management Systems Free GIN Apps
.GLIFFY Gliffy Diagram File Gliffy Free GLIFFY Apps
.GMW Global Mapper Workspace File Blue Marble Geographics Free GMW Apps
.GODOT Godot Engine Project Godot Free GODOT Apps
.GPS GOM Player Skin File Gretech Free GPS Apps
.GPS GenePix Settings File Molecular Devices Free GPS Apps
.GQSX Microsoft Office SmartArt Styles File Microsoft Free GQSX Apps
.GRD Photoshop Gradient File Adobe Free GRD Apps
.GROWLTICKET Growl Notification File Growl Team Free GROWLTICKET Apps
.GTKRC GTK+ Theme File The GTK+ Project Free GTKRC Apps
.GTP GNOME Theme Package File The GNOME Project Free GTP Apps
.GVIMRC GVim Runtime Configuration File gVim Free GVIMRC Apps
.GVSWATCH Gravit Designer Swatch File Gravit Free GVSWATCH Apps
.GWS GeoMedia GeoWorkspace File Intergraph Free GWS Apps
.GXT Grand Theft Auto Text File Rockstar Games Free GXT Apps
.H2P Zebra2 Preset u-he Free H2P Apps
.HD3D Home Design 3D Project Home Design 3D Free HD3D Apps
.HDT Photoshop HDR Toning Preset File Adobe Free HDT Apps
.HFP HitFilm Project FXhome Free HFP Apps
.HID Sony Ericsson Remote Settings File Sony Ericsson Free HID Apps
.HME Windows Mobile Theme File Microsoft Free HME Apps
.HOW2 Visma Performit Player Configuration File Visma Free HOW2 Apps
.HPR Internal RoboHelp File Adobe Free HPR Apps
.HT HyperTerminal Session File Hilgraeve Free HT Apps
.IAF Outlook Internet Account File Microsoft Free IAF Apps
.ICA Citrix ICA File Citrix Free ICA Apps
.ICC ICC Profile International Color Consortium Free ICC Apps
.ICD Installable Client Driver File Microsoft Free ICD Apps
.ICM Image Color Matching Profile Not Available Free ICM Apps
.ICST InCopy Document Preset File Adobe Free ICST Apps
.ICURSORFX iCursor Effect File GioFX Free ICURSORFX Apps
.IDDX Static Default File Adobe Free IDDX Apps
.IDF MIDI Instrument Definition File Not Available Free IDF Apps
.IDPP Adobe InDesign Preflight Profile Adobe Free IDPP Apps
.IGR Quest3D Channel Group Layout File Act-3D Free IGR Apps
.IHW IN-HEH Timeline Workspace IN-HEH Free IHW Apps
.IIP ThinAnywhere Configuration File Mercury International Technology Free IIP Apps
.IIP Install Creator Pro Project File Clickteam Free IIP Apps
.IIT Install Creator Project File Clickteam Free IIT Apps
.IKF INTUS Keyboard File PCS Systemtechnik Free IKF Apps
.IKMP IK Multimedia Preset FIle IK Multimedia Free IKMP Apps
.IMMODULES GTK+ Module File Not Available Free IMMODULES Apps
.IMPORT Godot Engine Import Settings File Godot Free IMPORT Apps
.INF Setup Information File Not Available Free INF Apps
.INI Symbian OS Configuration File Not Available Free INI Apps
.INI Gravis UltraSound Bank Setup File Not Available Free INI Apps
.INJB InDesign Job Bag File Adobe Free INJB Apps
.INMS Adobe InDesign Menu Set File Adobe Free INMS Apps
.INS Internet Settings File Microsoft Free INS Apps
.IPCC iPhone Carrier Bundle Apple Free IPCC Apps
.IPF PCAN-Explorer Panel File PEAK-System Free IPF Apps
.IPYNB Jupyter Notebook Not Available Free IPYNB Apps
.IROS Adobe Save For Web Settings File Adobe Free IROS Apps
.IRS Adobe Save For Web Settings Adobe Free IRS Apps
.ISP IIS Internet Service Provider Settings Microsoft Free ISP Apps
.ISS InstallShield Silent Response File Flexera Software Free ISS Apps
.ISS Inno Setup Script Jordan Russel Free ISS Apps
.ITI InterActual Skin File InterActual Technologies Free ITI Apps
.ITT IconTweaker Theme File Joost Verburg Free ITT Apps
.IX dtSearch Index File dtSearch Free IX Apps
.JAP jAlbum Project Settings File jAlbum Free JAP Apps
.JDF Adobe Acrobat Job Definition File Adobe Free JDF Apps
.JKM JAWS Key Map File Freedom Scientific Free JKM Apps
.JOY CryENGINE Facial Editor Joystick File Crytek Free JOY Apps
.JSF Project64 Joystick File Project64 Free JSF Apps
.JSL JMP Script SAS Institute Free JSL Apps
.JWS Java Workspace Settings File Oracle Free JWS Apps
.KBD 3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts File Autodesk Free KBD Apps
.KCB Kindle Create Book File Amazon Free KCB Apps
.KDS KD Player Skin File KD Player Free KDS Apps
.KEY Keyboard Definition File Not Available Free KEY Apps
.KFL Outlook Known Feed List Microsoft Free KFL Apps
.KLC Keyboard Layout Creator Source File Microsoft Free KLC Apps
.KMF Everyone Piano Keyboard Map File Everyone Piano Free KMF Apps
.KSF KMPlayer Skin File KMP Media Free KSF Apps
.KUIP Kingsoft Office Personalization File Kingsoft Free KUIP Apps
.KYB Keyboard Layout Not Available Free KYB Apps
.KYS Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File Adobe Free KYS Apps
.L4D Cinema 4D Layout File MAXON Computer Free L4D Apps
.LANG Skype Language File Skype Free LANG Apps
.LAY MAME Layout File The MAME Team Free LAY Apps
.LAY Rhino 3D Layer State File Rhin Free LAY Apps
.LAYOUT Code::Blocks Workspace Layout File Code Blocks Free LAYOUT Apps
.LBRN LightBurn Project LightBurn Software Free LBRN Apps
.LBU Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings File Curry K Software Free LBU Apps
.LCC Capture One Lens Cast Correction File Phase One Free LCC Apps
.LFO Alchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File Camel Audio Free LFO Apps
.LGT Let's Go! Theme File Let's Go! Free LGT Apps
.LH3D Live Home 3D Project BeLight Software Free LH3D Apps
.LIGHTINGLIBRARY Painter Lighting Presets Library Corel Free LIGHTINGLIBRARY Apps
.LIGHTKEYFXT Lightkey Fixture File Monospace Free LIGHTKEYFXT Apps
.LIGHTKEYPROJ Lightkey Project Monospace Free LIGHTKEYPROJ Apps
.LILY PCSX2 LilyPad Configuration File The PCSX2 Team Free LILY Apps
.LMC Mobility Client Configuration File IBM Free LMC Apps
.LNST Adobe InDesign Line Presets File Adobe Free LNST Apps
.LOADERS GTK+ Loaders File Not Available Free LOADERS Apps
.LOOK SpeedGrade Look File Adobe Free LOOK Apps
.LOP MasterCook Layout File ValuSoft Free LOP Apps
.LRSMCOL Adobe Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File Adobe Free LRSMCOL Apps
.LRTEMPLATE Adobe Lightroom Template Adobe Free LRTEMPLATE Apps
.LS3 Magic Bullet Looks Package Red Giant Free LS3 Apps
.LSPROJ Livestream Studio Project Livestream Free LSPROJ Apps
.LSPROJ Lens Studio Project Snap Inc Free LSPROJ Apps
.LVA Logitech Video Effects Avatar File Logitech Free LVA Apps
.LVF Logitech Video Effects File Logitech Free LVF Apps
.LXCP LCARS x32 Color Profile LCARS x32 Free LXCP Apps
.LXSOPT Liquid XML Studio Project Options File Liquid Technologies Free LXSOPT Apps
.LYT vanBacsco's Karaoke Player Skin File vanBasco Software Free LYT Apps
.LYT Xcalibur Layout File Thermo Scientific Free LYT Apps
.M2S Maxthon 2 Browser Skin File Maxthon Free M2S Apps
.MAGIWOL MagiWOL File Josip Medved Free MAGIWOL Apps
.MAILHOST MSN Mailhost Settings File Microsoft Free MAILHOST Apps
.MAKE Drush Makefile Drush Make Free MAKE Apps
.MAL MadAppLauncher Configuration File MadAppLauncher Free MAL Apps
.MASK SpeedGrade Color Mask File Adobe Free MASK Apps
.MATERIAL Rigs of Rods Texture Reference File Not Available Free MATERIAL Apps
.MCL Windows Media Center Link File Microsoft Free MCL Apps
.MCOLOR Mine-imator Interface Color File David Norgren Free MCOLOR Apps
.MCW Monitor Calibration Wizard File Hex2Bit Free MCW Apps
.MDP Visual C++ 5 Workspace File Microsoft Free MDP Apps
.MDS TestComplete Project File SmartBear Free MDS Apps
.MGK ImageMagick Configuration File ImageMagick Studios Free MGK Apps
.MGM MGCSoft Equation Illustrator Macro Not Available Free MGM Apps
.MGTHEME MacGourmet Theme File Mariner Software Free MGTHEME Apps
.MIM Keyboard Layout Definition File Not Available Free MIM Apps
.MIND MindMeister Map File MeisterLabs Free MIND Apps
.MLK MasterCook Look File ValuSoft Free MLK Apps
.MLT Shotcut Project Meltytech Free MLT Apps
.MMAS MindManager Map Theme File Mindjet Free MMAS Apps
.MMDC MediaMonkey Device Configuration File Ventis Media Free MMDC Apps
.MMP Symbian Project Specification File Nokia Free MMP Apps
.MNS AutoCAD Interface Settings File Autodesk Free MNS Apps
.MNU TomTom Menu File TomTom International Free MNU Apps
.MNU AutoCAD Interface Layout File Autodesk Free MNU Apps
.MNU Adobe Photoshop Menu Customization File Adobe Free MNU Apps
.MOBIRISE Mobirise Project File Mobirise Free MOBIRISE Apps
.MOEF Apple Motion Effect Project Template Apple Free MOEF Apps
.MOF Managed Object Format File Desktop Management Task Force Free MOF Apps
.MOGRT Adobe Motion Graphics Template Adobe Free MOGRT Apps
.MOHOACTION Moho Action Document Smith Micro Free MOHOACTION Apps
.MOHOBRUSH Moho Action Document Smith Micro Free MOHOBRUSH Apps
.MOHOEXPORT Moho Export Profile Document Smith Micro Free MOHOEXPORT Apps
.MOHOSTYLE Moho Style Document Smith Micro Free MOHOSTYLE Apps
.MONSTER D&D 5e Statblock Generator Monster File Tetra-cube Free MONSTER Apps
.MOTI Apple Motion Title Project Template Apple Free MOTI Apps
.MOTN Apple Motion Generator Project Template Apple Free MOTN Apps
.MOTR Apple Motion Transition Project Template Apple Free MOTR Apps
.MPDCONF Music Player Daemon File The MPD Team Free MPDCONF Apps
.MPT Microsoft Project Template Microsoft Free MPT Apps
.MPW Microsoft Project Workspace File Microsoft Free MPW Apps
.MSF Miranda IM Skin File Miranda IM Free MSF Apps
.MSH1XML Monad Display Configuration File Microsoft Free MSH1XML Apps
.MSKN MediaMonkey Skin File Ventis Media Free MSKN Apps
.MSM Windows Installer Merge Module Microsoft Free MSM Apps
.MSN Host Blocking File Microsoft Free MSN Apps
.MST Corel Presentations Master Template File Corel Free MST Apps
.MST Windows Installer Setup Transform File Microsoft Free MST Apps
.MSW Painter Color Mixer Swatches File Corel Free MSW Apps
.MTF Motorola Theme File Motorola Free MTF Apps
.MULIB Muse Library File Adobe Free MULIB Apps
.MXCS Mandelbrot Explorer Color Scheme File J R Oakley Free MXCS Apps
.MXFR Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region File J R Oakley Free MXFR Apps
.MXPRJ Maschine 2 Project Native Instruments Free MXPRJ Apps
.MXS Painter Color Mixer Pad File Corel Free MXS Apps
.MXSKIN Maxthon Skin File Maxthon International Free MXSKIN Apps
.MYCOLORS Stardock MyColors Theme File Stardock Free MYCOLORS Apps
.NCFG ArcGIS Explorer Configuration File ESRI Free NCFG Apps
.ND QuickBooks Network Data File Intuit Free ND Apps
.NDC Personal Communications Settings File IBM Free NDC Apps
.NGRR Guitar Rig Preset Native Instruments Free NGRR Apps
.NJI Nero Job Information File Nero Free NJI Apps
.NKP Kontakt Presets File Native Instruments Free NKP Apps
.NL Natron Layout File Not Available Free NL Apps
.NP4 NetPoint 4 Schedule File PMA Technologies Free NP4 Apps
.NPFX Norton Internet Security Firewall Settings File Symantec Free NPFX Apps
.NPS Natron Node Presets File Not Available Free NPS Apps
.NPT NetPoint Schedule File PMA Technologies Free NPT Apps
.NSX AppStudio Project NS BASIC Free NSX Apps
.NTC Camera Control Pro Custom Curves File Nikon Free NTC Apps
.NTS Lotus Notes Traveler Server Config File IBM Free NTS Apps
.NVC Nikon Vignette Correction File Nikon Free NVC Apps
.NVP NVivo for Windows Project QSR International Free NVP Apps
.NWV Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive Nuance Free NWV Apps
.OBI Outlook RSS Subscription File Microsoft Free OBI Apps
.OBT Openbox Theme File Openbox Free OBT Apps
.OCE Open Catalog Extension Connection File Oracle Free OCE Apps
.ODC Office Data Connection File Microsoft Free ODC Apps
.ODT Origin Dialog Theme File OriginLab Free ODT Apps
.OEM OEM Setup File Microsoft Free OEM Apps
.OFFICEUI Microsoft Office UI Customization File Microsoft Free OFFICEUI Apps
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