File Formtas Starts with Letter W

List of all File Formats begins with letter W from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.W Google Toolbar Search History File Free W Apps
.W OpenEdge Architect Source Code File Free W Apps
.W01 Yamaha SY Series Wave File Free W01 Apps
.W02 Split Archive File Free W02 Apps
.W32 Win32 Makefile Free W32 Apps
.W32 WinCAPs Subtitle File Free W32 Apps
.W3D Adobe Shockwave 3D File Free W3D Apps
.W3G Warcraft 3 Replay File Free W3G Apps
.W3M Warcraft 3 Map File Free W3M Apps
.W3N Warcraft 3 Expansion Campaign Map File Free W3N Apps
.W3X Warcraft 3 Expansion Map FIle Free W3X Apps
.W3Z Warcraft 3 Saved Game File Free W3Z Apps
.W64 Sony Wave64 Audio File Free W64 Apps
.WA Windows Addon Archive Free WA Apps
.WA2 Wonderland Adventures Custom Adventure File Free WA2 Apps
.WAB Windows Address Book Free WAB Apps
.WAC Inkling Sketch XML File Free WAC Apps
.WAD Nintendo Wii Game Data File Free WAD Apps
.WAD Doom WAD File Free WAD Apps
.WAFF Internet Explorer for Mac Web Archive Free WAFF Apps
.WAGAME Worms Armageddon Game Recording Free WAGAME Apps
.WAL Winamp Modern Skin Free WAL Apps
.WAL Quake 2 Texture File Free WAL Apps
.WALLET Wallet Ransomware Free WALLET Apps
.WALLET MultiDoge Wallet File Free WALLET Apps
.WALLET MultiBit Wallet File Free WALLET Apps
.WALLETX Enpass Data File Free WALLETX Apps
.WAM Worms Armageddon Mission File Free WAM Apps
.WAND GarageBand Magic Template Free WAND Apps
.WAPPROJ Windows Application Packaging Project File Free WAPPROJ Apps
.WAR Java Web Archive Free WAR Apps
.WARC Web Archive Free WARC Apps
.WASM WebAssembly Binary File Free WASM Apps
.WASTICKERS Sticker Maker Sticker Pack File Free WASTICKERS Apps
.WAV WAVE Audio File Free WAV Apps
.WAV DTS-WAV File Free WAV Apps
.WAVE WAVE Sound File Free WAVE Apps
.WAX Windows Media Audio Redirect Free WAX Apps
.WB0 Webshots Picture File Free WB0 Apps
.WB1 Corel Quattro Pro File Free WB1 Apps
.WB1 Webshots Picture File Free WB1 Apps
.WB2 Webshots Picture File Free WB2 Apps
.WB2 Corel Quattro Pro File Free WB2 Apps
.WB3 Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File Free WB3 Apps
.WBA WindowBlinds Compressed Skin Free WBA Apps
.WBB WinBackup Archive Free WBB Apps
.WBC Webshots Collection File Free WBC Apps
.WBCAT Windows Backup Catalog File Free WBCAT Apps
.WBD Webshots Picture File Free WBD Apps
.WBFS Wii Backup File System File Free WBFS Apps
.WBI Compact ISO File Free WBI Apps
.WBK WordPerfect Workbook Free WBK Apps
.WBK Word Document Backup Free WBK Apps
.WBM Webmin Module Free WBM Apps
.WBM Wireless Bitmap Image Free WBM Apps
.WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image File Free WBMP Apps
.WBP Webshots Collection File Free WBP Apps
.WBS WebBlender Project File Free WBS Apps
.WBT Toribash Help File Free WBT Apps
.WBXML WAP Binary XML File Free WBXML Apps
.WBZ Webshots Download Picture File Free WBZ Apps
.WC Valve Hammer Configuration File Free WC Apps
.WC6 6th Generation Pokémon Wondercard File Free WC6 Apps
.WCAT WinCatalog Collection File Free WCAT Apps
.WCD Works Calendar File Free WCD Apps
.WCF WebEx Saved Chat Session Free WCF Apps
.WCINV Windows Meeting Space Invitation File Free WCINV Apps
.WCM Microsoft Works Communications Script Free WCM Apps
.WCM WordPerfect Macro Free WCM Apps
.WCP WinDVD Creator Project File Free WCP Apps
.WCP_SETTINGS Alpha Five Settings File Free WCP_SETTINGS Apps
.WCRY WannaCry Virus Encrypted File Free WCRY Apps
.WCX RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File Free WCX Apps
.WCZ Chameleon Clock Wallpaper File Free WCZ Apps
.WD3 Offline Explorer Data File Free WD3 Apps
.WDB Blizzard World of Warcraft Database File Free WDB Apps
.WDB Microsoft Works Database Free WDB Apps
.WDF Wiimm Disc File Free WDF Apps
.WDF Wintech Drawing File Free WDF Apps
.WDF Windows Driver Foundation File Free WDF Apps
.WDF Wonderland Adventures Media File Free WDF Apps
.WDF Workshare Compare DeltaFile Free WDF Apps
.WDF WinGenea Genealogy File Free WDF Apps
.WDGT Adobe Captivate Widget File Free WDGT Apps
.WDGT Opera Widget Free WDGT Apps
.WDGT Dashboard Widget Free WDGT Apps
.WDGTPROJ Dashcode Widget Project Free WDGTPROJ Apps
.WDL World Definition Language Script Free WDL Apps
.WDMON Wireless Diagnostics Monitor File Free WDMON Apps
.WDP Windev Project File Free WDP Apps
.WDP AutoCAD Electrical Project File Free WDP Apps
.WDP Windows Media Photo File Free WDP Apps
.WDQ Offline Explorer Queue File Free WDQ Apps
.WDSEML Thunderbird Searchable Email File Free WDSEML Apps
.WDW WinDev Window File Free WDW Apps
.WDZ WDZip Compressed Archive Free WDZ Apps
.WEA Ecotect Weather File Free WEA Apps
.WEAP Quake 3 Engine Weapon File Free WEAP Apps
.WEAVELIBRARY Painter Weave Library Free WEAVELIBRARY Apps
.WEB Xara Web Document Free WEB Apps
.WEBA Open Web Media Project - Audio Free WEBA Apps
.WEBAPP Firefox Web App Manifest File Free WEBAPP Apps
.WEBARCHIVE Safari Web Archive Free WEBARCHIVE Apps
.WEBARCHIVEXML Android Web Browser Archive Free WEBARCHIVEXML Apps
.WEBBOOKMARK Safari Web Bookmark File Free WEBBOOKMARK Apps
.WEBDOC Web Document Free WEBDOC Apps
.WEBHISTORY Safari Web History File Free WEBHISTORY Apps
.WEBLOC macOS Website Location Free WEBLOC Apps
.WEBM WebM Video File Free WEBM Apps
.WEBP WebP Image Free WEBP Apps
.WEBPNP Web Point and Print File Free WEBPNP Apps
.WEBSITE Internet Explorer Pinned Site Shortcut Free WEBSITE Apps
.WEBTEST Visual Studio Web Test File Free WEBTEST Apps
.WEBTHEME iWeb Theme Template Free WEBTHEME Apps
.WEBZ WEBZ Compressed eBook File Free WEBZ Apps
.WEM Wwise Encoded Media File Free WEM Apps
.WER Windows Error Report Free WER Apps
.WERD Werd Ransomware Encrypted File Free WERD Apps
.WFB WaveFront Sound Bank Free WFB Apps
.WFC WinFellow Configuration File Free WFC Apps
.WFC Windows Wireless Network Settings File Free WFC Apps
.WFD Wayfinder Map File Free WFD Apps
.WFD WaveFront Drum Kit File Free WFD Apps
.WFM Pro Tools Wave Cache File Free WFM Apps
.WFM Tektronix Waveform Data File Free WFM Apps
.WFM dBASE Form Free WFM Apps
.WFP WaveFront Program File Free WFP Apps
.WFP Wondershare Filmora Project File Free WFP Apps
.WFSP Wondershare Fantashow Project Free WFSP Apps
.WFT GTA 4 Car Model File Free WFT Apps
.WFW Windows Firewall Policy File Free WFW Apps
.WG Qualcomm's Plaza Mobile Internet Free WG Apps
.WGF Widelands Game File Free WGF Apps
.WGI Wildgame Innovations Video File Free WGI Apps
.WGP Web Gallery Project Free WGP Apps
.WGS Walk-Graph Segment File Free WGS Apps
.WGT IMPS Data File Free WGT Apps
.WGT Opera Widget File Free WGT Apps
.WGT XNBC Synaptic Weights File Free WGT Apps
.WGZ S60 Web Runtime Widget Package Free WGZ Apps
.WHF Wing Helper File Free WHF Apps
.WHIRLD Unity Whirld Package Free WHIRLD Apps
.WHL Python Wheel Package Free WHL Apps
.WHTT HTTrack Website Copier File Free WHTT Apps
.WI Wavelet Image Free WI Apps
.WIC J Wavelet Image Free WIC Apps
.WID Visual Studio Widget File Free WID Apps
.WID SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File Free WID Apps
.WIDGET Yahoo! Widget Free WIDGET Apps
.WIDGET Microsoft Windows Mobile Widget Free WIDGET Apps
.WIDGET HybridJava Widget Free WIDGET Apps
.WIE WordPress Widget Export File Free WIE Apps
.WIF Weaving Interchange Format File Free WIF Apps
.WII Scrambled Wii Disc Image Free WII Apps
.WIL WinImage Disk Image List Free WIL Apps
.WIM Windows Imaging Format File Free WIM Apps
.WIN GameMaker Studio Game Asset Package Free WIN Apps
.WIN FoxPro Window Settings Free WIN Apps
.WIN Windows Backup File Free WIN Apps
.WINCLONE Winclone Image Free WINCLONE Apps
.WINMD Windows Metadata File Free WINMD Apps
.WIQ Visual Studio Work Item Query File Free WIQ Apps
.WIXLIB WiX Library File Free WIXLIB Apps
.WIXMSP WiX XML Patch File Free WIXMSP Apps
.WIXMST WiX Transform File Free WIXMST Apps
.WIXOBJ WiX Object File Free WIXOBJ Apps
.WIXOUT WiX XML Output File Free WIXOUT Apps
.WIXPDB WiX Debug File Free WIXPDB Apps
.WIXPROJ WiX Project File Free WIXPROJ Apps
.WIZ Microsoft Wizard File Free WIZ Apps
.WJE WinJournal Entry Free WJE Apps
.WJF WinJournal Journal File Free WJF Apps
.WJF WinZip Job File Free WJF Apps
.WJR ReGet Deluxe Data File Free WJR Apps
.WK1 Lotus Worksheet Free WK1 Apps
.WK2 Lotus 2 Worksheet Free WK2 Apps
.WK3 Lotus 3 Worksheet Free WK3 Apps
.WK4 Lotus 4 Worksheet Free WK4 Apps
.WK5 Lotus 5 Worksheet Free WK5 Apps
.WKE Lotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Worksheet Free WKE Apps
.WKI Lotus 2 Worksheet Free WKI Apps
.WKQ Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File Free WKQ Apps
.WKS Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Free WKS Apps
.WKS Works Spreadsheet Free WKS Apps
.WKU Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Free WKU Apps
.WL1 Wolfenstein 3D Data File Free WL1 Apps
.WL6 Wolfenstein 3D Data File Free WL6 Apps
.WLB WinList Protocol Bundle Free WLB Apps
.WLD SMBX World File Free WLD Apps
.WLD Terraria World File Free WLD Apps
.WLD ESRI World File Free WLD Apps
.WLDX World Map File Free WLDX Apps
.WLL Microsoft Word Add-in Free WLL Apps
.WLMP Windows Live Movie Maker Project File Free WLMP Apps
.WLP Label Designer File Free WLP Apps
.WLS R-Link Update File Free WLS Apps
.WLU Jaff Ransomware Encrypted File Free WLU Apps
.WLVS Windows Movie Maker Video Settings File Free WLVS Apps
.WLX WinList Analysis Protocol File Free WLX Apps
.WLX MapSource Web Link File Free WLX Apps
.WLX Windows Live Mesh Sync File Free WLX Apps
.WLZ WinImage Compressed Disk Image Set Free WLZ Apps
.WLZ Winamp Language Pack Free WLZ Apps
.WM Windows Media File Free WM Apps
.WMA Windows Media Audio File Free WMA Apps
.WMD Windows Media Download Package Free WMD Apps
.WMDB Windows Media Database File Free WMDB Apps
.WME Windows Media Encoder Session File Free WME Apps
.WMF Widelands Map File Free WMF Apps
.WMF Windows Metafile Free WMF Apps
.WMGA Web Manga Document Free WMGA Apps
.WML Wireless Markup Language File Free WML Apps
.WMLC Compiled Wireless Markup Language (WMLC) Free WMLC Apps
.WMLS Wireless Markup Language Script (WMLScript) Free WMLS Apps
.WMLSC WMLScript Free WMLSC Apps
.WMMP Windows Movie Maker Project File Free WMMP Apps
.WMO World of Warcraft World Map Object Free WMO Apps
.WMP Windows Media Photo File Free WMP Apps
.WMS Windows Media Skin Free WMS Apps
.WMT WinMount Virtual Disk File Free WMT Apps
.WMV Windows Media Video File Free WMV Apps
.WMX Windows Media Redirector File Free WMX Apps
.WMZ Windows Media Player Skin Package Free WMZ Apps
.WMZ Compressed Windows Metafile Free WMZ Apps
.WN WN Web File Free WN Apps
.WN WriteNow Text Document Free WN Apps
.WNCRY Wana Decrypt0r 2.0 Encrypted File Free WNCRY Apps
.WNK Wink Presentation Free WNK Apps
.WNRY WannaCry Virus Encrypted File Free WNRY Apps
.WOA WebObjects Application Free WOA Apps
.WOFF Web Open Font Format File Free WOFF Apps
.WOFF2 Web Open Font Format 2.0 File Free WOFF2 Apps
.WOLF Wolf RPG Editor Game Data Archive Free WOLF Apps
.WOLFQUEST WolfQuest Saved Game Free WOLFQUEST Apps
.WOP Wonderland Object Preset Free WOP Apps
.WOR MapInfo Workspace File Free WOR Apps
.WORDLIST Desktop Poet Word List File Free WORDLIST Apps
.WORK Bibble Work Queue File Free WORK Apps
.WORKBOOK Xamarin Workbook File Free WORKBOOK Apps
.WORKFLOW Automator Workflow Free WORKFLOW Apps
.WORKSHEET BBEdit Shell Worksheet File Free WORKSHEET Apps
.WORKSPACE Code::Blocks Workspace File Free WORKSPACE Apps
.WORKSPACE Adobe Bridge Workspace File Free WORKSPACE Apps
.WORLD Terraria Mobile World File Free WORLD Apps
.WORLD WorldPainter File Free WORLD Apps
.WORLD The Sims 3 Create a World Tool File Free WORLD Apps
.WORLD Starbound World File Free WORLD Apps
.WORLD World File Free WORLD Apps
.WOT WebEx Recording File Free WOT Apps
.WOT Web Of Trust File Free WOT Apps
.WOTMOD World of Tanks Modification File Free WOTMOD Apps
.WOTREPLAY World of Tanks Replay File Free WOTREPLAY Apps
.WOW Grave Composer Music Module Free WOW Apps
.WOW SparkMaker 3D Print File Free WOW Apps
.WOWPROJ AddOn Studio Project File Free WOWPROJ Apps
.WOWSL WOW Slider Free WOWSL Apps
.WOWSREPLAY World of Warships Replay File Free WOWSREPLAY Apps
.WOZ Apple II Disk Image Free WOZ Apps
.WP WordPerfect Document Free WP Apps
.WP3 Microsoft Photo Story Project File Free WP3 Apps
.WP4 WordPerfect 4 Document Free WP4 Apps
.WP5 WordPerfect 5 Document Free WP5 Apps
.WP6 WordPerfect 6 Document Free WP6 Apps
.WP7 WordPerfect 7 Document Free WP7 Apps
.WPA ACT! Word Processing Document Free WPA Apps
.WPB openCanvas 1.1 Image Free WPB Apps
.WPB Windows Phone Device Manager Backup File Free WPB Apps
.WPC Pazzles Cutting File Free WPC Apps
.WPC WordPad Converter File Free WPC Apps
.WPD ACT! 2 Word Processing Document Free WPD Apps
.WPD 602Text Word Processing Document Free WPD Apps
.WPE openCanvas 1.1 Event File Free WPE Apps
.WPE WordPerfect Entrust Document Free WPE Apps
.WPF WordPerfect Form Free WPF Apps
.WPG Ironsight Game Data File Free WPG Apps
.WPG WordPerfect Graphic File Free WPG Apps
.WPH Phoenix BIOS File Free WPH Apps
.WPI Inkling Sketch Binary File Free WPI Apps
.WPK Nero Wave Editor File Free WPK Apps
.WPK WordPerfect Macro Free WPK Apps
.WPK GuinXell Package File Free WPK Apps
.WPL Windows Media Player Playlist Free WPL Apps
.WPL GTA Binary Item Placement File Free WPL Apps
.WPL DEC WPS Plus Text Document Free WPL Apps
.WPM Warcraft 3 Path Map File Free WPM Apps
.WPM WordPerfect Macro File Free WPM Apps
.WPO HOLUX Waypoint File Free WPO Apps
.WPO Technopress Waypoint 2D File Free WPO Apps
.WPOST Windows Live Writer Post File Free WPOST Apps
.WPP WavePad Project File Free WPP Apps
.WPP WebPlus Project File Free WPP Apps
.WPP WordPerfect Color Palette Free WPP Apps
.WPROJ Wwise Project File Free WPROJ Apps
.WPS Translator's Workbench Project File Free WPS Apps
.WPS Microsoft Works Word Processor Document Free WPS Apps
.WPS Kingsoft Writer Document Free WPS Apps
.WPT WordPerfect Template Free WPT Apps
.WPT Works Template Free WPT Apps
.WPT Cube 2 Waypoint File Free WPT Apps
.WPT Kingsoft Writer Template Free WPT Apps
.WPW WinDev Mobile Window File Free WPW Apps
.WPW WP Works Word Processor File Free WPW Apps
.WPX WebPlus Project Template Free WPX Apps
.WPX Printer Description File Free WPX Apps
.WQ1 Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File Free WQ1 Apps
.WQ2 Quattro Pro for DOS Spreadsheet File Free WQ2 Apps
.WQD SundaHus WQ Free WQD Apps
.WR1 Lotus Symphony Worksheet File Free WR1 Apps
.WRF WebEx Recording Free WRF Apps
.WRI Microsoft Write Document Free WRI Apps
.WRK Cakewalk Music Project Free WRK Apps
.WRK SQL Server Log Shipping File Free WRK Apps
.WRL VRML World Free WRL Apps
.WRP Geomagic 3D Wrap File Free WRP Apps
.WRPL Widelands Saved Game File Free WRPL Apps
.WRPL.WGF Widelands Initial Saved Game File Free WRPL.WGF Apps
.WRTS Wrts File Free WRTS Apps
.WRYPT Panwrypter Depleted Storage Volume File Free WRYPT Apps
.WRZ Compressed VRML World File Free WRZ Apps
.WS WonderSwan Game ROM File Free WS Apps
.WS Windows Script Free WS Apps
.WS 1-2-3 Word Search Maker Puzzle File Free WS Apps
.WSC WonderSwan Color Game ROM Free WSC Apps
.WSC Windows Script Component Free WSC Apps
.WSD WordStar Document Free WSD Apps
.WSDL Web Services Description Language File Free WSDL Apps
.WSF Windows Script File Free WSF Apps
.WSH Windows Script Host Settings Free WSH Apps
.WSI Wise Package Studio Installer Package Free WSI Apps
.WSM Wise Package Studio Merge Module Free WSM Apps
.WSP SharePoint Solution Package Free WSP Apps
.WSPAK WebsitePanel Backup File Free WSPAK Apps
.WSPOLICY Web Services Policy Free WSPOLICY Apps
.WSVE Wondershare Filmora for Mac Project File Free WSVE Apps
.WSZ Winamp Classic Skin Free WSZ Apps
.WTB Win-Test Binary Log File Free WTB Apps
.WTC Logitech Webcam File Free WTC Apps
.WTD Grand Theft Auto IV Textures File Free WTD Apps
.WTF World of Warcraft Text File Free WTF Apps
.WTML WorldWide Telescope Data File Free WTML Apps
.WTPL WireTap Studio Library Free WTPL Apps
.WTPT WireTap Studio Packaged Track Free WTPT Apps
.WTR Encarta File Free WTR Apps
.WTT Write! Document Free WTT Apps
.WTV Windows Recorded TV Show File Free WTV Apps
.WTX Text Document Free WTX Apps
.WU8 Wiimm U8 Mario Kart Wii Archive Free WU8 Apps
.WUD Wii U Disk Image File Free WUD Apps
.WUL WinUHA Language File Free WUL Apps
.WUS WUTG Tagged Audio File Free WUS Apps
.WUT WUTG Tag File Free WUT Apps
.WUX Compressed Wii U Disk Image File Free WUX Apps
.WV WavPack Audio File Free WV Apps
.WVC WavPack Correction File Free WVC Apps
.WVE Wondershare Filmora Project File Free WVE Apps
.WVE WaveEditor Project File Free WVE Apps
.WVL Wavelet Image Free WVL Apps
.WVM Google Play Video File Free WVM Apps
.WVP MagicHTML Web Video Player Project Free WVP Apps
.WVX Windows Media Video Redirector Free WVX Apps
.WWD Works Wizard File Free WWD Apps
.WWF World Wide Fund Non-Printable Document Free WWF Apps
.WWU Wwise Work Unit Free WWU Apps
.WX Flight Simulator Weather File Free WX Apps
.WX Wanam Xposed Backup File Free WX Apps
.WXI WiX Include File Free WXI Apps
.WXL WiX Localization File Free WXL Apps
.WXN Waixing Famicom Game ROM Free WXN Apps
.WXP Wax 2.0 Project Free WXP Apps
.WXS WiX Source File Free WXS Apps
.WYZ WYZTracker File Free WYZ Apps
.WZ Warzone 2100 Data File Free WZ Apps
.WZ MapleStory Game Data File Free WZ Apps
.WZCONFIG WinZip Configuration File Free WZCONFIG Apps
.WZMUL WinZip Registration File Free WZMUL Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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