File Formtas Starts with Letter T

List of all File Formats begins with letter T from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.T Turing Source Code File Free T Apps
.T$M AVG Internet Security Temporary File Free T$M Apps
.T01 TaxCut 2001 File Free T01 Apps
.T02 TaxCut 2002 File Free T02 Apps
.T03 TaxCut 2003 File Free T03 Apps
.T04 TaxCut 2004 File Free T04 Apps
.T05 TaxCut 2005 Tax Return Free T05 Apps
.T06 TaxCut 2006 Tax Return Free T06 Apps
.T07 TaxCut 2007 Tax Return Free T07 Apps
.T08 TaxCut 2008 Tax Return Free T08 Apps
.T09 At Home 2009 Tax Return Free T09 Apps
.T10 At Home 2010 Tax Return Free T10 Apps
.T11 At Home 2011 Tax Return Free T11 Apps
.T12 At Home 2012 Tax Return Free T12 Apps
.T13 H&R Block 2013 Tax Return Free T13 Apps
.T14 H&R Block 2014 Tax Return Free T14 Apps
.T15 H&R Block 2015 Tax Return Free T15 Apps
.T2 Textease 2000 File Free T2 Apps
.T2B CyBook Thumbnail Image Free T2B Apps
.T2C TCP/Com Configuration File Free T2C Apps
.T2D TouchDraw Document Free T2D Apps
.T2K Teach2000 Document Free T2K Apps
.T2K Canfield Image File Free T2K Apps
.T2KS Teach2000 Exam Results File Free T2KS Apps
.T2KT Teach2000 Exam File Free T2KT Apps
.T3001 TARGET 3001! Circuit Design Project File Free T3001 Apps
.T3D TicTacTi Advertisement Definition File Free T3D Apps
.T3D Swift 3D Document Free T3D Apps
.T3D Unreal Engine 3D Object File Free T3D Apps
.T3X TYPO3 Compressed Extension Free T3X Apps
.T64 Commodore 64 Tape Image File Free T64 Apps
.T65 PageMaker Template File Free T65 Apps
.TA Sony Firmware File Free TA Apps
.TA4 TaxAct 2014 Tax Return File Free TA4 Apps
.TA5 TaxAct 2015 Tax Return File Free TA5 Apps
.TA6 TaxAct 2016 Tax Return File Free TA6 Apps
.TA7 TaxAct 2017 Tax Return File Free TA7 Apps
.TA8 TaxAct 2018 Tax Return File Free TA8 Apps
.TA9 TaxAct 2019 Tax Return File Free TA9 Apps
.TAAC Sun TAAC Image File Free TAAC Apps
.TAB Typinator Set File Free TAB Apps
.TAB MapInfo TAB File Free TAB Apps
.TAB Tab Separated Data File Free TAB Apps
.TAB Guitar Tablature File Free TAB Apps
.TAC ActiCalc Data File Free TAC Apps
.TAF ADRIFT Text Adventure File Free TAF Apps
.TAG DataFlex Data File Free TAG Apps
.TAK Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File Free TAK Apps
.TAK TAK 2000 Thermal Model File Free TAK Apps
.TAK Music Maker Take File Free TAK Apps
.TAO Track at Once CD/DVD Image Free TAO Apps
.TAP Tap Tap Revenge Tap File Free TAP Apps
.TAP Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image Free TAP Apps
.TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive Free TAR Apps
.TAR.BZ2 Compressed Tarball File Free TAR.BZ2 Apps
.TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File Free TAR.GZ Apps
.TAR.GZ2 Misnamed BZ2 Tarball Free TAR.GZ2 Apps
.TAR.LZ Lzip Compressed Tarball Free TAR.LZ Apps
.TAR.LZMA LZMA Compressed Tarball Free TAR.LZMA Apps
.TAR.MD5 Android System File Free TAR.MD5 Apps
.TAR.XZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive Free TAR.XZ Apps
.TAR.Z Zipped Tarball File Free TAR.Z Apps
.TARDIST TAR Distribution Archive Free TARDIST Apps
.TARGA Targa Graphic Free TARGA Apps
.TARGETS MSBuild Targets File Free TARGETS Apps
.TAX TurboTax Tax Return Free TAX Apps
.TAX08 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File Free TAX08 Apps
.TAX09 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File Free TAX09 Apps
.TAX10 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File Free TAX10 Apps
.TAX11 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File Free TAX11 Apps
.TAX12 TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File Free TAX12 Apps
.TAX13 TurboTax 2013 Tax Return File Free TAX13 Apps
.TAX15 TurboTax 2015 Tax Return File Free TAX15 Apps
.TAX16 TurboTax 2016 Tax Return File Free TAX16 Apps
.TAX17 TurboTax 2017 Tax Return File Free TAX17 Apps
.TAX2008 TurboTax 2008 Tax Return Free TAX2008 Apps
.TAX2009 TurboTax 2009 Tax Return Free TAX2009 Apps
.TAX2010 TurboTax 2010 Tax Return Free TAX2010 Apps
.TAX2011 TurboTax 2011 Tax Return Free TAX2011 Apps
.TAX2013 TurboTax 2013 Tax Return Free TAX2013 Apps
.TAX2014 TurboTax 2014 Tax Return Free TAX2014 Apps
.TAX2015 TurboTax 2015 Tax Return Free TAX2015 Apps
.TAX2016 TurboTax 2016 Tax Return Free TAX2016 Apps
.TAX2017 TurboTax 2017 Tax Return Free TAX2017 Apps
.TAX2018 TurboTax 2018 Tax Return Free TAX2018 Apps
.TAX2019 TurboTax 2019 Tax Return Free TAX2019 Apps
.TAZ Tar Zipped File Free TAZ Apps
.TB Tabbery Tab File Free TB Apps
.TB0 Adobe Photoshop Thumbnail Cache File Free TB0 Apps
.TBD Apple Xcode Text-based Definition File Free TBD Apps
.TBD Visual Studio Toolbox Data File Free TBD Apps
.TBK ToolBook File Free TBK Apps
.TBK FoxPro Memo Backup Free TBK Apps
.TBL StarCraft Information Table Free TBL Apps
.TBM Toribash Mod File Free TBM Apps
.TBN Kodi Thumbnail Image Free TBN Apps
.TBP Tekla BIMsight Project Free TBP Apps
.TBP Autodesk Topobase File Free TBP Apps
.TBS TuneUp Utilities Boot Screen Free TBS Apps
.TBX ArcGIS for Desktop Toolbox File Free TBX Apps
.TBX TermBase eXchange File Free TBX Apps
.TBZ Bzip Compressed Tar Archive Free TBZ Apps
.TBZ2 Tar BZip 2 Compressed File Free TBZ2 Apps
.TC Tellico Collection File Free TC Apps
.TC TrueCrypt Volume Free TC Apps
.TC2 TurboCAD 2D Mac Drawing Free TC2 Apps
.TC3 TurboCAD 2D/3D Mac Drawing Free TC3 Apps
.TCAP 3rd Generation Partnership Project - Transaction Capabilities Application Part Free TCAP Apps
.TCC C++ Source Code File Free TCC Apps
.TCC TimeCalc Classic Data File Free TCC Apps
.TCCFGEXTENDER TestComplete Project Suite Settings File Free TCCFGEXTENDER Apps
.TCD TurboCAD Mac Deluxe Drawing Free TCD Apps
.TCD Technobox CAD Drawing Free TCD Apps
.TCL Tcl Script Free TCL Apps
.TCLOGS TestComplete Log Configuration File Free TCLOGS Apps
.TCLS TestComplete Configuration File Free TCLS Apps
.TCM TurboCAD Mac Drawing Free TCM Apps
.TCN Techne Model File Free TCN Apps
.TCNET TestComplete Configuration Reference File Free TCNET Apps
.TCP Tally Compiled Program File Free TCP Apps
.TCP TurboCAD Mac Pro Drawing Free TCP Apps
.TCR Psion Series 3 eBook File Free TCR Apps
.TCR TouchMagix Creative Suite Published File Free TCR Apps
.TCT TurboCAD Drawing Template Free TCT Apps
.TCW TurboCAD Drawing File Free TCW Apps
.TCX Training Center XML File Free TCX Apps
.TCX TurboCAD 3D Model Text File Free TCX Apps
.TCX TestComplete Script Extension Package Free TCX Apps
.TCZ Tiny Core File Free TCZ Apps
.TD Thunder Incomplete Download File Free TD Apps
.TD Target Definition File Free TD Apps
.TD0 Teledisk Archive Free TD0 Apps
.TD0 Akai Teledisk Sound Library Free TD0 Apps
.TD4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track File Free TD4 Apps
.TD6 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Design File Free TD6 Apps
.TDA Palm To-Do File Free TDA Apps
.TDA Java Application Thread Dump Free TDA Apps
.TDA3MT DivX Author Template File Free TDA3MT Apps
.TDB Transcendence Game Data File Free TDB Apps
.TDB eBay Turbo Lister Backup File Free TDB Apps
.TDB Android Thumbnail Cache Free TDB Apps
.TDDD 3D Data Description File Free TDDD Apps
.TDE Tableau Data Extract File Free TDE Apps
.TDF Guide Text Definition File Free TDF Apps
.TDF Title Definition Format File Free TDF Apps
.TDF Xserve Test Definition File Free TDF Apps
.TDL MathType Translator Definition Language Free TDL Apps
.TDL Tab Delineated Format File Free TDL Apps
.TDL ToDoList Tasklist File Free TDL Apps
.TDM LabVIEW Binary Measurement File Free TDM Apps
.TDMS Technical Data Management Streaming File Free TDMS Apps
.TDS Turbo Debugger Symbols File Free TDS Apps
.TDS Adobe LiveCyle Designer Template Free TDS Apps
.TDT AVCHD Thumbnail File Free TDT Apps
.TDT Sim Tower Game File Free TDT Apps
.TDT FirstBreak Concrete Test File Free TDT Apps
.TDT THOR Data Tree File Free TDT Apps
.TDX D-TEG CCTV Video Information File Free TDX Apps
.TDZ Drobo Firmware File Free TDZ Apps
.TE Textease CT Database File Free TE Apps
.TE3 WinTrack Object File Free TE3 Apps
.TEACHER SMART Response Teacher Database File Free TEACHER Apps
.TEC TECkit Compiled Mapping File Free TEC Apps
.TED TouchMagix Editable Document Template Free TED Apps
.TED Alamo Map File Free TED Apps
.TED Tribes 2 Game Data File Free TED Apps
.TEE TeeChart Template Free TEE Apps
.TEF TablEdit Tablature Free TEF Apps
.TEI Text Encoding and Interchange Free TEI Apps
.TEMP Temporary (Temp) File Free TEMP Apps
.TEMPLATE Apple Pages Template Free TEMPLATE Apps
.TEMX Cemetery Registry Database File Free TEMX Apps
.TER Terragen Terrain File Free TER Apps
.TERMINAL Terminal Settings File Free TERMINAL Apps
.TERRN Rigs of Rods Terrain File Free TERRN Apps
.TERRN2 Rigs of Rods Terrain 2 File Free TERRN2 Apps
.TESTRUNCONFIG Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File Free TESTRUNCONFIG Apps
.TESTSETTINGS Visual Studio Test Settings File Free TESTSETTINGS Apps
.TET Textease CT Template Free TET Apps
.TEX LaTeX Source Document Free TEX Apps
.TEX.EMZ Street Fighter IV Texture File Free TEX.EMZ Apps
.TEX Texture File Free TEX Apps
.TEX0 Wii Texture File Free TEX0 Apps
.TEXINFO GNU Texinfo Document Free TEXINFO Apps
.TEXT Plain Text File Free TEXT Apps
.TEXTEXPANDER TextExpander Settings File Free TEXTEXPANDER Apps
.TEXTURE Diesel Engine Game Texture File Free TEXTURE Apps
.TFA TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File Free TFA Apps
.TFC Unreal Engine 3 Texture File Cache Free TFC Apps
.TFD Tape Format Requirements Document Free TFD Apps
.TFI Sharing Transaction Fraud Data Free TFI Apps
.TFIL Blizzard Software Update File Free TFIL Apps
.TFM TeX Font Metric File Free TFM Apps
.TFMX Final Music System Tracker Module Free TFMX Apps
.TFR TIE Fighter Pilot File Free TFR Apps
.TFRD Tape Image Format Requirements Document Free TFRD Apps
.TFW World File for TIFF Free TFW Apps
.TFX Pro Tools Eleven Rack Plugin Preset File Free TFX Apps
.TG TuxGuitar Document Free TG Apps
.TG Gzip Compressed Tar Archive Free TG Apps
.TG4 Tiled Group 4 Raster Image File Free TG4 Apps
.TGA Targa Graphic Free TGA Apps
.TGC Terragen Node Clip File Free TGC Apps
.TGD Terragen Project File Free TGD Apps
.TGF Trivial Graph Format File Free TGF Apps
.TGO Terragen Object File Free TGO Apps
.TGP Terragen Plugin Free TGP Apps
.TGW Terragen World File Free TGW Apps
.TGZ Gzipped Tar File Free TGZ Apps
.TH Therion Data File Free TH Apps
.THA Windows Thai Noise-Words List File Free THA Apps
.THE Microsoft Plus! Theme File Free THE Apps
.THEATER iMovie Theater File Free THEATER Apps
.THEME GTK Theme Index File Free THEME Apps
.THEME Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme Free THEME Apps
.THEME Comodo Theme File Free THEME Apps
.THEMEPACK Windows 7 Theme Pack Free THEMEPACK Apps
.THING MakerBot Thing File Free THING Apps
.THL Total 3D Home Design File Free THL Apps
.THM Sony Ericsson Theme File Free THM Apps
.THM Thermwood Macro File Free THM Apps
.THM Thumbnail Image File Free THM Apps
.THM Video Thumbnail File Free THM Apps
.THMX Office 2007 Theme File Free THMX Apps
.THP TurboTax Text String Free THP Apps
.THP Wii/GameCube Video File Free THP Apps
.THUMB JAlbum Thumbnail File Free THUMB Apps
.THUMBDATA3-1763508120 Thumbnail Index File Free THUMBDATA3-1763508120 Apps
.THUMBDATA3-1967290299 Thumbnail Index File Free THUMBDATA3-1967290299 Apps
.THUMBDATA4-1763508120 Thumbnail Index File Free THUMBDATA4-1763508120 Apps
.THUMBDATA4-1967290299 Thumbnail Index File Free THUMBDATA4-1967290299 Apps
.THUMBNAILS Android Thumbnails Folder Free THUMBNAILS Apps
.THX Amiga THX Tracker Music File Free THX Apps
.TIAPP TiTanium App Free TIAPP Apps
.TIB Acronis True Image File Free TIB Apps
.TIBKP Titanium Backup File Free TIBKP Apps
.TIC TIC-80 Game Cartridge File Free TIC Apps
.TID AVCHD Thumbnail File Free TID Apps
.TIE CrossTie Installer File Free TIE Apps
.TIF Tagged Image File Free TIF Apps
.TIF GeoTIFF Image Free TIF Apps
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format Free TIFF Apps
.TIG TI Connect Backup File Free TIG Apps
.TIGER Tomb Raider Game Data Archive Free TIGER Apps
.TIL CTGP Revolution Texture Archive Free TIL Apps
.TIM Vixen Timed Sequence File Free TIM Apps
.TIM The Incredible Machine Level Free TIM Apps
.TIMELINE Timeline Data File Free TIMELINE Apps
.TIMER Systemd Unit Configuration File Free TIMER Apps
.TIMESTAMP Geodatabase Timestamp File Free TIMESTAMP Apps
.TIP TuneUp Utilities Icon Package Free TIP Apps
.TIPROGRAM TI-Basic Program File Free TIPROGRAM Apps
.TIS True Image Script Free TIS Apps
.TIVO TiVo Video File Free TIVO Apps
.TIX DivX Video Download Activation File Free TIX Apps
.TJA Taikojiro Song Map File Free TJA Apps
.TJC Taikojiro Song Map Sequence File Free TJC Apps
.TJP TaskJuggler Project File Free TJP Apps
.TJP Tiled JPEG File Free TJP Apps
.TK Tk Script Free TK Apps
.TK3 TK3 Multimedia eBook Free TK3 Apps
.TKFL TKLinks Saver Favorite Links File Free TKFL Apps
.TKO Win32/Oficla Trojan File Free TKO Apps
.TKO AMX Software Module File Free TKO Apps
.TKR Tinker Custom Level File Free TKR Apps
.TL5 Timeliner 5 File Free TL5 Apps
.TLA TuneUp Utilities Startup Logo Free TLA Apps
.TLB VAX Text Library Free TLB Apps
.TLB OLE Type Library Free TLB Apps
.TLC The Logo Creator File Free TLC Apps
.TLD Tag Library Descriptor File Free TLD Apps
.TLG QuickBooks Transaction Log File Free TLG Apps
.TLH Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File Free TLH Apps
.TLI Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File Free TLI Apps
.TLINE TimelineOnline Data File Free TLINE Apps
.TLK BioWare Aurora Engine Talk Table File Free TLK Apps
.TLL LG TV Link-Loader File Free TLL Apps
.TLO SPSS TableLooks File Free TLO Apps
.TLP Tulip Software Graph Format File Free TLP Apps
.TLS TuneUp Utilities Logon Screen Free TLS Apps
.TLX Standard Dictionary File Free TLX Apps
.TLZ Tar LZMA Compressed File Free TLZ Apps
.TLZMA LZMA Compressed Tar Archive Free TLZMA Apps
.TM TeXmacs Document Free TM Apps
.TM2 Theta Music Composer 2.x Audio File Free TM2 Apps
.TM2 PlayStation 2 Graphic Free TM2 Apps
.TM8 Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File Free TM8 Apps
.TMB Timbuktu Pro Connection Document Free TMB Apps
.TMBUNDLE TextMate Bundle File Free TMBUNDLE Apps
.TMC Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File Free TMC Apps
.TMD TextMaker Document Free TMD Apps
.TMD MySQL Temporary Database File Free TMD Apps
.TMD Nintendo Title Metadata File Free TMD Apps
.TMD PlayStation Game Model File Free TMD Apps
.TMDX TextMaker Document Free TMDX Apps
.TME Bryce Time File Free TME Apps
.TMLANGUAGE TextMate Language Grammar File Free TMLANGUAGE Apps
.TMO 3DCG Animation and Pose File Free TMO Apps
.TMOD Terraria Mod File Free TMOD Apps
.TMP Temporary File Free TMP Apps
.TMP Finale Temporary File Free TMP Apps
.TMPL BlueJ Default Template Free TMPL Apps
.TMPL Xfire User Interface Template Free TMPL Apps
.TMPROJ TextMate Project File Free TMPROJ Apps
.TMPROJECT TextMate Project Free TMPROJECT Apps
.TMR Apimac Timer Document Free TMR Apps
.TMR Free Countdown Timer Backup File Free TMR Apps
.TMS Telemate Script Free TMS Apps
.TMTHEME TextMate Theme File Free TMTHEME Apps
.TMV TextMaker Template Free TMV Apps
.TMV TimeMap Visual Free TMV Apps
.TMVT TimeMap Template Free TMVT Apps
.TMVX TextMaker Document Template Free TMVX Apps
.TMW Translation Memory Data File Free TMW Apps
.TMX Translation Memory Exchange File Free TMX Apps
.TMZIP Theme Manager Zip File Free TMZIP Apps
.TN LG Phone Image Free TN Apps
.TN1 Tiny Low Resolution Image Free TN1 Apps
.TN2 Tiny Medium Resolution Image Free TN2 Apps
.TN3 Tiny High Resolution Image Free TN3 Apps
.TNE Manga Studio Tone File Free TNE Apps
.TNEF Transport Neutral Encapsulation Format Free TNEF Apps
.TNS TI-Nspire Document Free TNS Apps
.TNSP TI-Nspire PublishView Document Free TNSP Apps
.TNY Atari Tiny Image Free TNY Apps
.TOAST Toast Disc Image Free TOAST Apps
.TOC Eudora Table of Contents Free TOC Apps
.TOC World of Warcraft Add-on Table of Contents File Free TOC Apps
.TOC Brasero Table of Contents File Free TOC Apps
.TOC PSP Audio File Free TOC Apps
.TOD JVC Everio Video Capture File Free TOD Apps
.TOL AOL Tool File Free TOL Apps
.TOML TOML Configuration File Free TOML Apps
.TOP Gromacs Topology File Free TOP Apps
.TOP TopSolid Design Document Free TOP Apps
.TOPC TopicCrunch Project File Free TOPC Apps
.TOPPRJ TopSolid Project File Free TOPPRJ Apps
.TOPVIW TopSolid'Viewer Document Free TOPVIW Apps
.TOR Star Wars: The Old Republic Asset File Free TOR Apps
.TORRENT BitTorrent File Free TORRENT Apps
.TOTALSBACKUP Totals Database Backup File Free TOTALSBACKUP Apps
.TOTALSDB Totals Database File Free TOTALSDB Apps
.TOTALSLAYOUT Totals Invoice Layout File Free TOTALSLAYOUT Apps
.TOTALSSYNCDB Totals Synchronized Database File Free TOTALSSYNCDB Apps
.TP Beyond TV Transport Stream File Free TP Apps
.TP0 Mascom PVR Video File Free TP0 Apps
.TP3 Harvard Graphics DOS Template File Free TP3 Apps
.TP4 RollerCoaster Tycoon Track Picture File Free TP4 Apps
.TPARK ThemePark Project File Free TPARK Apps
.TPB GROMACS Binary Input File Free TPB Apps
.TPC Topic Connection Placeholder Free TPC Apps
.TPD TreePad 7 Database File Free TPD Apps
.TPD Cyberlink TOD Video File Free TPD Apps
.TPF TexMod Package File Free TPF Apps
.TPF SPSS Text Wizard Document Free TPF Apps
.TPF Transit NXT Pack Translation File Free TPF Apps
.TPI TrueVision Bitmap Image Free TPI Apps
.TPI EDIUS Plugin File Free TPI Apps
.TPK Gear Watchface Design Build File Free TPK Apps
.TPKEY TexturePacker License Key File Free TPKEY Apps
.TPL Document Template Free TPL Apps
.TPL Canvas Template Free TPL Apps
.TPL Wii Image File Free TPL Apps
.TPL Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets File Free TPL Apps
.TPL TatukGIS Editor Print Template File Free TPL Apps
.TPL Phorum Template Free TPL Apps
.TPM Transformation Parameters Model File Free TPM Apps
.TPM Trusted Platform Module Password File Free TPM Apps
.TPR TMPGEnc Project File Free TPR Apps
.TPS Multi Channel Measurement File Free TPS Apps
.TPS TexturePacker Sprite Sheet File Free TPS Apps
.TPS Clarion TopSpeed Data File Free TPS Apps
.TPS Bryce Tree Shape File Free TPS Apps
.TPT TRI Systems Config Free TPT Apps
.TPU Turbo Pascal Unit Free TPU Apps
.TPX Turbo Pascal 7 Unit Free TPX Apps
.TPX DeLorme Topo Project File Free TPX Apps
.TPZ Kindle Topaz eBook File Free TPZ Apps
.TPZ Godot Engine Export Template Archive Free TPZ Apps
.TQS Trivia Quiz Shell Program File Free TQS Apps
.TR TomeRaider 2 eBook File Free TR Apps
.TR3 TomeRaider eBook File Free TR3 Apps
.TRA WinTrack Railroad Track File Free TRA Apps
.TRACE VMware ThinApp Trace Log File Free TRACE Apps
.TRAK Traktor Content Pack File Free TRAK Apps
.TRASHES macOS USB Flash Drive Trash Folder Free TRASHES Apps
.TRAY Corel CONNECT Tray File Free TRAY Apps
.TRC SQL Server Trace File Free TRC Apps
.TRC Oracle Trace File Free TRC Apps
.TRD TrID Definitions Package Free TRD Apps
.TREC TechSmith Recording File Free TREC Apps
.TRELBY Trelby File Free TRELBY Apps
.TRES Godot Engine Text Resource File Free TRES Apps
.TRF Smaart Transfer Function File Free TRF Apps
.TRF TorrentRover File Free TRF Apps
.TRI FaceGen Polygonal Model File Free TRI Apps
.TRI Triangle Mesh File Free TRI Apps
.TRIF Tiled Raster Interchange Format Free TRIF Apps
.TRIM.3DS Trimmed 3DS ROM Free TRIM.3DS Apps
.TRIM.CIA Trimmed CTR Importable Archive Free TRIM.CIA Apps
.TRK CompeGPS Land Track File Free TRK Apps
.TRK Pacific Fighters Offline Track File Free TRK Apps
.TRK Finale Track Mapping File Free TRK Apps
.TRK Garmin Track File Free TRK Apps
.TRM FTR Media File Free TRM Apps
.TRM Oracle Trace Map File Free TRM Apps
.TRN SQL Server Transaction Log Backup File Free TRN Apps
.TRP HD Video Transport Stream Free TRP Apps
.TRS Rosetta Stone Language Data File Free TRS Apps
.TRS Linear Saw Component Information Archive Free TRS Apps
.TRS WinTrack Railroad Track Text File Free TRS Apps
.TRUCK Rigs of Rods Truck Definition File Free TRUCK Apps
.TRX Firmware Image File Free TRX Apps
.TRX_DLL Windows Startup File Free TRX_DLL Apps
.TRX PASSOLO Translation List File Free TRX Apps
.TRX Visual Studio Test Results File Free TRX Apps
.TRX WebAuthorize Batch File Free TRX Apps
.TS Qt Translation Source File Free TS Apps
.TS TypeScript File Free TS Apps
.TS Video Transport Stream File Free TS Apps
.TS1 VirtualBus Texture Description File Free TS1 Apps
.TS4SCRIPT The Sims 4 Script Archive Free TS4SCRIPT Apps
.TSC Cave Story Script Free TSC Apps
.TSC TINA Design File Free TSC Apps
.TSCDF TechSmith Camtasia Device Frame File Free TSCDF Apps
.TSCN Godot Engine Text Scene File Free TSCN Apps
.TSCPROJ TechSmith Camtasia Project File Free TSCPROJ Apps
.TSD Time Stamped Data Envelope Free TSD Apps
.TSF Strater Template File Free TSF Apps
.TSI Traktor Settings File Free TSI Apps
.TSK TTPod Skin Free TSK Apps
.TSK Pocket PC Skin Free TSK Apps
.TSK Top Silkscreen File Free TSK Apps
.TSL Tracker Status Log Free TSL Apps
.TSM TwinCAT System Manager Configuration File Free TSM Apps
.TSP TrueSpeech Audio File Free TSP Apps
.TSP Keithley Instruments TSP Script Free TSP Apps
.TSP Digital TV DVR Recording Free TSP Apps
.TSR TIFF Simple Rare File Free TSR Apps
.TSR Tracker Status Report Free TSR Apps
.TST TagScanner Text Transform Script Free TST Apps
.TST TestPoint Test File Free TST Apps
.TSTREAM SwarmPlayer Streaming Torrent Free TSTREAM Apps
.TSV Tab Separated Values File Free TSV Apps
.TSV Digital Receiver Video Recording File Free TSV Apps
.TSZ Trillian Skin File Free TSZ Apps
.TT Visual Studio Text Template Free TT Apps
.TT10 TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return Free TT10 Apps
.TT11 TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return Free TT11 Apps
.TT12 TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return Free TT12 Apps
.TT13 TurboTax Canada 2013 Tax Return Free TT13 Apps
.TT14 TurboTax Canada 2014 Tax Return Free TT14 Apps
.TT15 TurboTax Canada 2015 Tax Return Free TT15 Apps
.TT16 TurboTax Canada 2016 Tax Return Free TT16 Apps
.TT17 TurboTax Canada 2017 Tax Return Free TT17 Apps
.TT18 TurboTax Canada 2018 Tax Return Free TT18 Apps
.TT2012STATE TurboTax 2012 State Tax Form Free TT2012STATE Apps
.TT2013STATE TurboTax 2013 State Tax Form Free TT2013STATE Apps
.TT2014STATE TurboTax 2014 State Tax Form Free TT2014STATE Apps
.TT2015STATE TurboTax 2015 State Tax Form Free TT2015STATE Apps
.TT2016STATE TurboTax 2016 State Tax Form Free TT2016STATE Apps
.TT2017STATE TurboTax 2017 State Tax Form Free TT2017STATE Apps
.TTA True Audio File Free TTA Apps
.TTARCH Telltale Games Archive Free TTARCH Apps
.TTBK Canadian TurboTax 2010 Backup File Free TTBK Apps
.TTC TrueType Font Collection Free TTC Apps
.TTD Tinytag Explorer Data File Free TTD Apps
.TTE Private Character Editor File Free TTE Apps
.TTF TrueType Font Free TTF Apps
.TTK Catalyst Translation Toolkit Free TTK Apps
.TTKGP TatukGIS Project File Free TTKGP Apps
.TTL AGT Game Title File Free TTL Apps
.TTM Tower Toppler Mission File Free TTM Apps
.TTMD Trail Tracker Trail Map Free TTMD Apps
.TTS ToolBook Translation System File Free TTS Apps
.TTSKEY Tech Tool Store License File Free TTSKEY Apps
.TTX Trados TagEditor File Free TTX Apps
.TTXT MPEG-4 Timed Text Subtitles File Free TTXT Apps
.TU Turing Source File Free TU Apps
.TUB PaintShop Pro Picture Tube Free TUB Apps
.TUN LEGO Racers Audio File Free TUN Apps
.TUR Turing Program Source File Free TUR Apps
.TUT Children of the Nile Tutorial File Free TUT Apps
.TVC TeamViewer Configuration File Free TVC Apps
.TVC Turbo View & Convert Batch Presets File Free TVC Apps
.TVDOWNLOAD TeamViewer Download File Free TVDOWNLOAD Apps
.TVJ TrueView Job Ticket Free TVJ Apps
.TVL TurboTax File Free TVL Apps
.TVLAYER mimoLive TV Layer Free TVLAYER Apps
.TVM TV3D Model Free TVM Apps
.TVPI TitanTV Television Listing File Free TVPI Apps
.TVS TeamViewer Video Session File Free TVS Apps
.TVSHOW mimoLive Show Free TVSHOW Apps
.TVTEMPLATE mimoLive Template Free TVTEMPLATE Apps
.TVVI TitanTV Television Listing File Free TVVI Apps
.TW3 TCPWedge Configuration File Free TW3 Apps
.TWB Tableau Workbook File Free TWB Apps
.TWBX Tableau Packaged Workbook Free TWBX Apps
.TWC TTWin Configuration File Free TWC Apps
.TWD SimTech MindMapper Free TWD Apps
.TWH Task Wheel Project File Free TWH Apps
.TWIG Twig Template Free TWIG Apps
.TWM theWord Module Free TWM Apps
.TWT Carmageddon 2 Data File Free TWT Apps
.TWZ theWord Compressed Archive Module Free TWZ Apps
.TWZIP theWord Compressed Archive Module Free TWZIP Apps
.TX_ Compressed Text File Free TX_ Apps
.TXA Midas ViewPoint Text Array List Free TXA Apps
.TXD Game Texture Dictionary Free TXD Apps
.TXF Tax Exchange Format Free TXF Apps
.TXF Celestia Font Texture File Free TXF Apps
.TXF Transit XV Pack Translation File Free TXF Apps
.TXN MySpaceIM Conversation Log File Free TXN Apps
.TXT Plain Text File Free TXT Apps
.TXTRPT CommScope Teletilt Control System Report Free TXTRPT Apps
.TXW Yamaha TX16W Audio File Free TXW Apps
.TXZ XZ Compressed Tar Archive Free TXZ Apps
.TYIMPORT Typinator Set Import File Free TYIMPORT Apps
.TYPEIT4ME TypeIt4Me Clippings File Free TYPEIT4ME Apps
.TYSET Typinator Set File Free TYSET Apps
.TZ Zipped Tar Archive Free TZ Apps
.TZARC Trainz Archive Free TZARC Apps
.TZST Zstandard Compressed Tar File Free TZST Apps
.TZX ZX Spectrum Tape Image File Free TZX Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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