File Formtas Starts with Letter O

List of all File Formats begins with letter O from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.O Compiled Object File Free O Apps
.OA2 Fujitsu Oasys Free OA2 Apps
.OA3 Fujitsu Oasys Free OA3 Apps
.OAB Offline Address Book Free OAB Apps
.OAM Adobe Edge Animate Widget File Free OAM Apps
.OAP OutSystems Application Package Free OAP Apps
.OAR OpenSimulator Archive Free OAR Apps
.OAS Fujitsu Oasys Free OAS Apps
.OAT Android Optimized Application File Free OAT Apps
.OB! Orbit Downloader Incomplete Download Free OB! Apps
.OB2 Oberon-2 Source Code File Free OB2 Apps
.OBB Android Opaque Binary Blob File Free OBB Apps
.OBD Office Binder Document Free OBD Apps
.OBF OsmAnd Offline Map File Free OBF Apps
.OBI Outlook RSS Subscription File Free OBI Apps
.OBJ Relocatable Object Code Free OBJ Apps
.OBJ Wavefront 3D Object File Free OBJ Apps
.OBK Backup File Free OBK Apps
.OBML Opera Mini Saved Web Page Free OBML Apps
.OBML15 Opera Mini Saved Web Page Free OBML15 Apps
.OBML16 Opera Mini Saved Web Page Free OBML16 Apps
.OBP Bryce Object File Free OBP Apps
.OBT Openbox Theme File Free OBT Apps
.OBW Superior Drummer Sounds File Free OBW Apps
.OBZ Compressed 3D Object File Free OBZ Apps
.OC3 openCanvas 3 Event File Free OC3 Apps
.OC4 openCanvas 4 Event File Free OC4 Apps
.OC5 openCanvas 5 Event File Free OC5 Apps
.OCA Custom Control Library Type File Free OCA Apps
.OCC Oceanic DataPool File Free OCC Apps
.OCD OCAD Map File Free OCD Apps
.OCE Open Catalog Extension Connection File Free OCE Apps
.OCI openCanvas Image Free OCI Apps
.OCR FAXGrapper Fax Text File Free OCR Apps
.OCR Subtitle Workshop OCR Script Free OCR Apps
.OCT Radiance Octree File Free OCT Apps
.OCTEST Xcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle Free OCTEST Apps
.OCX ActiveX Control Free OCX Apps
.OD Mascopt Graph Request File Free OD Apps
.ODA Office Document Architecture Free ODA Apps
.ODB OpenDocument Database Free ODB Apps
.ODB ABAQUS Database Free ODB Apps
.ODC OpenDocument Chart File Free ODC Apps
.ODC Office Data Connection File Free ODC Apps
.ODEX Optimized Dalvik Executable Free ODEX Apps
.ODF OpenDocument Formula Free ODF Apps
.ODF Battlezone Object Definition File Free ODF Apps
.ODF Open Document File Free ODF Apps
.ODFT OpenDocument Formula Template Free ODFT Apps
.ODG OpenDocument Graphic File Free ODG Apps
.ODI OpenDocument Image Free ODI Apps
.ODIF Open Document Interchange Format Free ODIF Apps
.ODIN Locky Ransomware Encrypted File Free ODIN Apps
.ODL Object Description Language File Free ODL Apps
.ODM OpenDocument Master Document Free ODM Apps
.ODM OverDrive Media File Free ODM Apps
.ODO Online Operating System Write Document Free ODO Apps
.ODP OpenDocument Presentation Free ODP Apps
.ODS Outlook Express 5 Mailbox Free ODS Apps
.ODS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Free ODS Apps
.ODT Origin Dialog Theme File Free ODT Apps
.ODT OpenDocument Text Document Free ODT Apps
.ODT OOMMF Data Table File Free ODT Apps
.ODTTF Obfuscated OpenType Font Free ODTTF Apps
.ODX BizTalk Server Orchestration File Free ODX Apps
.OEACCOUNT Windows Mail Account File Free OEACCOUNT Apps
.OEB Open eBook File Free OEB Apps
.OEB Outlook Express Backup Wizard File Free OEB Apps
.OEBZIP Zipped Open eBook File Free OEBZIP Apps
.OEM OEMEdit Save File Free OEM Apps
.OEM OEM Setup File Free OEM Apps
.OEX Opera Extension Free OEX Apps
.OFC Open Financial Connectivity File Free OFC Apps
.OFD OfficeForms Document Free OFD Apps
.OFF Object File Format Free OFF Apps
.OFFICEUI Microsoft Office UI Customization File Free OFFICEUI Apps
.OFL Ots File List Free OFL Apps
.OFM Melco Embroidery File Free OFM Apps
.OFM OmniForm Form Free OFM Apps
.OFP Origin Function Plot Theme File Free OFP Apps
.OFR SMS Offer Manager File Free OFR Apps
.OFR OptimFROG Audio File Free OFR Apps
.OFT Outlook File Template Free OFT Apps
.OFX Open Financial Exchange File Free OFX Apps
.OGA Ogg Vorbis Audio File Free OGA Apps
.OGF S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Model File Free OGF Apps
.OGG Ogg Vorbis Audio File Free OGG Apps
.OGG Origin Graph File Free OGG Apps
.OGGSTR Godot Engine Ogg Audio File Free OGGSTR Apps
.OGGU Origin Unicode Graph File Free OGGU Apps
.OGM Origin Matrix File Free OGM Apps
.OGM Ogg Media File Free OGM Apps
.OGMU Origin Unicode Matrix File Free OGMU Apps
.OGNC Dynamic Web Page Free OGNC Apps
.OGS Origons Movie Data File Free OGS Apps
.OGS Origin LabTalk Script File Free OGS Apps
.OGV Ogg Video File Free OGV Apps
.OGW Origin Workbook File Free OGW Apps
.OGWU Origin Unicode Workbook File Free OGWU Apps
.OGX Ogg Vorbis Multiplexed Media File Free OGX Apps
.OGZ Cube 2 Map File Free OGZ Apps
.OIF Origin Import Filter File Free OIF Apps
.OIS Origin Analyses Theme File Free OIS Apps
.OIV OpenIV Mod Package File Free OIV Apps
.OKT Oktalyzer Module Free OKT Apps
.OL Valve Hammer Object Layout File Free OL Apps
.OLA Online Access File Free OLA Apps
.OLB OLE Object Library Free OLB Apps
.OLB OrCAD Symbol Library File Free OLB Apps
.OLD Backup File Free OLD Apps
.OLK Outlook Address Book File Free OLK Apps
.OLK14EVENT Outlook Calendar Event File Free OLK14EVENT Apps
.OLK14GROUP Outlook Group File Free OLK14GROUP Apps
.OLK14MAILACCOUNT Outlook Mail Account File Free OLK14MAILACCOUNT Apps
.OLK14MESSAGE Outlook Message File Free OLK14MESSAGE Apps
.OLK14MSGATTACH Outlook 2011 Email Message Attachment File Free OLK14MSGATTACH Apps
.OLK14MSGSOURCE Outlook Email Message Data File Free OLK14MSGSOURCE Apps
.OLK14NOTE Outlook Note File Free OLK14NOTE Apps
.OLK14PREF Outlook Preferences File Free OLK14PREF Apps
.OLK14SIGNATURE Outlook Signature File Free OLK14SIGNATURE Apps
.OLK14TASK Outlook Task File Free OLK14TASK Apps
.OLK15MSGATTACH Outlook 2016 Email Message Attachment File Free OLK15MSGATTACH Apps
.OLL TrialDirector Object Load List Free OLL Apps
.OLM Mac Outlook Database File Free OLM Apps
.OLP Office Live Package Free OLP Apps
.OLT Orbit Downloads List Free OLT Apps
.OMA Sony OpenMG Music File Free OMA Apps
.OMCS Office Manager Access File Free OMCS Apps
.OMF Open Media Framework File Free OMF Apps
.OMF OMF Interchange Image File Free OMF Apps
.OMG Image File Free OMG Apps
.OMG OpenMG Audio File Free OMG Apps
.OML OutSystems Modeling Language File Free OML Apps
.OMO OMake Object File Free OMO Apps
.OMOD Oblivion Mod Archive Free OMOD Apps
.OMP Office Manager Document Archive Free OMP Apps
.OMP OpenMind Windows Document Free OMP Apps
.OMS HP Printer Substrate Presets Package File Free OMS Apps
.OMX OtsAV Media Library Information File Free OMX Apps
.OND Lotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File Free OND Apps
.ONE OneNote Document Free ONE Apps
.ONEPKG Microsoft OneNote Package File Free ONEPKG Apps
.ONETOC Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File Free ONETOC Apps
.ONETOC2 Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File Free ONETOC2 Apps
.ONT theWord Bible Text Module Free ONT Apps
.ONTX theWord Encrypted Bible Text Module Free ONTX Apps
.OO3 OmniOutliner 3 File Free OO3 Apps
.OO3TEMPLATE OmniOutliner Template Free OO3TEMPLATE Apps
.OOK Arachne Batch Script Free OOK Apps
.OP OpenPAT Report Free OP Apps
.OP2 Nastran Output File Free OP2 Apps
.OP4 Nastran Output File Free OP4 Apps
.OPAL Microsoft Office User Settings File Free OPAL Apps
.OPAX Microsoft Office User Settings File Free OPAX Apps
.OPD Durango Document Free OPD Apps
.OPD OmniPage Document Free OPD Apps
.OPDOWNLOAD Opera Partially Downloaded File Free OPDOWNLOAD Apps
.OPEICO Opeico Text File Free OPEICO Apps
.OPENBSD OpenBSD Readme File Free OPENBSD Apps
.OPF FlipAlbum File Free OPF Apps
.OPF FlipViewer FlipBook File Free OPF Apps
.OPF Open Packaging Format File Free OPF Apps
.OPJ OrCAD Project File Free OPJ Apps
.OPJ Origin Project Free OPJ Apps
.OPJU Origin Unicode Project Free OPJU Apps
.OPK GCW Zero Open Package Free OPK Apps
.OPLC Nokia Operator Logo File Free OPLC Apps
.OPML Outline Processor Markup Language File Free OPML Apps
.OPS Office Profile Settings File Free OPS Apps
.OPT Options File Free OPT Apps
.OPT AGT Game Data File Free OPT Apps
.OPT Opterecenja File Free OPT Apps
.OPTIONS SE-SOFT Configuration File Free OPTIONS Apps
.OPTS Linux Configuration Options File Free OPTS Apps
.OPUS Opus Audio File Free OPUS Apps
.OPX FlipAlbum Photo Album File Free OPX Apps
.OPX OrgPlus Org Chart Free OPX Apps
.OQY Excel OLAP Query File Free OQY Apps
.OR2 Lotus Organizer 2 File Free OR2 Apps
.OR3 IBM Lotus Organizer 97 File Free OR3 Apps
.OR4 IBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File Free OR4 Apps
.OR5 Lotus Organizer 5 File Free OR5 Apps
.OR6 Lotus Organizer 6 File Free OR6 Apps
.ORA OpenRaster Image File Free ORA Apps
.ORA Oracle Database Configuration File Free ORA Apps
.ORB Original eBook Reader File Free ORB Apps
.ORC Voyetra Digital Orchestrator File Free ORC Apps
.ORDEREDTEST Visual Studio Ordered Test File Free ORDEREDTEST Apps
.ORE Ore Executable File Free ORE Apps
.ORF Olympus RAW File Free ORF Apps
.ORG Lotus Organizer File Free ORG Apps
.ORI Original File Free ORI Apps
.ORIG Original File Free ORIG Apps
.ORT Rich Text Editor Document Free ORT Apps
.ORV Oracom Video File Free ORV Apps
.ORX RadiantOne VDS Database Schema Free ORX Apps
.OS ObjectScript Source File Free OS Apps
.OSAX AppleScript Scripting Addition Free OSAX Apps
.OSB Osu! Storyboard File Free OSB Apps
.OSB OpenStreetMap Binary Map File Free OSB Apps
.OSC OpenStreetMap Change File Free OSC Apps
.OSC Obix Source Code File Free OSC Apps
.OSDX Search Connector Description File Free OSDX Apps
.OSF Open Score Free OSF Apps
.OSK osu! Skin File Free OSK Apps
.OSM OpenStreetMap Map File Free OSM Apps
.OSP OpenShot Project File Free OSP Apps
.OSR osu! Replay File Free OSR Apps
.OSS Microsoft Outlook Saved Search File Free OSS Apps
.OST Outlook Offline Data File Free OST Apps
.OSU Osu! Script Free OSU Apps
.OSX PowerPC Executable File Free OSX Apps
.OSZ osu! Beatmap File Free OSZ Apps
.OSZ OpenLP Service File Free OSZ Apps
.OT theWord Old Testament Text Module Free OT Apps
.OTA OTA Ringtone File Free OTA Apps
.OTA OTA Bitmap Image Free OTA Apps
.OTB Nokia Over The Air Bitmap Image Free OTB Apps
.OTC OpenDocument Chart Template Free OTC Apps
.OTF OpenTuft Tufting Design File Free OTF Apps
.OTF OpenDocument Formula Template Free OTF Apps
.OTF OpenType Font Free OTF Apps
.OTG OpenDocument Graphic Template Free OTG Apps
.OTH Origin Graph Theme File Free OTH Apps
.OTH OpenDocument HTML Template Free OTH Apps
.OTI OpenDocument Image Template Free OTI Apps
.OTL NoteTab Outline File Free OTL Apps
.OTLN Opal Outline File Free OTLN Apps
.OTM Origin Matrix Template Free OTM Apps
.OTM Outlook Macro File Free OTM Apps
.OTMU Origin Unicode Matrix Template Free OTMU Apps
.OTP OpenDocument Presentation Template Free OTP Apps
.OTP Origin Graph Template Free OTP Apps
.OTPU Origin Unicode Graph Template Free OTPU Apps
.OTRKEY OnlineTvRecorder Encoded Video File Free OTRKEY Apps
.OTS OtsAV Album File Free OTS Apps
.OTS OpenDocument Spreadsheet Template Free OTS Apps
.OTT OpenDocument Document Template Free OTT Apps
.OTW Origin Workbook Template Free OTW Apps
.OTWU Origin Unicode Workbook Template Free OTWU Apps
.OTX theWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module Free OTX Apps
.OTZ OpenLP Theme File Free OTZ Apps
.OUT Output File Free OUT Apps
.OV2 TomTom Points of Interest Database Free OV2 Apps
.OVA Octava Musical Score Free OVA Apps
.OVA Open Virtual Appliance Free OVA Apps
.OVE Overture Musical Score Free OVE Apps
.OVF Open Virtualization File Free OVF Apps
.OVH OMSI Vehicle Configuration File Free OVH Apps
.OVL Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 Data File Free OVL Apps
.OVOLOG ooVoo Log File Free OVOLOG Apps
.OVP The Overlay Maker Package File Free OVP Apps
.OVPN OpenVPN Configuration File Free OVPN Apps
.OVR The Overlay Maker Overlay File Free OVR Apps
.OVW Cubase WAVE Overview File Free OVW Apps
.OVW Logic Pro Overview File Free OVW Apps
.OVX Object-based Visual Application Language File Free OVX Apps
.OW Free Pascal 1.0.x Object File Free OW Apps
.OWC OutWit Catch Database Free OWC Apps
.OWG OutWit Gear Database Free OWG Apps
.OWL OWL Source Code File Free OWL Apps
.OWM OutWit XML Mashup File Free OWM Apps
.OWX OutWit Hub Automator File Free OWX Apps
.OXPS OpenXPS File Free OXPS Apps
.OXT Apache OpenOffice Extension Free OXT Apps
.OXYGENE Oxygene Project File Free OXYGENE Apps
.OYX Approach Alternate Database Index Free OYX Apps
.OZ Opera Job Management Compressed File Free OZ Apps
.OZB MU Online Image File Free OZB Apps
.OZJ MU Online Image File Free OZJ Apps
.OZT MU Online Image File Free OZT Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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