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10 Unique Video Templates for Social Video Marketing

Whether you’re a business owner or a personal user, you want your social media profiles and websites to receive the most engagement. In a world that’s saturated with information, how do you stand out? Luckily, you can use an online video maker to create stunning videos that garner attention. Use this digital solution and explore inspiring templates to make video creation a breeze.

Moreover, templates are a great tool for boosting social video marketing. The latter is a major component of an integrated marketing plan that aims to boost audience engagement. Thus, creating social videos means focusing on short-form content that’s used to captivate attention and drive engagement. With this, you will get more likes, shares, and comments on your social media profiles. Find out more about it below.

Why Use the Templates Library in Your Online Video Maker?

Using a template makes sense because it makes your life easy. With templates, you can choose a theme you like, and you’re done in minutes. These short templates come with online video maker apps. They offer a powerful method of storytelling. Though it’s a short snippet, it can evoke strong emotions. Remember, to make an impact on your audience; you need to touch their hearts.

Templates allow you to tell stories that kindle strong emotions in your viewers. Best of all, you’ve got a ready-made design and theme that suits your purpose. That’s certainly better than creating things from scratch! More importantly, your online video makerallows you to tweak the templates. You can add customization features like:

  • Change colors
  • Add fonts
  • Include own pics or clips
  • Add branding details

The Top 10 Coolest and Most Unique Video Templates

Your online video makerhas a template for every possible occasion. From birthdays to celebrating Peanut Butter Lover’s Day, you can find one. The most popular themed templates were specifically curated for both personal and business use.

Just peruse the template library to find out what’s trending. You can also stick to the classics like promotional deal templates or even Christmas video postcards. Best of all, you can customize the templates in your online video maker for free. Check out these cool template examples below:

1. Business Woman’s Day

There’s nothing like woman empowerment to make an impactful message. With this template, you can show why businesswomen are changing the world and shatter glass ceilings. Therefore, there’s no better way than this to inspire your women’s followers. Also, remind the men that girls can also kick ass.

2. Exciting Road Trip Adventure

Who doesn’t enjoy road trip adventures? After all, everyone deserves a chance to unwind from the complexities of life. Hence, with this template, you will enjoy upbeat music and these images:

  • Beach vistas
  • Summer sun
  • Couple sitting on a convertible
  • Maps

All of these elements certainly spell that fun summer vibe. Entice your audience to take a break and go on an adventure.

3. Happy Pi Day

This template is not just for the fun-loving nerds out there. It is a great reminder for students to stay focused on their studies. Pi Day is a Greek symbol used to represent a mathematical constant which is 3.14. Thus, you will find people celebrating Pi Day around the world on March 14 or 3/14.

Additionally, this day is Albert Einstein’s birthday, a genius scientist who proves the power of knowledge and education. Besides, Pi Day is also a great day to eat pie.

4. Weekend Vibes

One thing the majority of adults share in common is the love for Fridays. TGI! Notably, most adults stress out from Monday to Friday to work. After a long, tiring work week, these hard-working folks deserve that break. This online video makersays I love you Friday with an office worker chilling on a recliner. Yep, weekend vibes are indeed always welcome.

5. Inspiration Day

In a tough world, everyone can use a bit of inspiration. Hence, this touching template will provide a huge dose of motivation for your followers. It contains this special message:

  • Success is not final
  • Failure is not fatal
  • It is the courage to continue that counts!

6. Graduation

Use this super cool graduation template to honor all Zoom graduates. It depicts a toga-wearing graduate with a mask on. With graduation season looming on the horizon, this tongue-in-cheek template is the perfect way to honor hardworking graduates.

They busted their ass off even amid strict lockdown measures. This pandemic has certainly not been easy, but they managed to submit and comply with all the requirements. Therefore, they deserve a pat on the back for a job well done!

7. There is No Elevator to Success

Indeed there is no elevator to success. With this online video maker template, you provide inspiration for all to continue their hustle. It depicts a guy going up a long flight of stairs alone. Besides, the journey to the top rests on your own self. Remind one and all to grind hard to reach those dreams!

8. It’s Time to Honor America’s Heroes

Remind your social media followers that they enjoy their security and freedom today, thanks to fallen heroes who defended the nation. Moreover, this video perfectly encapsulates how to support the families of the fallen during the memorial day or veteran day. Nothing can be more important than honoring the bravery and courage of these soldiers. Encourage your followers to give their heartfelt salute.

9. Day of Families

The most important social unit in life is the family. Thus, you must remind your follower of the 3 current facts about families that they do not know. Encourage everyone to appreciate their families. After all, parents get older, and, unfortunately, death is an inevitable part of life. Therefore, show gratitude before it’s too late.

10. Chasing Health

Finally, remind everyone that exercise is not vanity but a necessity. Hence, show them this cool template that states, “I am not merely running, I am chasing health.” Besides, health is the true wealth.

The Final Wrap Up

In conclusion, this template feature in your online video maker is a life-saving solution that makes video editing easy. Firstly, you can replace stock images with your own photos. Secondly, you can replace colors or even add a watermark. Finally, if you have a song in mind, you can swap out the music too. The only thing you need to do is post the final video and prep for your next video project.

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