Why do I Need CIAM?

Customer identity and access management, also known as CIAM, is the process of determining a user’s identity in an online space. Identity management has become increasingly important over the last decade as our lives move more and more into digital spaces such as social media platforms (Facebook), search engines (Google), email systems (Gmail), and many more.

It can be very helpful in everyday life when you want to log into a website and the website asks for your email address and password, but it is also important for company security.

Secure Authentication

CIAM authentication ensures that a person is who they say they are. Whether you’re logging into your email at work or attempting to withdraw money from an ATM, CIAM will play a role in verifying your identity.

With CIAM, customer data can be stored and protected, so hackers have a harder time accessing everything from your current bank account information to what kind of dog you have. This is all the more important when it comes to companies because they collect everything from your blood type to how many children you have.

Self Serving

What makes CIAM even more efficient is its self-service features. An example of this would be logging in with a fingerprint or facial scan instead of having an actual person help you out.

This is not only a time-saver, but you can avoid the awkward questions that come standard with customer service. There is no better way to show appreciation for your social security number than having someone else ask what it is.

CIAM is great for everyone because it brings convenience and security to users while keeping companies safe from malicious attacks.

It’s All About The Data

Most CIAM systems are based on what are called “knowledge-based authentication” or KBA questions. You know when you wanted to create an account for that new website but couldn’t because you didn’t remember your password from when you made a different account ten years ago? Well, KBA questions help companies avoid this problem.

KBA enables companies to securely authenticate users by asking a series of simple questions about their data. If the customer is able to correctly answer the questions, they are assumed to be authenticated.

The Identity Of The Customer

By authenticating users through the information that only the user knows, CIAM systems make it very difficult for criminals or hackers to gain access to accounts without permission. On top of this, CIAM decreases the amount of spam and fraud that customers must deal with every day. This makes the internet a safer place and reduces costs for companies by allowing them to focus on the right customers instead of wasting time flagging fake accounts.

The Customer’s Access To Their Data

A common misconception is that CIAM systems are about protecting information that criminals or hackers might steal. The real value in CIAM is the protection of information that only the customer should have access to. This includes credit card and personal information, as well as security questions and answers. While it may seem like hackers would want this type of information for themselves, these systems actually make it much more difficult for criminals and hackers to gain access to accounts with this data.

Another advantage of CIAM is that it doesn’t just protect the information, it protects the individuals who own the information. It puts the customer in charge of their data and makes them more trusting of your brand.

When A Company Focuses On Customer Experience

As mentioned above, customer experience is more important than anything else when dealing with customers. So when you can secure their information, it is equivalent to providing them with a better experience.

More internet users are becoming cautious about the sites they visit and the companies that they choose to give their data. By incorporating CIAM into your overall security system, you can show consumers how serious you are about securing their information – which will ultimately result in a better customer experience.


In conclusion, CIAM is a necessary part of your overall security system. Implementing customer identity and access management will allow you to further protect your consumers’ data while building their trust in you as a company. By doing this, you can provide customers with an exceptional experience that they will remember. With more robust security features like two-factor authentication, you can rest assured that your customers’ information is safe!

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