File Formtas Starts with Letter H

List of all File Formats begins with letter H from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.H C/C++/Objective-C Header File Free H Apps
.H0 Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File Free H0 Apps
.H10 At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return Free H10 Apps
.H11 At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return Free H11 Apps
.H12 At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return Free H12 Apps
.H13 H&R Block Canada 2013 Tax Return Free H13 Apps
.H14 H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return Free H14 Apps
.H15 H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return Free H15 Apps
.H16 H&R Block Canada 2016 Tax Return Free H16 Apps
.H17 H&R Block Canada 2017 Tax Return Free H17 Apps
.H1Q Microsoft Help Merged Query Index File Free H1Q Apps
.H1S Windows Assistance Platform Help File Free H1S Apps
.H261 H.261 Free H261 Apps
.H263 H.263 Free H263 Apps
.H264 H.264 Encoded Video File Free H264 Apps
.H2O Battle Realms Game Data File Free H2O Apps
.H2O H2OMAP Master Project Free H2O Apps
.H2P Zebra2 Preset Free H2P Apps
.H2W H2testw File Free H2W Apps
.H3 Nintendo Wii U Hash File Free H3 Apps
.H3B Line 6 POD HD300 Edit Bundle Free H3B Apps
.H3E Line 6 POD HD300 Edit Preset File Free H3E Apps
.H3M Heroes 3 Map File Free H3M Apps
.H4 Hierarchical Data Format File Free H4 Apps
.H4B Line 6 POD HD400 Edit Bundle Free H4B Apps
.H4E Line 6 POD HD400 Edit Preset File Free H4E Apps
.H4R Heroes of Might and Magic IV Data File Free H4R Apps
.H5 Hierarchical Data Format 5 File Free H5 Apps
.H5B Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Bundle Free H5B Apps
.H5E Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Preset File Free H5E Apps
.H5M Heroes of Might and Magic V Map Free H5M Apps
.H5S Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Setlist File Free H5S Apps
.H5U Heroes of Might and Magic V Mod File Free H5U Apps
.H6X Soft6502 Trainer/Simulator Hex File Free H6X Apps
.H77T MGD77T Header File Free H77T Apps
.HA HA Compressed Archive Free HA Apps
.HAAS Everfine LED Lamp Test Results File Free HAAS Apps
.HAL HansaWorld Application Language File Free HAL Apps
.HAL HotDocs Answer Library Free HAL Apps
.HAM Descent 2 Resource File Free HAM Apps
.HAM HAM Executable File Free HAM Apps
.HAMBU RGTW Game Map File Free HAMBU Apps
.HAML Haml Source Code File Free HAML Apps
.HAN Amazon Kindle eBook Data File Free HAN Apps
.HANDLEBARS Handlebars Template Free HANDLEBARS Apps
.HAR HTTP Archive FIle Free HAR Apps
.HAS Haskell Script Free HAS Apps
.HAT A Hat in Time Save File Free HAT Apps
.HAT Duck Game Hat File Free HAT Apps
.HBB Line 6 POD HD Edit Bundle Free HBB Apps
.HBC HyperBac Compressed Archive Free HBC Apps
.HBC2 HyperBac Compressed File Archive Free HBC2 Apps
.HBCI Homebanking Computer Interface (HBCI) Free HBCI Apps
.HBE Line 6 POD HD Edit Preset File Free HBE Apps
.HBE HyperBac Compressed and Encrypted Archive Free HBE Apps
.HBK Mathcad Handbook File Free HBK Apps
.HBS Handlebars Template Free HBS Apps
.HBS Haxball Stadium File Free HBS Apps
.HBX BinHex Encoded File Free HBX Apps
.HC VeraCrypt Container File Free HC Apps
.HCA High Compression Audio File Free HCA Apps
.HCC HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File Free HCC Apps
.HCD Samsung Android Firmware File Free HCD Apps
.HCDT Thinkfree Office NEO Cell Template Free HCDT Apps
.HCE HydroCAD Hydrograph Data File Free HCE Apps
.HCF Compact Ham Library Free HCF Apps
.HCI HydroCAD IDF Data File Free HCI Apps
.HCL HotDocs Clause Archive Free HCL Apps
.HCP HydroCAD Project File Free HCP Apps
.HCR HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File Free HCR Apps
.HCR Half-Fold Card File Free HCR Apps
.HCU Hydrograph Units Definitons File Free HCU Apps
.HCX ChartXL Chart Free HCX Apps
.HCXS Canadian Product Incident Report Form Free HCXS Apps
.HD2 Poser Hand Pose File Free HD2 Apps
.HD3D Home Design 3D Project Free HD3D Apps
.HDA HotDocs Auto-Assemble File Free HDA Apps
.HDB HansaWorld Database File Free HDB Apps
.HDD Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File Free HDD Apps
.HDF Hierarchical Data Format File Free HDF Apps
.HDI HotDocs Auto-Install File Free HDI Apps
.HDI Hard Disk Image Free HDI Apps
.HDK HotDocs Registration File Free HDK Apps
.HDL HotDocs Library File Free HDL Apps
.HDM HDML File Free HDM Apps
.HDML Handheld Device Markup Language File Free HDML Apps
.HDMOV QuickTime HD Movie File Free HDMOV Apps
.HDMP Windows Heap Dump Free HDMP Apps
.HDP MAGIX Hard Disk Project Audio File Free HDP Apps
.HDP HD Photo File Free HDP Apps
.HDPMX HotDocs Publisher Mapping XML File Free HDPMX Apps
.HDR High Dynamic Range Image File Free HDR Apps
.HDR ESRI BIL Header File Free HDR Apps
.HDRP HDRtist Pro Document Free HDRP Apps
.HDS Microsoft PlayReady Data File Free HDS Apps
.HDS Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File Free HDS Apps
.HDT Photoshop HDR Toning Preset File Free HDT Apps
.HDUMX HotDocs User Mapping XML File Free HDUMX Apps
.HDV High Definition Video Format Free HDV Apps
.HDX Delphi MultiHelp Index File Free HDX Apps
.HDZ Compressed Poser Hand Pose File Free HDZ Apps
.HE Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE Apps
.HE0 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE0 Apps
.HE1 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE1 Apps
.HE2 Humongous Entertainment Game Archive Free HE2 Apps
.HE4 Humongous Entertainment Sound Archive Free HE4 Apps
.HEARTSSAVE-MS Microsoft Hearts Save File Free HEARTSSAVE-MS Apps
.HEIC High Efficiency Image Format Free HEIC Apps
.HEIF High Efficiency Image Format Free HEIF Apps
.HELP Mac OS X Help Book Free HELP Apps
.HELPINDEX Help Index Document Free HELPINDEX Apps
.HES Hudson Entertainment Sound Format Free HES Apps
.HEVC High Efficiency Video Coding File Free HEVC Apps
.HEX Hexadecimal Source File Free HEX Apps
.HEX BinHex Encoded File Free HEX Apps
.HF HF Image Free HF Apps
.HFD HotDocs Form Document Free HFD Apps
.HFP HitFilm Project Free HFP Apps
.HFS HFS Disk Image File Free HFS Apps
.HFT HotDocs Form Template Free HFT Apps
.HFV HFS Disk Image Free HFV Apps
.HGL HP Graphics Language File Free HGL Apps
.HGT SRTM Elevation Data File Free HGT Apps
.HH C++ Header File Free HH Apps
.HHC HTML Help Table of Contents Free HHC Apps
.HHH Power C Precompiled Header File Free HHH Apps
.HHI The Sims 4 Household Data File Free HHI Apps
.HHK HTML Help Index Free HHK Apps
.HHP HTML Help Workshop Project Free HHP Apps
.HHSL Hockey High Score List File Free HHSL Apps
.HHT Help and Support Center HHT File Free HHT Apps
.HI MacMAME High Scores File Free HI Apps
.HID Sony Ericsson Remote Settings File Free HID Apps
.HID KeepSafe File Free HID Apps
.HID2 KeepSafe File Free HID2 Apps
.HIF Quicken Online File Free HIF Apps
.HIGHLAND Highland Document Free HIGHLAND Apps
.HIN HyperChem Input File Free HIN Apps
.HIP Houdini Project File Free HIP Apps
.HIPNC Houdini Apprentice File Free HIPNC Apps
.HIS FindinSite Database Definition File Free HIS Apps
.HIT The Sims Sound File Free HIT Apps
.HIV Windows Registry Hive File Free HIV Apps
.HJT TreePad 6 Database File Free HJT Apps
.HKDB Apple iTunes Library File Free HKDB Apps
.HKI WinHKI Archive Free HKI Apps
.HKI1 WinHKI HKI1 Archive Free HKI1 Apps
.HKI2 WinHKI HKI2 Archive Free HKI2 Apps
.HKI3 WinHKI HKI3 Archive Free HKI3 Apps
.HKM Havok Movie File Free HKM Apps
.HL HeuristicLab Storage File Free HL Apps
.HLB VMS / VAX Help Library Free HLB Apps
.HLP Windows Help File Free HLP Apps
.HLSL High Level Shader Language File Free HLSL Apps
.HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File Free HLX Apps
.HM3 Help & Manual 3 Project Free HM3 Apps
.HMA Sony HI-MD Audio File Free HMA Apps
.HME Windows Mobile Theme File Free HME Apps
.HMI HMI Audio File Free HMI Apps
.HMK Hallmark Card Studio File Free HMK Apps
.HML HostMonitor TestList File Free HML Apps
.HMP Worms Height Map File Free HMP Apps
.HMS HostMonitor Script File Free HMS Apps
.HMT HighMAT File Free HMT Apps
.HMX Help & Manual 4 Project Free HMX Apps
.HMXP Help & Manual XML Project Free HMXP Apps
.HMXZ Help & Manual Compressed Project Free HMXZ Apps
.HOF OMSI Map Parameter File Free HOF Apps
.HOG Descent Mission File Free HOG Apps
.HOI4 Hearts of Iron IV Game Save File Free HOI4 Apps
.HOL Outlook Holidays File Free HOL Apps
.HONMOD HON Modification Manager File Free HONMOD Apps
.HOT The Sims Sound File Free HOT Apps
.HOW2 Visma Performit Player Configuration File Free HOW2 Apps
.HPD HotDocs PDF Document Free HPD Apps
.HPF High Performance Fortran File Free HPF Apps
.HPF HP9100A Program File Free HPF Apps
.HPG HPGL Plot File Free HPG Apps
.HPGL HP Graphics Language Plotter File Free HPGL Apps
.HPI Hemera Photo Objects Image File Free HPI Apps
.HPID Hewlett Packard Instant Delivery Free HPID Apps
.HPJ Help Project File Free HPJ Apps
.HPK Tropico Game Archive Free HPK Apps
.HPK HPack Compressed Archive Free HPK Apps
.HPKG Haiku Package File Free HPKG Apps
.HPL HP-GL Plotter File Free HPL Apps
.HPP C++ Header File Free HPP Apps
.HPP Haluha Pearls File Free HPP Apps
.HPR Internal RoboHelp File Free HPR Apps
.HPS HP Digital Sender Metadata File Free HPS Apps
.HPS HPL Script Free HPS Apps
.HPS GameCube Audio File Free HPS Apps
.HPT HotDocs PDF Template Free HPT Apps
.HQM Hardcore Questing Mode Data File Free HQM Apps
.HQX BinHex 4.0 Encoded File Free HQX Apps
.HR TRS-80 Image Free HR Apps
.HR2 Poser Hair File Free HR2 Apps
.HRF Hitachi Raster Format File Free HRF Apps
.HRL Erlang Header File Free HRL Apps
.HRZ Compressed Poser Hair File Free HRZ Apps
.HS Motorola Flash Flex File Free HS Apps
.HS LaserTank High Scores File Free HS Apps
.HS Haskell Script Free HS Apps
.HS Java HelpSet File Free HS Apps
.HS2 HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File Free HS2 Apps
.HSB HALion Sound Bank File Free HSB Apps
.HSC Aspen HYSYS Simulation File Free HSC Apps
.HSDT Thinkfree Office NEO Show Template Free HSDT Apps
.HSF HOOPS Stream Format File Free HSF Apps
.HSH Windows Catalog Search Index File Free HSH Apps
.HSK Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import File Free HSK Apps
.HST History File Free HST Apps
.HT HyperTerminal Session File Free HT Apps
.HTA HTML Application Free HTA Apps
.HTB Audacity Help File Free HTB Apps
.HTC HTML Component File Free HTC Apps
.HTG HackTheGame Mission Pack Free HTG Apps
.HTKE Kenamea App Free HTKE Apps
.HTM Hypertext Markup Language File Free HTM Apps
.HTML Hypertext Markup Language File Free HTML Apps
.HTML0 Book Designer File Free HTML0 Apps
.HTMLZ Zipped HTML eBook Free HTMLZ Apps
.HTMOD Hardware Tycoon Game Mod File Free HTMOD Apps
.HTT Hypertext Template File Free HTT Apps
.HTX HTML Extension File Free HTX Apps
.HTXT Hanvon eBook File Free HTXT Apps
.HTZ4 HyperMaker 4 Publication Free HTZ4 Apps
.HTZ5 HyperMaker 5 Publication Free HTZ5 Apps
.HUH HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File Free HUH Apps
.HUM OMSI Human Configuration File Free HUM Apps
.HUS Husqvarna Embroidery File Free HUS Apps
.HVC HotDocs Variable Collection File Free HVC Apps
.HVD HV Voice Dictionary Free HVD Apps
.HVE Windows Registry Hive File Free HVE Apps
.HVIF Haiku Vector Icon File Free HVIF Apps
.HVP HV Voice Parameter Free HVP Apps
.HVPL iTunes Visual Plug-in File Free HVPL Apps
.HVS HV Script Free HVS Apps
.HWD Hedgewars Demo File Free HWD Apps
.HWDT Thinkfree Office NEO Word Template Free HWDT Apps
.HWMAP Hedgewars Drawn Map File Free HWMAP Apps
.HWP Hangul (Korean) Text Document Free HWP Apps
.HWP Hanword Document Free HWP Apps
.HWS Hedgewars Saved Game Free HWS Apps
.HXA Microsoft Help 2 Attribute Definition File Free HXA Apps
.HXC Microsoft Help 2 Collection Definition File Free HXC Apps
.HXE Microsoft Help 2 Sample Definition File Free HXE Apps
.HXK Microsoft Help 2 Index File Free HXK Apps
.HXM Descent 2 Resource Modification Free HXM Apps
.HXN Hexagon Model File Free HXN Apps
.HXS Help 2 Compiled Help File Free HXS Apps
.HXT Microsoft Help 2 Table of Contents File Free HXT Apps
.HXX C++ Source Code Header File Free HXX Apps
.HYDRA Hydra Image Filter Program File Free HYDRA Apps
.HYP Dictionary Information File Free HYP Apps
.HYP HYPER Compressed Archive Free HYP Apps
.HYPE Hype Document Free HYPE Apps
.HYPETEMPLATE Hype Document Template Free HYPETEMPLATE Apps
.HYV Team Manager Meet Event File Free HYV Apps
.HZ Chinese (Hanzi) Text Free HZ Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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