File Formtas Starts with Letter Y

List of all File Formats begins with letter Y from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.Y Yacc Source File Free Y Apps
.Y Subsampled Raw YUV Image Free Y Apps
.Y Amiga Yabba Compressed File Free Y Apps
.Y3A Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Avatar File Free Y3A Apps
.Y3D Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 Deck File Free Y3D Apps
.Y4M YUV4MPEG2 Video File Free Y4M Apps
.YAB Yabasic Source Code Free YAB Apps
.YAL Arts & Letters Clipart Library Free YAL Apps
.YAM Yahoo! Auctions Data Free YAM Apps
.YAML YAML Document Free YAML Apps
.YANG YANG Data Modeling Language Free YANG Apps
.YAODL PowerFlip 3D Image File Free YAODL Apps
.YBD YobiDrive Link File Free YBD Apps
.YBK Microsoft Encarta Yearbook File Free YBK Apps
.YBK YanCEyWare eBook Free YBK Apps
.YCHAT Yahoo! Messenger Chat Log Free YCHAT Apps
.YCM Yugioh Card Maker File Free YCM Apps
.YDC Yu-Gi-Oh! Card Deck File Free YDC Apps
.YDK Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck File Free YDK Apps
.YDL PowerFlip YAODL 3D Image File Free YDL Apps
.YDR Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Replay File Free YDR Apps
.YDR YouiDraw Drawing Project Free YDR Apps
.YDT Yu-Gi-Oh! Power of Chaos Data File Free YDT Apps
.YENC yEnc File Free YENC Apps
.YFS YSFLIGHT Mission File Free YFS Apps
.YGF Y Graph Format File Free YGF Apps
.YKA Yenka Model File Free YKA Apps
.YKCOL Locky Ransomware Encrypted File Free YKCOL Apps
.YM Atari ST Audio File Free YM Apps
.YMG Yahoo! Messenger File Free YMG Apps
.YML YAML Document Free YML Apps
.YML2 YML Script Free YML2 Apps
.YMP YaST Metapackage File Free YMP Apps
.YNC yEnc Encoded File Free YNC Apps
.YOG Outerra Captured Video File Free YOG Apps
.YOOKOO Yookoo Player Playlist File Free YOOKOO Apps
.YPR BYOB Project File Free YPR Apps
.YPS Yahoo! Messenger Data File Free YPS Apps
.YRCBCK YRC Backup Archive Free YRCBCK Apps
.YRCBKM YRC Bookmarks Archive Free YRCBKM Apps
.YRCDAT YRC Software Data Script Free YRCDAT Apps
.YSP BYOB Sprite File Free YSP Apps
.YTD Grand Theft Auto 5 Texture File Free YTD Apps
.YTF Google Picasa Font Cache Free YTF Apps
.YTT YouTube Timed Text File Free YTT Apps
.YUMTX YUM Transaction File Free YUMTX Apps
.YUV YUV Encoded Image File Free YUV Apps
.YUV YUV Video File Free YUV Apps
.YZ YAC Compressed File Free YZ Apps
.YZ1 Yamazaki ZIPPER File Free YZ1 Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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