5 Ways Transcription Improves Your Business

Modern businesses have to constantly catch up with one another. If you don’t do that and cannot stand out, your competitors will leave you far behind. Transcription is one of the ways to help you grow your business significantly. Not everyone knows how to do it though. Everyone is aware that creating unique content is one of the means to boost the rankings of your business and its success. However, this is quite a time-consuming and expensive method, yet not very resulting.

If content creation does not bring good results and consumes a lot of finances, automatic transcription could be a brilliant alternative. You know that writing valuable content from scratch helps grow any business, however, the process is not very cost-efficient. You may receive the first results in a very long time. Until then, the content needs to be optimized and improved again. That is a merry-go-round.

Thankfully, AI technologies allow you to save tons of money. One of their best inventions is audio to text transcription. Although it seems insignificant, it helps boost any business significantly. Especially, when it comes to startups. If you have never considered this service before, see 6 ways transcription improves your business regardless of its niche.

1. Versatile content

To be popular among your audience, you need to give it as much variety as possible. People are bored with monotonous content very quickly. Although your content is high-end and valuable, the way it is delivered can bore your target audience. They will simply lose interest and stop following you. Therefore, they will not buy your product anymore no matter what it is.

You know that it is crucial to deliver different content to people in rotation. For example, you should post pictures with long-reads, questionnaires, surveys, video content, etc. Audio transcription is one more way people can receive information from you. This helps sustain their interest, keep them intrigued, and raise interest in your brand or product.

You may wonder why you need that, so here is the answer. Your followers/buyers/consumers/customers will be more eager to hear from you. They will be really anticipated to receive more of your content. Regardless of the aim and niche of your business, you will keep them interested in what you deliver.

Therefore, your brand will have its consumers daily. Those are not potential consumers but absolutely full-fledged consumers of your product. The sustained audience increased engagement and boosted sales are the results of this process. Thanks to this, you can make promotional offers and more people will be willing to participate.

There is no need to spend much money on such a marketing campaign. You can simply provide versatile content and keep your audience engaged. This is a really effective marketing strategy that helps you keep your business optimized.

For instance, you try to promote your podcasts. Thanks to transcription services, you have enhanced engagement. Thus, your business receives huge bonuses in the form of text content for blog posts, charts, infographics, etc. Boosting the growth of your business through such a marketing strategy is more than possible and even necessary.

2. Improved SEO and brand visibility

Every startup or business owner knows that SEO optimization is crucial for the success and future of your business. It doesn’t even matter whether you have an online business or offline. Let us make it clear. If you sell cars or car wheels, you can do it online but most likely, your business is well-developed and land-based. However, you still have at least a website where people can find you or/and social media pages.

Naturally, your online website brings you a good share of customers. Therefore, you need to boost your SEO to get more customers. If your business is operating online solely, then SEO marketing strategy is crucial for it and is, actually, the core of your business. According to simple statistics, SEO optimization of any website brings more than 1000% more organic traffic than any of your social media profiles.

Thanks to search engines, your customers learn about you and find your website. This happens because they ask certain questions related to your business. They can ask about your business in particular, although most likely, they make general inquiries in your field using specific keywords related to your business. Your website must be visible to such customers.

Boosting SEO is crucial for anyone who wants potential users to find their business on Google. Here is where a reliable transcription company enters into the game! It helps boost your visibility in several ways, actually.

Although you and your audience consider audio and video content to be more convenient and consumable, search engines do not think so. People cannot access such content as text on the Internet. Many web pages are simply unresponsive and people do not want to wait to download them. On average, consumers wait for 3 seconds until they switch to another page. 

If the page downloads are too slow, your potential users will simply switch to the next web page. Your content will hardly be consumed then. Most people are simply looking for answers to their questions online and they do not want to listen to English audio text. If this text is transcribed, people can find their answers much easier and thus, access your content.

Once they open your page, they are more likely to consume your content, of course, if it is valuable enough.

3. Increased time on your page and search rankings

Now, smoothly following increased visibility, we can focus on the time potential consumers spend on your web page. Once again, it boosts the SEO of your website and hence, its search rankings. As you can imagine, these indexes are crucial for any website.

The visibility of your website is increased not only thanks to specific keywords contained in transcription but also by its higher rankings in the search engines. If you deliver audio content to your users, for instance, recordings or podcasts, they do not boost your rankings on the web themselves.

However, thanks to transcribing such content, your ranks increase. Of course, you need to include the necessary keywords people insert on Google searching for relevant content. This very cheap yet really efficient procedure brings a lot of results for your content marketing strategy., increases your authority on the market, and, naturally, increases the awareness of your brand. Needless to say, it all boosts your sales.

4. Adjustment to the needs of a broader audience

The truth is not all people can listen to your podcasts or watch your videos on YouTube or Vimeo. A really wide audience in the world has various hearing impairments. If video content helps gain much wider users with visual impairments, video to text transcriptions help reach out to those having hearing difficulties or disabilities.

People who cannot listen to your content, will not even attempt to do that. However, if you adjust your valuable content to their personal and physical needs, you will receive a much wider potential audience. You can check it but really not many business owners adjust their content and show their care for such people.

If you transcribe the content they are looking for specifically for impaired people, it will be much appreciated. Moreover, you will receive a lion’s share of devoted followers and potential users not only in your country but from different corners of the world. Users really appreciate it when someone shows care for them.

5. Repurposing your content

Reaching your business goals is also impossible without this stage. Yes, you create enough content. It is not enough though. If you simply create content but do not put in an effort to promote it, you will hardly reach your audience. Transcription allows you to repurpose the content and reach out to a wider audience. It also aims at new communication platforms.

No matter what content you are going to transcribe — podcasts, video or audio records, etc. — you can convert all this to advertising campaigns. Blog posts, email campaigns, social media content, etc., are totally new content at almost no cost. Is that efficient? We bet it is.

First of all, it saves tons of time. Moreover, you save money because you don’t even have to create new content. You can simply transcribe the existing content. As a result, you double your content at no cost and no effort.

You can reach many other potential users on other platforms with little effort. It broadens your horizons and gives you more opportunities.


Transcription is a new approach to business marketing campaigns. As a rule, such professional transcription companies have a very quick turnaround time and guarantee 99% accuracy. It means that without wasting too much time creating new content, you can receive more opportunities in a matter of minutes.

Boosting your business is crucial and instead of wasting tons of money on ad campaigns and SEO specialists, you can try transcribing your content. Moreover, it saves you a bunch of money. Everyone knows how much SEO optimization costs. Why not use something more time and cost-efficient then. Especially, if the cost of transcription is more than affordable and compared to marketing campaigns, it is even ridiculous.

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