File Formtas Starts with Letter U

List of all File Formats begins with letter U from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.U AU Audio File Free U Apps
.U Subsampled Raw YUV Image Free U Apps
.U Unreal Tournament Class Package Free U Apps
.U10 UFile 2010 Tax Return Free U10 Apps
.U11 UFile 2011 Tax Return Free U11 Apps
.U12 UFile 2012 Tax Return Free U12 Apps
.U3D Universal 3D File Free U3D Apps
.U3I U3 Application Information File Free U3I Apps
.U3P U3 Smart Application Free U3P Apps
.U8 Mario Kart Wii Archive Free U8 Apps
.U8 3D Lemmings Audio File Free U8 Apps
.UASSET Unreal Asset File Free UASSET Apps
.UAX Unreal Audio Package Free UAX Apps
.UB Unsigned Byte Audio File Free UB Apps
.UBJ Universal Binary JSON File Free UBJ Apps
.UBOX Universe Sandbox Data File Free UBOX Apps
.UC UnrealScript Class Free UC Apps
.UC2 UltraCompressor 2 Archive Free UC2 Apps
.UCE Windows UCE System File Free UCE Apps
.UCF WebEx Media File Free UCF Apps
.UCI UFS Explorer Backup File Free UCI Apps
.UCL Killing Floor System File Free UCL Apps
.UCM Crazy Machines Model File Free UCM Apps
.UCT UC Browser Theme File Free UCT Apps
.UD OmniPage User Dictionary Free UD Apps
.UDB Dynamics AX User Database File Free UDB Apps
.UDC Adobe InDesign User Dictionary Free UDC Apps
.UDCX Universal Data Connection File Free UDCX Apps
.UDEB Debian Package File Free UDEB Apps
.UDF Excel User Defined Function Free UDF Apps
.UDF Universal Disk Format File Free UDF Apps
.UDK Unreal Engine Map File Free UDK Apps
.UDL Microsoft Universal Data Link File Free UDL Apps
.UDS NetBackup UNIX Domain Socket File Free UDS Apps
.UDS Sierra Generations File Free UDS Apps
.UDS Uniform Data System File Free UDS Apps
.UEA Protector Suite QL Encrypted Archive Free UEA Apps
.UFD Universal Forms Description Language Free UFD Apps
.UFO Ulead File Object Free UFO Apps
.UFO Unified Font Object File Free UFO Apps
.UFR Upfiring File Free UFR Apps
.UFR Ultra Fractal File Free UFR Apps
.UFS FreeBSD Unix File System File Free UFS Apps
.UFS.UZIP Compressed Unix File System File Free UFS.UZIP Apps
.UFT Torque Font Cache File Free UFT Apps
.UGA Ulead GIF Animator File Free UGA Apps
.UGOIRA Ugoira Animated Image File Free UGOIRA Apps
.UGR Apophysis Ultra Fractal Gradient File Free UGR Apps
.UHA UHarc Compressed Archive Free UHA Apps
.UHTML UC Browser Saved Webpage Free UHTML Apps
.UI User Interface File Free UI Apps
.UIBAK UltraISO Backup Disk Image Free UIBAK Apps
.UIF Universal Image Format Disc Image Free UIF Apps
.UIS WindowBlinds User Interface Specification Free UIS Apps
.UKX Unreal Animation Package Free UKX Apps
.ULAW Raw u-Law Audio File Free ULAW Apps
.ULD Unified Luminaire Data File Free ULD Apps
.ULF Universal List File Free ULF Apps
.ULP EAGLE User Language Program Free ULP Apps
.ULS NetMeeting User Location Service File Free ULS Apps
.ULT UltraTracker Module Free ULT Apps
.ULW u-Law Audio File Free ULW Apps
.ULX Glulx Game File Free ULX Apps
.ULZ USBlyzer Data Capture File Free ULZ Apps
.UMAP Unreal Engine Map File Free UMAP Apps
.UMD Splinter Cell Blacklist Game Data File Free UMD Apps
.UMF MediaHolder Universal Media Format File Free UMF Apps
.UML UML Data Object Model Free UML Apps
.UMOD Unreal Tournament Module File Free UMOD Apps
.UMS Rune 3D Mesh File Free UMS Apps
.UMX Unreal Music Package Free UMX Apps
.UNAUTH SiteMinder Unauthorized Message File Free UNAUTH Apps
.UNF UNIF ROM File Free UNF Apps
.UNI MikMod UniMOD Module Free UNI Apps
.UNITY Unity Scene File Free UNITY Apps
.UNITY3D Unity Web Player Archive Free UNITY3D Apps
.UNITYPROJ Unity 3D Project Free UNITYPROJ Apps
.UNK Unknown File Free UNK Apps
.UNKNOWN Unknown File Type Free UNKNOWN Apps
.UNL Garmin Unlock File Free UNL Apps
.UNR Unreal Level Map Free UNR Apps
.UNT AutoCAD Unit Definition File Free UNT Apps
.UNX Unix Text File Free UNX Apps
.UOF Uniform Office Document Free UOF Apps
.UOML Unique Object Markup Language Free UOML Apps
.UOP Ultima Online Patch File Free UOP Apps
.UOP Uniform Office Presentation Free UOP Apps
.UOS Uniform Office Spreadsheet Free UOS Apps
.UOT Uniform Office Document Free UOT Apps
.UPD Program Update Information Free UPD Apps
.UPDATE ISAPI Update File Free UPDATE Apps
.UPDATR iConomy Update File Free UPDATR Apps
.UPF MicroStation User Preferences File Free UPF Apps
.UPF Panono Unstitched Panorama Format Free UPF Apps
.UPF Unified Power Format File Free UPF Apps
.UPG Upgrade File Free UPG Apps
.UPK Unreal Engine 3 Package Free UPK Apps
.UPOI iGO Points of Interest File Free UPOI Apps
.UPR FileMaker User Dictionary Free UPR Apps
.UPR Fractal Parameters File Free UPR Apps
.UPS UPS Patch File Free UPS Apps
.UPX Ultimate Packer for eXecutables File Free UPX Apps
.UQM The Ur-Quan Masters Game Data File Free UQM Apps
.URI URI Resolution Services Free URI Apps
.URL Internet Shortcut Free URL Apps
.URR Uniface Signatures File Free URR Apps
.URT Utah Raster Toolkit File Free URT Apps
.USA Unreal Saved Game File Free USA Apps
.USD Universal Scene Description Format Free USD Apps
.USDZ Universal Scene Description Zipped Format Free USDZ Apps
.USEQ USeq Genome Data File Free USEQ Apps
.USER Visual Studio Project User Options File Free USER Apps
.USERPROFILE Norton AntiVirus User Profile File Free USERPROFILE Apps
.USERTILE-MS Windows 8 User Tile File Free USERTILE-MS Apps
.USF EVGA Precision X Skin File Free USF Apps
.USF Nintendo 64 Music File Free USF Apps
.USF Universal Subtitles Format File Free USF Apps
.USFLIB Nintendo 64 Song Library Free USFLIB Apps
.USM USM Game Video File Free USM Apps
.USR SmartMusic Custom File Free USR Apps
.USR FileMaker Pro Database File Free USR Apps
.USR Lowrance GPS Data File Free USR Apps
.UST UTAU Sequence Text File Free UST Apps
.USTAR Uniform Standard Tape Archive Format File Free USTAR Apps
.USX Unreal Static Meshes Free USX Apps
.UT2 Unreal Tournament Map Free UT2 Apps
.UT2MOD Unreal Tournament 2003/2004 Module File Free UT2MOD Apps
.UT3 Unreal Tournament 3 Map File Free UT3 Apps
.UT4MOD Unreal Tournament 2004 Module Free UT4MOD Apps
.UT8 Ghost Master Language File Free UT8 Apps
.UTC Bioware Creature File Free UTC Apps
.UTF8 Unicode UTF8-Encoded Text Document Free UTF8 Apps
.UTW Unity Whirld File Free UTW Apps
.UTX Unreal Texture Package Free UTX Apps
.UTXT Unicode Text File Free UTXT Apps
.UTZ UIQ Theme Package Free UTZ Apps
.UU Uuencoded File Free UU Apps
.UUD UUDecoded File Free UUD Apps
.UUE Uuencoded File Free UUE Apps
.UVA DECE Audio Free UVA Apps
.UVF Uncertain Value Format Free UVF Apps
.UVH DECE High Definition Video Free UVH Apps
.UVI DECE Graphic Free UVI Apps
.UVM DECE Mobile Video Free UVM Apps
.UVP DECE PD Video Free UVP Apps
.UVS DECE SD Video Free UVS Apps
.UVV DECE Video Free UVV Apps
.UVW UVW Coordinates File Free UVW Apps
.UVX Unreal Tournament 2003 Saved Game Free UVX Apps
.UW Unsigned Word Audio File Free UW Apps
.UWF UltraTracker Wave File Free UWF Apps
.UWL User Word List File Free UWL Apps
.UWRF Universal Web Radio File Free UWRF Apps
.UXF UML eXchange Format Free UXF Apps
.UXX Unreal Tournament Cache Free UXX Apps
.UZIP FreeBSD Compressed Disk Image Free UZIP Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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