Five Things That Happen When You Are Using a VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and it is a way to encrypt and secure data between multiple internet-connected devices. By using a VPN like Surfshark, people from all over the world can connect their computers securely to another computer, which then makes it appear as if they are physically connected to that other machine. For instance, if someone goes on holiday to France and connects their laptop in a hotel room without using a VPN, what will happen is that when they go onto their bank’s website or any sites that have personal information regarding them, then this data can be cut off by anyone who has access to the open Wi-Fi connection at the hotel.

This means that someone could steal their username and password, and they could potentially be able to see what you are looking at online. By using a VPN, people can encrypt their data and not worry about anyone stealing it. This is primarily because the proxy service means that the websites they visit will think they are connecting from another country, thus no one knows who is actually behind the connection or where they are located geographically.


So far, there have been several reasons already mentioned, why people are using VPN services. If someone is living in New Zealand, but wants access to BBC Player for example, this would give them access to watch the shows. It is also useful for expats living in foreign countries who want to be able to access sites like Myspace, Facebook, and Bebo which only operate on servers located within exact geographic boundaries or nations.

Five Things That Happen When You Are Using a VPN:

  1. You can watch Foreign TV Services which are not available in your Country
  2. Being able to access Sites like Myspace, Facebook, And Bebo from Overseas outsiders
  3. “A VPN Service can help People by making them appear as if they are connected From another Nation or locality For Privacy Reasons” –
  4. Faster connection Speeds as traffic is not redirected through a minimum of two Servers
  5. VPN’s Are Very Easy To Setup and Use. All users need is a Username, Password, and a Connection Name/Server Address


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