List of File Extensions - By Categories

There are many different file extensions and file types used with computers, and you'll find an entire list on our computer files and file extensions page. It is impossible to remember all file extensions and their associated software programs. Below is the list of file extensions, broken into categories by sort of files.

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Recently updated list of file extensions

Here we have the top 10 file types and file extensions recently updated.

File Extension File Type Free Apps
.GWP Greetings Workshop Project File Free GWP Tools
.GXL Graph Exchange Language File Free GXL Tools
.GYM Sega Genesis Sound File Free GYM Tools
.H C/C++/Objective-C Header File Free H Tools
.H10 At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return Free H10 Tools
.H11 At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return Free H11 Tools
.H14 H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return Free H14 Tools
.H15 H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return Free H15 Tools
.H16 H&R Block Canada 2016 Tax Return Free H16 Tools
.H1Q Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File Free H1Q Tools

List of File Extensions - By Alphabetically

It is impossible to remember all file types and their associated software programs, so below is the list of file extensions, broken into alphabetically, file type and file extension name starts with character (# list is for any file type starts with number or special characters - ASCII code).

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