How to Create a Digital Marketing Report Your Manager Will Love

As a digital marketer, you directly affect the growth of your company. Holiday Campaign Media Media Target Media and the product page optimized for the right search engine can be a very good catalyst for sales activities. But how exactly do you show your impact on top management? By measuring and communicating the results of your marketing efforts in a digital marketing report.

Regular reporting is very important for your success

Reporting helps you show exactly how your social media campaigns, search engine marketing tactics, and other digital strategies encourage business results. If you can prove objectively – using data – that you help grow the number x number by doing y during a certain period, you will have a much easier time by getting your approved budget request, and more. Such communication between you and the top management is also needed to ensure that this business works towards the right destination and that these goals are fulfilled.

Find the right rhythm

Should your report occur every week, two weeks, monthly, or quarterly? Aim to give your manager at least some performance data every week. It may be difficult to get the information needed for a comprehensive report about a short time from the timeline, so it’s okay to give a weekly or two weekly weekly or two weekly reports with a more substantial briefing every month. The minimum reporting time frame must be quarterly, which is most likely when your manager must report to their managers (executive team, directors, shareholders).

4 key questions to overcome your briefing

The manager usually doesn’t want to know the details of the ins and outs of everything you do. They are generally related to four basic questions:

  • Question 1: How much money do we spend?
  • Question 2: How many people do we achieve?
  • Question 3: How effective are our marketing efforts?
  • Question 4: What is the financial return on our marketing dollar?

If you can help your manager answer these four questions, you will be an invaluable asset.

If your sales have seasonal components or other significant cycles, you reverse giving a comparison from the same time last year (February 2017 vs. February 2018) because they will provide a better context than maternal change. Include columns to change the percentage of month-to-month (mother) too. In the table above, for example, we can see that there is one percent of mothers increasing in marketing expenses during February.

What is great is that this one percent increase produces increasing proportionally greater in total range, website visitors, new direction, and new customers. In fact, the cost of getting one additional customer actually decreases two percent! Having concrete insights like that can be very strong when you try to secure a bigger budget or better tools and resources for your department.

Next step: Make it yourself

This article is just a starting point. Tailor templates above to fit your specific requirements. For example, webinars and ebooks consist of most of your digital marketing strategies, you must add the presence of ebook webinars and downloads to your report & other social channels to include in it.

If you are not sure where to find some of these data or how to calculate things like cost per lead, there are many resources out there to help, such as our digital analytic foundation and advanced web analysis training courses.

Finally, ask for feedback from your manager. Is there data that he feels lost? Do they prefer more detail? Your report tends to evolve over time when you and your team determine what is most important, and it’s a good thing. Remember to be willing to experiment and open for feedback.

What do digital marketing managers do?

Digital marketing certification managers are responsible for developing and overseeing online marketing strategies for businesses starting from small startups to large companies. They are tasked with supervising projects and ensuring that digital marketing campaigns run smoothly from beginning to end. They are likely to be responsible for leading teams and acts as the main contact point for clients in the context of B2B.

This is basically a business manager in a digital marketing agency, so they need to have good people skills when you can manage content and build strategies. At a greater or smaller level, they may need fair knowledge about SEO, analytics, advertising, business practices, social media, email marketing, web development, and copywriting.

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