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What is WiFi Marketing, and How Can It Benefit Your Business?

WiFi marketing makes use of what is commonly referred to as guest Wi-Fi. It is a situation in which a small business provides a free connection in retail locations and other locations. The connection is then used for marketing campaigns such as promotions and messages.

WiFi marketing gives customers access to the entire internet. Alternatively, just your mobile app and online store. Before granting WiFi access, some guest network sites display specific content.

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What exactly is WiFi Marketing?

This is also free WiFi provided in a store to gather contact information for the purpose of creating a customer profile. Customers are asked to complete a survey, provide an email address, or provide other information.

What is the process of WiFi marketing?

Wifi marketing is the process of converting a guest WiFi hotspot into an automatic marketing platform. To improve the customer experience, you provide guest wifi. In exchange, you will receive analytics to help you create profiles and track visits. The number of visits, purchases, and other metrics are all taken into account.

WiFi Marketing Can Help Your Small Business in 11 Ways

This tool has the potential to be a revenue-generating marketing machine. Create a splash page to increase revenue. That’s how you get prospects in.

WiFi marketing can also be used to control scent marketing. Other ways this tool can help your existing customers are listed below.

1. Improves Customer Satisfaction Through Free WiFi

When guests can connect to the internet for free, they are more likely to purchase a wifi connection. That is not to say you should not have a splash page. Make it user-friendly by including social media account tabs. This is the entrance point for prospects.

2. Increases the likelihood of customers spending money by providing WiFi access

Convenience is extremely important. Customers save money on their data usage. They’re going to spend money. Make your network faster than the one for which they pay. It’s yet another way to get into their wallets.

3. Gathers Customer Data and Gains Useful Insights

Customers are drawn in by WiFi access points. In exchange, a small business receives powerful marketing data and customer analytics. These in-depth customer profiles aid in marketing.

4. Gets Email Marketing Going

Allowing your customers to use your guest WiFi is an excellent way to get them to sign up for email marketing. Remember to cultivate your customer relationships by providing valuable content in addition to product offers.

Another way in which this tool outperforms traditional phone-based hold marketing.

5. Boosts Your Online Presence

Providing free WiFi to customers also increases your digital footprint. Restaurants, for example, can use Instagram to increase their social media followers and promote specials.

6. Improves Customer Loyalty by Offering Free Guest WiFi

The goal is to have repeat customers. Set up a loyalty program to increase customer loyalty. Discounts are effective.

7. Brings in more customers to your company

When it comes to physical locations, you must consider the amount of traffic that comes in on a daily basis. And one of the advantages of providing WiFi is increased foot traffic and sales.

8. Receives more (and better!) online reviews from WiFi users

Better digital word of mouth results in fewer churning customers and higher sales. With a good wifi login, you can quickly connect your guests. Then, in order to improve your online ratings, request a review.

9. Uses Targeted Ads to Promote Your Brand

Phones receive relevant ads promoting your own brand. Devices from shared routers can be targeted by online ads. By providing internet access in your store, you will be able to display relevant ads to laptops and tablets as well.

10. Increases customer engagement

Customers who are at risk must be engaged by local businesses. The guest data you collect will tell you which promotional materials are effective. And what they typically purchase.

11. Offers Promotions for selling and upselling

Upselling via your guest WiFi promotions aids in increasing your sales. Using the customer information you have, try personalizing your sales recommendations. Make use of targeted email campaigns.

What is the cost of WiFi marketing?

Social WiFi is popular in industries such as restaurants. There is a plethora of software to choose from. There are free trials available in comparison. Prices range from $25 per month to more than $4,000.

How to Begin with WiFi Marketing

There’s more to starting a WiFi marketing campaign than putting together a splash page and some video ads. Here are the steps to take.

  • Select a reputable ISP.
  • Choose a plan that provides the most bandwidth and speed at the lowest possible cost.
  • Create a secure password for your network. Don’t forget to include encryption.
  • Use digital signage to alert your customers.

WiFi Marketing Software

The next step is to select the best WiFi marketing automation platform. Look for marketing software that can assist you with your campaigns. Survey automation products are beneficial. Look for features such as exportable marketing lists as well.

Intelligence from Bloom

This is a WiFi marketing platform with excellent features such as guest dwell time. It’s a great way to get new customers.


This tool assists restaurants, coffee shops, and bars in converting their guest Wi-Fi into usable analytics. Webinars and live online training can be beneficial to small businesses.

WiFi on Facebook

To get started, connect to an existing Facebook WiFi network. Other social media logins, such as Instagram, share your business profile and target ads as you learn more about your customers.


Create a wifi network that counts and monitors the number of visitors. This reduces overcrowding and boosts customer loyalty.


Names like Hewlett-Packard and Subway use this guest WiFi solution. The average number of customers who visit their store on a daily basis can be tracked by brick-and-mortar locations. Get in-depth WiFi analytics as well as mobile coupons.


After their first visit, you’ll receive automated email marketing campaigns asking for a rating. This tool will automatically increase your social media followers.

Garden with WiFi

This guest WiFi tool does not display advertisements while you are browsing. Create banners from templates to keep customers coming in. You can also make your own.

WiFi on Tripadvisor

This guest WiFi is intended for use in restaurants. Customers in these physical stores visit a page and enter their information. A notification prompts them to post a review.

They get free WiFi, and your company gets information about their habits.

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