No Multitasking: 8 Strategies To Boost Your Entrepreneur Career

Entrepreneurs are at the helm of an entire company. They have to deal with many responsibilities in order not to lose potential profit. They invest in risky businesses, attract investors and target audiences, and recruit staff. Unfortunately, people are rarely talented in everything at once, so sometimes even battle-scarred businessmen make mistakes. Having all this in mind, there is only one question – is it possible to improve your skills and career? The answer is – yes, it is! Check out the article to find out more.

Say No to Multitasking

Multitasking is popular among entrepreneurs today. Many applicants actively write it in a cover letter or focus the attention of the resume writers on this quality when asking them: “write my resume for me, please.” This term literally means juggle several tasks at once. However, almost always this approach leads to nothing except for exhaustion and burnout. Multitasking can be the reason for your brain to get scrambled faster. Scientists have proven that our brains can only cope with two tasks at a time. As you increase the load, you will get tired faster, thus making mistakes more often. In the long run, It will take a lot of your time to fix them and time is money.

Cultivate Your Education

In the Epoque of life-long learning, self-development is a must-have for every person.  The lack of proper education is particularly noticeable by those who have no experience in the business sphere. They will have to learn many things in practice through trial and error.  To achieve business goals, you need to not only work hard but also constantly learning, improving your skills. Today there is nothing wrong with the lack of a specialized degree as long as you are ready to fill the gaps.

Fortunately, we live in a digital age, so you can find the pivotal materials right from your work computer. You can even get higher education remotely, absorbing the knowledge of world experts without being distracted from business management. A reasonable piece of advice would be to hit the books on your profile first. Use the step-by-step method and choose the subjects according to your interest. 

Mind Your Menu

As the long-living maximum goes:” You are what you eat”, and that’s the absolute truth. Diet affects not only your well-being but also your productivity. A deficiency of vitamins and minerals means that mental activity slows down, a person quickly gets tired and becomes irritable. Clearly, it has little to do with efficient business management. If you want to feel good and be productive, mind your diet thoroughly. 

First and foremost, the diet must be balanced. To keep your brain active and healthy, scientists recommend eating more oily fish, nuts and seeds, citrus fruits, and greens. Avoid fast carbohydrates and caffeinated beverages, as they decrease your productivity. 

Try to Work Close to the Window

Have you ever find yourself getting tired extremely fast with no apparent reason? Indeed, low productivity is a plight for an entrepreneur, because every day he has to solve a lot of important tasks. The problem may not lay in the obvious unhealthy diet or sleep deprivation. The lack of sunlight can seriously hinder productivity. 

The crux is that without daylight our organism is incapable of producing vitamin D. Therefore, try to organize your workplace with high proximity to the window. The best would be if your window will face the sunny side. Natural light increases our performance and makes us more creative. 

Wave Goodbye to Distractors

Every white-collar’s pain in the neck is being constantly distracted when trying to work at the computer. These can be social networks, notifications from applications, news sites. It can be really hard to ignore them and consequently you waste a lot of time browsing through the information you don’t need. The first step you can undertake to tackle the problem eliminate all distractions. Block social networks, turn off notifications and sound on your smartphone. You can also use special extensions that will prohibit you from visiting entertainment and news sites during business hours. 

The End of Perfectionism

As Voltaire has stated a long time ago: “ The best is the enemy of the good”. Unfortunately, just a few heed this piece of advice. There is nothing wrong with striving to be successful. However, the odds are you won’t be able to actually succeed in being a cream of the crop. Trying to be perfect at all costs will do you more harm than good. 

Remember that no one in this world is perfect, including yourself and your business. For a great leader and entrepreneur, it will be a sounder to critically assess the weak points. Identify them, then decide how to fix them. This kind of work is much more rewarding than trying to achieve unattainable perfection. 

Sleep Tight

The fact is that chronic lack of sleep can lead to health problems. It also harms your mental well-being. However, green entrepreneurs rarely realize the importance of sleep. They deliberately sleep lesser, with an aspiration that time saved can now be spent for work. As lack of sleep can greatly affect your well-being, consequently, your productivity also decreases. For this reason, you can perform your duties poorly than usual and due to inattentiveness, you will be much luckier to make the mistakes. Healthy sleep should last between 7-9 hours. You’d better avoid heavy dinners, social media scrolling, and caffeinated beverages so you can fall asleep earlier in the evenings.

It is better to go to bed no later than 23:00 as early birds settle much more deals in the morning than the night owls who can rest in beds until lunchtime. 

Engage with Influential People

Communication is an important tool for networking and sharing experiences. Try to make powerful acquaintances with veteran entrepreneurs. They will introduce you to all the ins and outs of the current business management. Absorb such knowledge thoroughly. You can also search for new contact on the Web. For example, visit forums dedicated to your business niche and find out useful tips from specialists. 

Bring it On

This is a complete guide, you just have to start following it point by point. Strike the balance in everything, keep an insatiable appetite for progress, and, most importantly, believe in yourself, then success will not keep you waiting long! 

Author’s Bio

Carmella Andersson works as a resume writer for the WriteMyResumes company. It allows her to improve her critical and creative thinking skills.

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