File Formtas Starts with Letter K

List of all File Formats begins with letter K from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.K25 Kurzweil K2500 File Free K25 Apps
.K25 Kodak K25 Image Free K25 Apps
.K26 Kurzweil K2600 File Free K26 Apps
.K2S Kaiser 2 Saved Game Free K2S Apps
.K3B K3b Disk Burning Project File Free K3B Apps
.K3G 3GP Mobile Phone Video File Free K3G Apps
.KAG King Arthur's Gold Map File Free KAG Apps
.KAL Kratos Vision Data File Free KAL Apps
.KAP BSB Chart Image File Free KAP Apps
.KAR Karel Function Dictionary Free KAR Apps
.KAR Karaoke MIDI File Free KAR Apps
.KARBON KDE KOffice Office Suite - Karbon Free KARBON Apps
.KB C++ Keyboard Script Free KB Apps
.KB2 Kleo Backup File Free KB2 Apps
.KBD 3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts File Free KBD Apps
.KBD Keyboard Layout Script Free KBD Apps
.KBITS Bits'N'Picas Bitmap Font File Free KBITS Apps
.KBS Keyboard Script File Free KBS Apps
.KCB Kindle Create Book File Free KCB Apps
.KCL NIntendo Collision File Free KCL Apps
.KCT Keyman Developer Customization Source File Free KCT Apps
.KDB Keypass Database File Free KDB Apps
.KDBX KeePass Password Database Free KDBX Apps
.KDC Kaspersky Virus Database File Free KDC Apps
.KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File Free KDC Apps
.KDE KryptoStorage Container File Free KDE Apps
.KDENLIVE Kdenlive Project File Free KDENLIVE Apps
.KDEVDLG KDevelop Dialog Box File Free KDEVDLG Apps
.KDEVELOP KDevelop Project Data File Free KDEVELOP Apps
.KDEVPRJ KDevelop Project File Free KDEVPRJ Apps
.KDI KD Player Skin Image File Free KDI Apps
.KDK Kodak Proprietary Decimated TIFF File Free KDK Apps
.KDMP Windows Crash Dump File Free KDMP Apps
.KDS KD Player Skin File Free KDS Apps
.KDZ Kaspersky Virus Bases File Free KDZ Apps
.KEB Kaspersky Virus Bases File Free KEB Apps
.KELGFILE Best Free Keylogger Log File Free KELGFILE Apps
.KES Kurzweil 3000 Document Free KES Apps
.KEXI Kexi Database Free KEXI Apps
.KEXIC Kexi Database Connection File Free KEXIC Apps
.KEXIS Kexi Database Shortcut File Free KEXIS Apps
.KEXT Mac OS X Kernel Extension Free KEXT Apps
.KEY Keynote Presentation Free KEY Apps
.KEY Security Key Free KEY Apps
.KEY Keyboard Definition File Free KEY Apps
.KEY Software License Key File Free KEY Apps
.KEY LightWave License File Free KEY Apps
.KEYCHAIN Mac OS X Keychain File Free KEYCHAIN Apps
.KEYSTORE Java Keystore File Free KEYSTORE Apps
.KEYTAB Kerberos Keytab File Free KEYTAB Apps
.KEY-TEF Keynote iCloud Presentation Free KEY-TEF Apps
.KF2 Max Payne Resource File Free KF2 Apps
.KFL Outlook Known Feed List Free KFL Apps
.KFM Gamebryo 3D Model File Free KFM Apps
.KFN KaraFun Karaoke File Free KFN Apps
.KFO KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kformula Free KFO Apps
.KFS Max Payne Model File Free KFS Apps
.KFX Amazon KF10 eBook File Free KFX Apps
.KFX Kofax Image File Free KFX Apps
.KGB KGB Archive File Free KGB Apps
.KGTEMP KuGou Temporary Cache File Free KGTEMP Apps
.KHD Dynamics AX Kernel Help Data File Free KHD Apps
.KHI Dynamics AX Kernel Help Index File Free KHI Apps
.KIA Kidspiration Free KIA Apps
.KIC Kodak Compressed Image File Free KIC Apps
.KID Kidspiration Document Free KID Apps
.KIN Kinetic Music Project Free KIN Apps
.KISMAC KisMAC Webservice File Free KISMAC Apps
.KIT Battery Drum Kit File Free KIT Apps
.KIT 2020 Design File Free KIT Apps
.KIT CodeKit File Free KIT Apps
.KIX KiXtart Script File Free KIX Apps
.KKK KKK Ransomware Encrypted File Free KKK Apps
.KLC Keyboard Layout Creator Source File Free KLC Apps
.KLG Log File Free KLG Apps
.KLG KOFIA Log Free KLG Apps
.KLQ Kaspersky Quarantine File Free KLQ Apps
.KMA Correlate Archive File Free KMA Apps
.KMC Kinemac Animation File Free KMC Apps
.KMCOBJ Kinemac Sprite Object Free KMCOBJ Apps
.KMF Everyone Piano Keyboard Map File Free KMF Apps
.KML Keyhole Markup Language File Free KML Apps
.KMM K-Meleon Macro Module Free KMM Apps
.KMP Mario Kart Wii Course Description File Free KMP Apps
.KMP Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap File Free KMP Apps
.KMR KnowledgeMill Link File Free KMR Apps
.KMS Correlate Solutions File Free KMS Apps
.KMV Mobile DJ Video File Free KMV Apps
.KMY KMyMoney Data File Free KMY Apps
.KMZ Google Earth Placemark File Free KMZ Apps
.KNE Kinar Applications Free KNE Apps
.KNO DigIN Serialized Break Model Free KNO Apps
.KNT KeyNote Note File Free KNT Apps
.KO Linux Kernel Module File Free KO Apps
.KODAK Kodak Photo CD File Free KODAK Apps
.KODE KodeFile Encrypted File Free KODE Apps
.KODU Kodu Game File Free KODU Apps
.KON Yahoo! Widget XML File Free KON Apps
.KOOB Koob E-Book File Free KOOB Apps
.KOR Windows Korean Noise-Words List File Free KOR Apps
.KOZ Bell Music File Free KOZ Apps
.KOZ Audiokoz Music File Free KOZ Apps
.KPF Kindle Create Publishable File Free KPF Apps
.KPF Komodo Project File Free KPF Apps
.KPG Kai's Power Goo Graphic Free KPG Apps
.KPL Kids Programming Language File Free KPL Apps
.KPL Kazaa Playlist File Free KPL Apps
.KPP Kid Pix Presentation Free KPP Apps
.KPR KPresenter Presentation Free KPR Apps
.KPS Keyman Developer Package Source File Free KPS Apps
.KPX Kid Pix Picture Free KPX Apps
.KPZ Komodo Template File Free KPZ Apps
.KRA Krita Image Document Free KRA Apps
.KRAB GandCrab V4 Ransomware Encrypted File Free KRAB Apps
.KRC Mouse and Key Recorder Macro File Free KRC Apps
.KRZ Kurzweil K2000 File Free KRZ Apps
.KS Kickstart File Free KS Apps
.KS Keystore File Free KS Apps
.KSC Korg Trinity/Triton Script File Free KSC Apps
.KSD Native Instruments Massive Sound File Free KSD Apps
.KSD KeepSafe File Free KSD Apps
.KSF Korg Trinity/Triton Sample File Free KSF Apps
.KSF KMPlayer Skin File Free KSF Apps
.KSH Unix Korn Shell Script Free KSH Apps
.KSM Ken Silverman Music File Free KSM Apps
.KSM Pfaff Embroidery Design File Free KSM Apps
.KSP KDE KOffice Office Suite - Kspread Free KSP Apps
.KT Kotlin Source Code File Free KT Apps
.KT2 Battery 2 Drum Kit File Free KT2 Apps
.KT3 Battery 3 Drum Kit File Free KT3 Apps
.KTH Keynote Theme Free KTH Apps
.KTN KTooN Animation Project File Free KTN Apps
.KTP Kinetic Project Template Free KTP Apps
.KTX OpenGL Textures (KTX) Free KTX Apps
.KTZ Kahootz Project File Free KTZ Apps
.KUIP Kingsoft Office Personalization File Free KUIP Apps
.KV Kivy Language File Free KV Apps
.KV6 Ken's Voxlap 6 Model File Free KV6 Apps
.KVK Keyman On-Screen Keyboard File Free KVK Apps
.KVTML KWordQuiz File Free KVTML Apps
.KWD KWord Document Free KWD Apps
.KWM WebMoney Key File Free KWM Apps
.KWREPLAY Command & Conquer 3 Replay File Free KWREPLAY Apps
.KX KiXtart Tokenized Script File Free KX Apps
.KXX Keyman Developer Encrypted Keyboard File Free KXX Apps
.KYB Keyboard Layout Free KYB Apps
.KYR Lotus Domino Key Ring File Free KYR Apps
.KYS Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File Free KYS Apps
.KZ KuaiZip Compressed File Free KZ Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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