A Quick Guide on Skills for Full-Stack Developer to Possess

With more than 11,000 job openings only in the US, full-stack development ranks the second among highly-sought occupations.

Today, software development is more complex than ever. Each step of the process calls for a specific kind of expert. Now, if you are just starting out as a tech professional, the possibilities are endless. You can choose particular expertise depending on which component of the web application captures your interests.

However, if you are unsure of which area to specialize in, you can become a programmer with a more general list of proficiencies instead, or in other words, a full-stack engineer. Read further into this article and learn how to be a full-stack developer and help jumpstart your career.

What A Full-Stack Development Job Entails

Building a web or mobile application always involves two parts: the front-end and the back-end development. To briefly explain, the front end pertains to anything that a user interacts with, e.g., menu, buttons, search bar, etc. Meanwhile, the back end refers to the servers and databases of the application.

Integrating both the front end and back end, along with the logic layer results in full-stack development. Being a jack of all trades, a full-stack engineer is an asset as he is capable of performing diverse tasks. This flexibility and a wide range of skills also benefit tech firms from a business standpoint.

Not to mention, being a full-stack developer is one of the most lucrative jobs. In fact, according to a global job search platform called Indeed, the annual salary can reach up to $108,109 in the USA. Moreover, full-stack engineering ranks as the second best job in America for 2022 and has currently about 11,252 open vacancies.

Technical Skills To Possess

One of the essential full-stack developer skills to have is a good grasp of different front-end technologies like React, Angular, Vue.js, etc. Furthermore, an engineer must possess a keen understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are basically the building blocks for web development. As for the back end, some of the important languages to learn are Java, Python, PHP, and Ruby.

Web applications entail storing data, and, thus, full-stack developers should be able to work with either SQL or NoSQL databases. In addition, having a knack for the data structure is useful, so the engineers know how to write queries in the most efficient way.

Being familiar with version control tools like Git, which is used to track changes in the source code, is another helpful skill. Owning a profile on GitHub is also nifty since the instrument has already become a standard for managing Git repositories.

Lastly, one of the full-stack developer skills required is knowing Hypertext Transfer Protocol, which is how a web client communicates with a server, and Representational State Transfer, an architectural standard that allows transmission from the front end to the back end.

Importance Of Soft Skills

While often overlooked, soft skills do have a place in any company. A full-stack engineer needs good organizational and time management skills when handling huge projects in order to meet deadlines. Approaching roadblocks at work also involves planning and collaborating with others, such as the project manager, fellow developers, etc., so communication skills are handy.

Another example is cultivating a growth mindset. Changes in software development occur rapidly and can be overwhelming. However, a programmer with a growth mindset will try to find a solution to something they do not know instead of letting a problem fester.

In all, full-stack developer skills should not only be technical but incorporated with the emotional intelligence of a person, too, especially when searching for qualified teams to accomplish a software development project. Doing so results in a more holistic and, perhaps, smoother approach.

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