Electronic Signatures Will Make Your Life and Workflow Simpler

Researchers say that modern people spend an average of 3-5 hours on their smartphones. If we will add the time that we spend in front of the computer, it totally may be more than half of the day! However, there is nothing strange in that fact. Globalization and information flow make our stay in trend, be online all time. Businesses all around the world also go digital to force different processes and effectively conquer clients. For successful competition, businessmen need a lot of e-instruments. One of the most useful tools for official activity on the Internet is electronic signatures

What Are Electronic Signatures? 

Signatures are used as marks of identity of different documents to show the owner or the person who signs them is responsible for their content. Officially, humans use handwritten signatures from the 19th century. But, as you can see, the world changed since that time, and now, everything goes digital, even signatures. 

E-signing is a process of personal identification in the electronic form, which is associated with the signatory to verify documents. It can be realized in many types: from a picture of a handwritten signature to a special letter-number code generated by crypto-based tech. Also, there are various ways to confirm the person of signatory: from e-mail to PIN sent to the mobile. 

Types of E-Sings 

An electronic signature is a general name for some kind of digital technology of document confirmation. There are three main types of them: basic, advanced, and qualified-advanced. Another classification is simpler: an electronic signature and a digital one. They all differ by the level of security, the way of a person’s verification, and formal recognition by authorities. Although governments mostly recognized digital signatures, electronic ones are more popular among people and businesses. 

Electronic Signatures Will Make Your Life and Workflow Simpler 1

Who Can Use E-signatures? 

The SignNow company proposes services for: 

  • Individuals for personal use by the smartphone or computer
  • Businesses to speed up the workflow, making payment processes and cooperation with partners easier
  • Organizations (communal, state, etc.) to communicate in the own structure simpler and deal with communities’ problems faster

There are many solutions for HR managers, sales teams, educating and health care institutions, financial specialists, and many others. You can find more options in the section “Solutions” on the SignNow website. 

Electronic Signatures Will Make Your Life and Workflow Simpler 2

What Documents Can Be Signed with the SignNow Service?

Most types of popular documents can be signed with the help of SignNow: .doc and .docx, .pdf, .png, .xls and .xlsx, and a lot of others. Every user can add an e-sign function to different business systems such as Gmail, Dropbox, Oracle, MS Office, and so on. 

All documents you decide to sign with SignNow will be protected by double-factor authentication and encrypted to prevent any manipulations of intruders. 

Advantages of E-Signatures

Users notice a wide variety of benefits of using e-signs. Their list is infinite. For you, we gathered the most general roster to show the usability of this tool.

  • Firstly, it is the time economy. No matter you are an individual or a businessman, the modern world requires quick answers on calls. E-signs can help save time on contract confirmation, payment, or approval of your personality in some institutions. You will be quicker than the opponent; so, you will be more successful. 
  • Mobility. You do not need to be in the office to deal with some situations. Even if you are on vacation or a business trip, you can sign any document just through your smartphone at any time and place. 
  • Processes optimization. This advantage relates to two previous. All workflows can be assembled in one place, and no document will be lost somewhere. Your employees will be more effective because they will not waste time printing docs and folding them in special separate folders. Additionally, you will save place when you back out paper chase. 
  • Money-saving. Every business wastes money on hundreds of paper packages. E-signatures do not demand to print the document so you can stop extra expenditures and use this money on something useful for your business. 
  • Attract new clients to your business. Many young people and successful businessmen do not want to deal with companies only offline because it is more comfortable to use digital possibilities. If you start using e-signs, these people will prioritize your company over your competitor. Just imagine: you economize time, money, human resources and, at the same time, get new clients! Perfect combo! 
  • Last but not least in this list – sustainability. When you become a paperless organization, you also become eco-friendlier and technically attractive for workers, partners, and customers. Isn’t it the most reasonable solution?

How to Sign a Document with SignNow 

If you decide to get the first experience with SignNow, follow the next checklist:

1. Open the website and find the Free Trial button.

Electronic Signatures Will Make Your Life and Workflow Simpler 3

2. Press it and choose one of the ways to log into the system (Facebook, Google, or email).

3. There will be a start page of a service where you can download a document for signing and create your electronic signature. There are also some useful and detailed guides about how to work with the service.

Electronic Signatures Will Make Your Life and Workflow Simpler 4

4. When you did all you want, do not forget to save the document on the computer and choose the tariff plan for the next time signing. 

5. Done! You can deal with other tasks.

Our world demands us to be adaptive and open for new to be successful. At the same time, there are many instruments to make our life easier. So, use e-signatures to be effective and free!

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