File Formtas Starts with Letter J

List of all File Formats begins with letter J from the FileProInfo file types database.

Extension File Type Free Apps
.J Java Source File Free J Apps
.J JPEG Image Free J Apps
.J JAR Archive Free J Apps
.J01 Akeeba Multi-part Backup Archive Free J01 Apps
.J2C JPEG 2000 Code Stream Free J2C Apps
.J2I Jazz 2 Internet Link File Free J2I Apps
.J2K JPEG 2000 Image Free J2K Apps
.J2L Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Level File Free J2L Apps
.J3O jMonkeyEngine 3D Scene Free J3O Apps
.J64 Atari Jaguar Game ROM Free J64 Apps
.J6I Ricoh Camera Image File Free J6I Apps
.JA Jet Archive Free JA Apps
.JAC JaStaCry Encrypted File Free JAC Apps
.JAD Java Application Descriptor File Free JAD Apps
.JAG Atari Jaguar Game ROM Free JAG Apps
.JAG Jagex Data File Free JAG Apps
.JAM Jam STAPL File Free JAM Apps
.JAM PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 Mod File Free JAM Apps
.JAM Line 6 Device Recording Free JAM Apps
.JAM JAM Musical Score Free JAM Apps
.JAP jAlbum Project Settings File Free JAP Apps
.JAP Nonogram Puzzle File Free JAP Apps
.JAP Japanese Nintendo 64 Game ROM Free JAP Apps
.JAR Java Archive File Free JAR Apps
.JAR.PACK Pack200 Packed Jar File Free JAR.PACK Apps
.JARVIS Jarvis Subscriber File Free JARVIS Apps
.JAS Cheetah3D Model File Free JAS Apps
.JAS Paint Shop Pro Compressed Graphic Free JAS Apps
.JASPER JasperReports Data File Free JASPER Apps
.JAV Java Source File Free JAV Apps
.JAVA Java Source Code File Free JAVA Apps
.JB2 JBIG2 Image Free JB2 Apps
.JBC Jam STAPL Byte-Code File Free JBC Apps
.JBEAM BeamNG Vehicle Definition Format Free JBEAM Apps
.JBF Paint Shop Pro Browser Cache File Free JBF Apps
.JBG Joint Bi-level Image Group File Free JBG Apps
.JBI Motoman Robot Job File Free JBI Apps
.JBIG Joint Bi-level Image Group File Free JBIG Apps
.JBIG2 JBIG2 Free JBIG2 Apps
.JBK Juno Backup File Free JBK Apps
.JBMP JAmes OS Bitmap Image Free JBMP Apps
.JBR Motoman Robot Related Job File Free JBR Apps
.JBR Paint Shop Pro Brushes File Free JBR Apps
.JC FlashGet Partial Download Free JC Apps
.JC! FlashGet Incomplete Download Free JC! Apps
.JCEKS JCEKS Keystore File Free JCEKS Apps
.JCL JCloze File Free JCL Apps
.JCLIC JClic Project File Free JCLIC Apps
.JCP JCreator Project File Free JCP Apps
.JCR Nonogram Puzzle File Free JCR Apps
.JCW JCross File Free JCW Apps
.JCZ Liquid Motion Animation Free JCZ Apps
.JDAT J&ASoft Data File Free JDAT Apps
.JDB Symantec Endpoint Protection Update File Free JDB Apps
.JDC JDownloader Links File Free JDC Apps
.JDF Adobe Acrobat Job Definition File Free JDF Apps
.JDP BlackBerry JDE Application Project Free JDP Apps
.JDR IROAD Dash Cam Video File Free JDR Apps
.JED Xilinx JEDEC Programming File Free JED Apps
.JEF Janome Embroidery Format Free JEF Apps
.JEM JSON Entity Model File Free JEM Apps
.JET JET Database File Free JET Apps
.JEX Joplin Export File Free JEX Apps
.JFI JPEG File Interchange Image Free JFI Apps
.JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format Free JFIF Apps
.JFPROJ JSON Font Project File Free JFPROJ Apps
.JG4 BigJig Jigsaw Puzzle Free JG4 Apps
.JGC JungleTac ROM File Free JGC Apps
.JGCSCS EditPad Custom Syntax Coloring Scheme File Free JGCSCS Apps
.JGW JPEG World File Free JGW Apps
.JGZ Gzipped Javascript File Free JGZ Apps
.JHH Tetris Online Poland Game Data Archive Free JHH Apps
.JHTML Java HTML Web Page Free JHTML Apps
.JIA Digital Photo Navigator Album Free JIA Apps
.JIC JTAG Indirect Configuration File Free JIC Apps
.JIC Java Icon File Free JIC Apps
.JIF JPEG Interchange Format Image Free JIF Apps
.JIFF JPEG Image File Format Free JIFF Apps
.JIGSAW Jigsaw Explorer Save File Free JIGSAW Apps
.JIS Japanese Industry Standard Text Free JIS Apps
.JISP RhymBox Free JISP Apps
.JKB Jedi Knight Bot File Free JKB Apps
.JKM JAWS Key Map File Free JKM Apps
.JKS Java Keystore File Free JKS Apps
.JL Julia Source Code File Free JL Apps
.JLR Juliar Source Code File Free JLR Apps
.JLT HP Indigo Digital Press - Job Layout Languate Free JLT Apps
.JMC JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMC Apps
.JMCE JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCE Apps
.JMCK JM-Crypt Key File Free JMCK Apps
.JMCP JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCP Apps
.JMCR JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCR Apps
.JMCX JM-Crypt Encrypted File Free JMCX Apps
.JMF Jackhammer Project Free JMF Apps
.JMP JMP Data File Free JMP Apps
.JMS Masher Project Free JMS Apps
.JMT JMatch File Free JMT Apps
.JMV Jnes Movie File Free JMV Apps
.JMX JMix File Free JMX Apps
.JNB SigmaPlot Notebook File Free JNB Apps
.JNG JPEG Network Graphic Free JNG Apps
.JNILIB JNI Library Free JNILIB Apps
.JNLP Java Web Start File Free JNLP Apps
.JNP Java Web Start File Free JNP Apps
.JNR JoinNet Recording File Free JNR Apps
.JNT Windows Journal File Free JNT Apps
.JNX BirdsEye JNX Raster Map Free JNX Apps
.JO jo Audio File Free JO Apps
.JO-7Z jo Audio File Free JO-7Z Apps
.JOB MetaCAM Nest Job File Free JOB Apps
.JOB Windows Task Scheduler Job File Free JOB Apps
.JOBOPTIONS Adobe Joboptions File Free JOBOPTIONS Apps
.JODA Joda Archive Free JODA Apps
.JOE JOE Document Free JOE Apps
.JOINED HJ-Split Data File Free JOINED Apps
.JOY CryENGINE Facial Editor Joystick File Free JOY Apps
.JP1 Japanese (Romaji) Text File Free JP1 Apps
.JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File Free JP2 Apps
.JPA Akeeba Backup Archive Free JPA Apps
.JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File Free JPC Apps
.JPD Java Process Definition Free JPD Apps
.JPD Joint PhotoDefiner Image Free JPD Apps
.JPE JPEG Image Free JPE Apps
.JPEG JPEG Image Free JPEG Apps
.JPF JPEG 2000 Image Free JPF Apps
.JPG JPEG Image Free JPG Apps
.JPG2 JPEG 2000 Image Free JPG2 Apps
.JPGV JPGVideo Free JPGV Apps
.JPGW JPEG World File Free JPGW Apps
.JPH JProbe Memory Snapshot Free JPH Apps
.JPM JPEG 2000 Compound Image File Free JPM Apps
.JPN Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File Free JPN Apps
.JPR JBuilder Project Free JPR Apps
.JPR Fugawi Projection File Free JPR Apps
.JPS Akeeba Backup Archive Free JPS Apps
.JPS Stereo JPEG Image Free JPS Apps
.JPW World File for JPEG Free JPW Apps
.JPX JBuilder Project Free JPX Apps
.JPX JPEG 2000 Image File Free JPX Apps
.JQZ JQuiz File Free JQZ Apps
.JRC PCjr Cartridge ROM File Free JRC Apps
.JRPRINT JasperReports Print File Free JRPRINT Apps
.JRS Exchange Reserve Transaction Log File Free JRS Apps
.JRTF JAmes OS Rich Text File Free JRTF Apps
.JRXML JasperReports Layout File Free JRXML Apps
.JRZ PSP Game Data File Free JRZ Apps
.JS JavaScript File Free JS Apps
.JS JScript Executable Script Free JS Apps
.JSD HP JetSuite Document Free JSD Apps
.JSD Jazer Data File Free JSD Apps
.JSDA Jazer Data File Free JSDA Apps
.JSE JScript Encoded File Free JSE Apps
.JSF Project64 Joystick File Free JSF Apps
.JSF Java Script Command File Free JSF Apps
.JSFL Animate JSFL Script File Free JSFL Apps
.JSH Jsh Script Free JSH Apps
.JSH JAWS Script Header File Free JSH Apps
.JSL Corel PaintShop Pro Shape Library Free JSL Apps
.JSL JMP Script Free JSL Apps
.JSON JavaScript Object Notation File Free JSON Apps
.JSONLZ4 Compressed Firefox User Profile Data File Free JSONLZ4 Apps
.JSP Java Server Page Free JSP Apps
.JSPA Java Servlet Alias Free JSPA Apps
.JSPF Java Server Page Fragment Free JSPF Apps
.JSPF JSON Playlist File Free JSPF Apps
.JSPX XML Java Server Page Free JSPX Apps
.JSS JAWS Script Free JSS Apps
.JSS JavaScript Style Sheet File Free JSS Apps
.JSS JACOsub Subtitle File Free JSS Apps
.JST JavaServer Page Document Free JST Apps
.JST Jnes Save State Free JST Apps
.JSX ExtendScript Script File Free JSX Apps
.JSXBIN Binary ExtendScript Script File Free JSXBIN Apps
.JSXINC ExtendScript Included Script File Free JSXINC Apps
.JT JT Open CAD File Free JT Apps
.JTBACKUP Just Type Backup File Free JTBACKUP Apps
.JTD JustSystems Ichitaro Document Free JTD Apps
.JTF JPEG Tagged Interchange Format Free JTF Apps
.JTP Windows Journal Template Free JTP Apps
.JTS Cyberlink AVCHD Video File Free JTS Apps
.JTV JRiver TV File Free JTV Apps
.JTX Jrju Text File Free JTX Apps
.JTX XPS Document Free JTX Apps
.JTX ESE Transaction Log Free JTX Apps
.JUDE JUDE Project File Free JUDE Apps
.JUK Juka Source Code File Free JUK Apps
.JVS JavaScript Proxy Autoconfig File Free JVS Apps
.JVSG Video Surveillance Project Free JVSG Apps
.JVSGZ Compressed Video Surveillance Project Free JVSGZ Apps
.JWC JewelCase Maker File Free JWC Apps
.JWL Roxio Jewel Case File Free JWL Apps
.JWPUB Jehovah's Witnesses Publication File Free JWPUB Apps
.JWS Java Workspace Settings File Free JWS Apps
.JWS Java Web Services File Free JWS Apps
.JXR JPEG XR Image Free JXR Apps
Extension File Type Free Apps


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