Top Seven Tips To Make Your Phone’s Battery Last Longer

Like us humans, even smartphones are capable of phenomenal accomplishments, but it is pretty evident for them to burn out if they constantly function quickly. Sadly, there is no worse feeling than looking at your phone, only to realize that it runs out of juice, or worse, so completely dead. 

So, before you get to the point where you desperately run looking for an outlet to charge your phone, here are some tips that can help you make your phone’s battery last longer. So, let us get started and address a few tips to ensure that your phone’s battery lasts longer. 

Turn down the phone’s brightness.

‘One of the most effective ways to boost your phone’s battery life is by turning down the brightness in your phone,’ shares Steve, an educator who offers accounting homework help services

Of course, what Steve just said is an obvious thing, but it is indeed something that can make a significant difference. So, if you are still not doing it yet, you need to make that change now. Further, it is always a good idea to put your phone on Auto-Brightness mode. It will ensure that the screen is dimmed automatically when you are in a dark room. 

Never charge all the way up.

Sadly, a lot of us tend to leave our phones on charging overnight, but guess what? This has a deteriorating impact on your phone’s battery. It is because when you leave your phone plugged in and after it reaches 100 percent battery, the battery starts depleting. You may not see an immediate or a short-term difference, but in only months or years from now, the battery’s lifespan will be drastically affected.  

So, the big question is how much should you charge your phone. Experts suggest that if you desire to keep your phone’s battery in good condition for the phone’s life, you should charge the phone between forty to eighty percent across the duration of your phone’s life. 

Further, it would be best if you never waited for the phone’s battery to run to critically low before finally juicing it. 

Or juice it up before a night out, rather than waiting for the battery to run critically low. However, you still need to ensure that you charge your phone’s battery from 0-100 at least once a month. It is a great way to reset the phone and enable a quicker run. 

Avoid the extremes of cold and hot.

If your phone gets very cold or hot, it will shorten the lifespan and even strain the battery. Leaving the phone in the car is indeed one of the worst things you can do, especially if it is hot and sunny outside or below-freezing cold. 

Do not fast charge your phone.

When you charge your phone quickly, it puts a lot of pressure on your phone. So, unless you really need it, you must avoid quick charge at all cost,’ advises Hannah, an educator who works with a platform where you can find ‘do my computer science homework services. 

As a matter of fact, the slower your phone charges, the better it is for the battery. So, if you are okay with slow charging overnight, there can be nothing better. Alternatively, when you plug your phone into the computer, it limits the current that goes to your phone. Hence, the charging rate is slowed down. 

Turn off the location settings.

There are so many applications, which use location services. These apps track your whereabouts. It is very convenient for geotag-based photography and travel apps, but if you keep the settings on full time for all your devices, it may put an enormous strain on your phone’s battery life. In addition, some apps track your location when even not in use. So, you need to take charge and decide which apps can track your location and disable the location services for apps wherein location tracking is not required. 

If you use an iPhone, head to the settings and then go to the Privacy menu. From there, select location services. Further, check all the applications to decide when an application can use location – never, always, or while in active use. Similarly, you can even monitor Android’s location settings by turning the location on or off from the phone’s Quick Settings tile.

Understand the battery usage

‘If your phone’s battery is draining fast, and you cannot comprehend why you need to assess which apps are using the maximum battery immediately. So, for this, head to the Settings menu, wherein you can see the app breakdown and check the degree of battery each of them is using,’ comments Kris, an educator who offers ‘do my assignment service

Usually, one or two applications consume maximum battery, and every other app utilizes only a small percentage. Certain applications, which you use daily tend to drain the battery faster than you know. One such application is Facebook. It uses a huge chunk of your battery by simply refreshing in the background.

Use the airplane mode.

When you put your phone on Airplane mode, it will disable Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GSM, and GPS features. Upon shutting down these auxiliary functions, the devices use only five percent of the energy consumption to keep the screen off. On the other hand, even when your device is idle with everything connected, it can eat up over fifteen percent of the battery.

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