List of Executable file extensions

There are many different executable file extensions and executable file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of executable file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of executable file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online executable file tools and apps.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.0XE F-Secure Renamed Virus File Free 0XE Apps
.73K TI-73 Application Free 73K Apps
.89K TI-89 Application Free 89K Apps
.8CK TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Application File Free 8CK Apps
.A6P Authorware 6 Program Free A6P Apps
.A7R Authorware 7 Runtime File Free A7R Apps
.AC Autoconf Script Free AC Apps
.ACC GEM Accessory File Free ACC Apps
.ACR ACRobot Script Free ACR Apps
.ACTC Action(s) Collection File Free ACTC Apps
.ACTION Automator Action Free ACTION Apps
.ACTM AutoCAD Action Macro File Free ACTM Apps
.AHK AutoHotkey Script Free AHK Apps
.APP FoxPro Generated Application Free APP Apps
.APP Symbian OS Application Free APP Apps
.APPIMAGE Linux Software Package Free APPIMAGE Apps
.ARSCRIPT ArtRage Script Free ARSCRIPT Apps
.ASB Alphacam Stone VB Macro File Free ASB Apps
.AZW2 Kindle Active Content App File Free AZW2 Apps
.BA_ Renamed BAT File Free BA_ Apps
.BEAM Compiled Erlang File Free BEAM Apps
.BIN Unix Executable File Free BIN Apps
.BIN Generic Binary Executable File Free BIN Apps
.BTM 4DOS Batch File Free BTM Apps
.CACTION Automator Converter Action Free CACTION Apps
.CEL Celestia Script File Free CEL Apps
.CELX Celestia Script Free CELX Apps
.CMD Windows Command File Free CMD Apps
.COFFEE CoffeeScript JavaScript File Free COFFEE Apps
.COMMAND Terminal Command File Free COMMAND Apps
.CSH C Shell Script Free CSH Apps
.CYW Rbot.CYW Worm File Free CYW Apps
.DEK Eavesdropper Batch File Free DEK Apps
.DLD EdLog Compiled Program Free DLD Apps
.DMC Medical Manager Script Free DMC Apps
.DS TWAIN Data Source Free DS Apps
.DXL Rational DOORS Script Free DXL Apps
.E_E Renamed EXE File Free E_E Apps
.EAR Java Enterprise Archive File Free EAR Apps
.EBM EXTRA! Basic Macro Free EBM Apps
.EBS E-Run 1.x Script Free EBS Apps
.EBS2 E-Run 2.0 Script File Free EBS2 Apps
.ECF SageCRM Component File Free ECF Apps
.EHAM ExtraHAM Executable File Free EHAM Apps
.ELF Nintendo Wii Game File Free ELF Apps
.EPK LG Firmware Package Free EPK Apps
.ES SageCRM Script File Free ES Apps
.ESH Extended Shell Batch File Free ESH Apps
.EX. Compressed Executable File Free EX. Apps
.EX_ Renamed Windows Executable File Free EX_ Apps
.EX4 MetaTrader 4 Program File Free EX4 Apps
.EX5 MetaTrader 5 Program File Free EX5 Apps
.EXE Application Free EXE Apps
.EXE1 Renamed EXE File Free EXE1 Apps
.EXOPC ExoPC Application Free EXOPC Apps
.EZS EZ-R Stats Batch Script Free EZS Apps
.EZT EZT Malicious Worm File Free EZT Apps
.FAS Compiled Fast-Load AutoLISP File Free FAS Apps
.FAS QuickSilver Fast Save Lisp File Free FAS Apps
.FKY FoxPro Macro Free FKY Apps
.FPI FPS Creator Intelligence Script Free FPI Apps
.FRS Flash Renamer Script Free FRS Apps
.FXP FoxPro Compiled Program Free FXP Apps
.GPE GP2X Video Game Free GPE Apps
.GPU GP2X Utility Program Free GPU Apps
.GS Geosoft Script Free GS Apps
.HAM HAM Executable File Free HAM Apps
.HMS HostMonitor Script File Free HMS Apps
.HPF HP9100A Program File Free HPF Apps
.HTA HTML Application Free HTA Apps
.ICD SafeDisc Encrypted Program Free ICD Apps
.IIM iMacro Macro File Free IIM Apps
.IPA iOS Application Free IPA Apps
.IPF SMS Installer Script Free IPF Apps
.ISU InstallShield Uninstaller Script Free ISU Apps
.ITA VTech InnoTab Application File Free ITA Apps
.JS JScript Executable Script Free JS Apps
.JSE JScript Encoded File Free JSE Apps
.JSF Java Script Command File Free JSF Apps
.JSX ExtendScript Script File Free JSX Apps
.KIX KiXtart Script File Free KIX Apps
.KSH Unix Korn Shell Script Free KSH Apps
.KX KiXtart Tokenized Script File Free KX Apps
.LO Interleaf Compiled Lisp File Free LO Apps
.LS LightWave LScript File Free LS Apps
.M3G Mobile 3D Graphics Program Free M3G Apps
.MAM Microsoft Access Macro Free MAM Apps
.MCR 3ds Max Macroscript File Free MCR Apps
.MCR Tecplot Macro Free MCR Apps
.MEL Maya Embedded Language File Free MEL Apps
.MEM Macro Editor Macro Free MEM Apps
.MIO MioEngine Application File Free MIO Apps
.MLX MATLAB Live Script Free MLX Apps
.MM NeXtMidas Macro File Free MM Apps
.MRC mIRC Script File Free MRC Apps
.MRP Mythroad Platform File Free MRP Apps
.MS Maxwell Script Free MS Apps
.MS 3ds Max Script File Free MS Apps
.MSL Magick Scripting Language File Free MSL Apps
.MXE Macro Express Playable Macro Free MXE Apps
.N Neko Bytecode File Free N Apps
.NCL NirCmd Script File Free NCL Apps
.NEXE Chrome Native Client Executable Free NEXE Apps
.ORE Ore Executable File Free ORE Apps
.OSX PowerPC Executable File Free OSX Apps
.OTM Outlook Macro File Free OTM Apps
.PAF.EXE Program File Free PAF.EXE Apps
.PAF Portable Application Installer File Free PAF Apps
.PEX ProBoard Executable File Free PEX Apps
.PHAR PHP Archive Free PHAR Apps
.PIF Program Information File Free PIF Apps
.PLSC Messenger Plus! Live Script File Free PLSC Apps
.PLX Perl Executable File Free PLX Apps
.PRC Palm Resource Code File Free PRC Apps
.PRG Program File Free PRG Apps
.PRG GEM Application Free PRG Apps
.PS1 Windows PowerShell Cmdlet File Free PS1 Apps
.PVD Instalit Script Free PVD Apps
.PWC PictureTaker File Free PWC Apps
.PYC Python Compiled File Free PYC Apps
.PYO Python Optimized Code Free PYO Apps
.QIT QIT Trojan Horse File Free QIT Apps
.QPX FoxPro Compiled Query Program Free QPX Apps
.RBF LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Robot Brick File Free RBF Apps
.RBX Rembo-C Compiled Script Free RBX Apps
.RFU Remote Firmware Update Free RFU Apps
.RGS Registry Script Free RGS Apps
.ROX Actuate Report Object Executable File Free ROX Apps
.RPJ Real Pac Batch Job File Free RPJ Apps
.RUN Linux Executable File Free RUN Apps
.RXE Lego Mindstorms NXT Executable Program Free RXE Apps
.S2A SEAL2 Application Free S2A Apps
.SBS SPSS Script Free SBS Apps
.SCA Scala Script File Free SCA Apps
.SCAR SCAR Script Free SCAR Apps
.SCB Scala Published Script Free SCB Apps
.SCPT AppleScript Script File Free SCPT Apps
.SCPTD AppleScript Script Bundle Free SCPTD Apps
.SCR Script File Free SCR Apps
.SCRIPT Generic Script File Free SCRIPT Apps
.SCT Windows Scriptlet Free SCT Apps
.SEED Linux Preseed File Free SEED Apps
.SERVER MySQL Server Script Free SERVER Apps
.SHB Windows Document Shortcut Free SHB Apps
.SMM Ami Pro Macro Free SMM Apps
.SNAP Snap Application Package Free SNAP Apps
.SPR FoxPro Generated Screen File Free SPR Apps
.STS #TASK Script File Free STS Apps
.TCP Tally Compiled Program File Free TCP Apps
.THM Thermwood Macro File Free THM Apps
.TIAPP TiTanium App Free TIAPP Apps
.TMS Telemate Script Free TMS Apps
.U3P U3 Smart Application Free U3P Apps
.UDF Excel User Defined Function Free UDF Apps
.UPX Ultimate Packer for eXecutables File Free UPX Apps
.VBE VBScript Encoded Script File Free VBE Apps
.VBS VBScript File Free VBS Apps
.VBSCRIPT Visual Basic Script Free VBSCRIPT Apps
.VDO Heathen Virus File Free VDO Apps
.VEXE Virus Executable File Free VEXE Apps
.VLX Compiled AutoLISP File Free VLX Apps
.VPM Vox Proxy Macro File Free VPM Apps
.VXP Mobile Application File Free VXP Apps
.WCM WordPerfect Macro Free WCM Apps
.WIDGET Yahoo! Widget Free WIDGET Apps
.WIDGET Microsoft Windows Mobile Widget Free WIDGET Apps
.WIZ Microsoft Wizard File Free WIZ Apps
.WORKFLOW Automator Workflow Free WORKFLOW Apps
.WPK WordPerfect Macro Free WPK Apps
.WPM WordPerfect Macro File Free WPM Apps
.WS Windows Script Free WS Apps
.WSH Windows Script Host Settings Free WSH Apps
.X86 Linux Executable File Free X86 Apps
.X86_64 64-bit Linux Executable File Free X86_64 Apps
.XAP Silverlight Application Package Free XAP Apps
.XBAP XAML Browser Application File Free XBAP Apps
.XLM Excel Macro Free XLM Apps
.XQT SuperCalc Macro File Free XQT Apps
.XYS XYplorer Script File Free XYS Apps
.ZL9 ZoneAlarm Quarantined EXE File Free ZL9 Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps