List of Font file extensions

There are many different font file extensions and font file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list of font file extensions and types on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs.

Below is the list of font file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files along with the developer and available 100% free online font file tools and apps.


Extension File Type Free Apps
.ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font File Free ABF Apps
.ACFM Adobe Composite Font Metrics File Free ACFM Apps
.AFM Adobe Font Metrics File Free AFM Apps
.AMFM Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File Free AMFM Apps
.BDF Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format Free BDF Apps
.CHA Character Layout File Free CHA Apps
.CHR Borland Character Set File Free CHR Apps
.COMPOSITEFONT Windows Composite Font File Free COMPOSITEFONT Apps
.DFONT Mac OS X Data Fork Font Free DFONT Apps
.EOT Embedded OpenType Font Free EOT Apps
.ETX TeX Font Encoding File Free ETX Apps
.EUF Private Character Editor File Free EUF Apps
.F3F Crazy Machines Font File Free F3F Apps
.FEA AFDKO Feature Definitions File Free FEA Apps
.FFIL Mac Font Suitcase Free FFIL Apps
.FOT Font Resource File Free FOT Apps
.GDR Symbian OS Font File Free GDR Apps
.GF METAFONT Bitmap File Free GF Apps
.GLIF Glyph Interchange Format File Free GLIF Apps
.GXF General CADD Pro Font File Free GXF Apps
.JFPROJ JSON Font Project File Free JFPROJ Apps
.LWFN Adobe Type 1 Mac Font File Free LWFN Apps
.MCF Watchtower Library Font File Free MCF Apps
.MF METAFONT File Free MF Apps
.MXF Maxis Font File Free MXF Apps
.NFTR Nintendo DS Font Type File Free NFTR Apps
.ODTTF Obfuscated OpenType Font Free ODTTF Apps
.PCF PaintCAD Font Free PCF Apps
.PF2 GRUB Font File Free PF2 Apps
.PFA Printer Font ASCII File Free PFA Apps
.PFB Printer Font Binary File Free PFB Apps
.PFM Printer Font Metrics File Free PFM Apps
.PFR Portable Font Resource File Free PFR Apps
.PK Packed METAFONT File Free PK Apps
.PMT PageMaker Template File Free PMT Apps
.SFD Spline Font Database File Free SFD Apps
.SFP Soft Font Printer File Free SFP Apps
.SUIT Macintosh Font Suitcase Free SUIT Apps
.T65 PageMaker Template File Free T65 Apps
.TFM TeX Font Metric File Free TFM Apps
.TTC TrueType Font Collection Free TTC Apps
.TTE Private Character Editor File Free TTE Apps
.TXF Celestia Font Texture File Free TXF Apps
.UFO Unified Font Object File Free UFO Apps
.VFB FontLab Studio Font File Free VFB Apps
.VLW Processing Font File Free VLW Apps
.VNF Vision Numeric Font Free VNF Apps
.WOFF Web Open Font Format File Free WOFF Apps
.WOFF2 Web Open Font Format 2.0 File Free WOFF2 Apps
.XFN Ventura Printer Font Free XFN Apps
.XFT ChiWriter Printer Font Free XFT Apps
.YTF Google Picasa Font Cache Free YTF Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps