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7 Best Web Development Frameworks in 2022

Web development frameworks are very popular these days. They are used even by the best website development companies, which do it very skillfully and professionally. If you do not know what web development frameworks are and how they can be useful, then this article is for you. Now we will analyze what a framework is and what tasks it copes with. In our other materials, you can read about how to choose the best web development company.

What Exactly Is a Web Development Framework?

Let’s start by discussing what a framework is. Frameworks are software tools that simplify the development and maintenance of technically challenging or demanding projects. The framework often just includes the most fundamental software modules, and the developer builds all project-specific components on top of those modules. As a result, not only is quick solution creation achieved but so are high performance and dependability.

Developing websites and web apps on a platform called a web framework makes it easier to design and integrate various parts of a sizable software project. This platform is especially well suited for developing sophisticated websites, business applications, and online services because of its vast possibilities for implementing business logic and great speed.

What Kinds of Frameworks Exist?

From a commercial perspective, creating a project in a framework rather than implementing it in a pure programming language without using any platforms is nearly always more affordable and produces better outcomes. Only two situations allow for platformless development to be the best option. Either the project is really straightforward and doesn’t need any further work, or it is quite complex and needs very little optimization. It is thought that a software platform for website development ecommerce for small businesses is more efficient and effective.

So, there are only two types of frameworks that exist. Here they are:

  • Server-side.
  • Client-side.

Let’s speak about the first one. As you know, an important part of drawing customers in and presenting them with a superior offering is the application interface. The events that take place behind the scenes, however, also affect the overall experience. Developers may add critical functionality and program the logic that underlies an application using the server-side web development platform. It allows you to change the complete URL structure, enable a variety of capabilities, and develop procedures for managing application HTTP requests. Each of these is essential to the application’s dependable performance.

At the same time, the client platforms manage the application’s interface. They allow programmers to control many things, for instance, what users see, how they use the software, and how the program reacts to different inputs. The majority of frameworks alter how the JavaScript layer functions on the user’s device for development-oriented applications. Instead of focusing on the programming language when choosing a client-side framework, developers should consider the functionality they wish to include in the application.

Advantages of Using Web Development Frameworks

What accounts for the popularity of web development frameworks? This is due to a number of factors. First of all, building on a framework enables simple project maintenance. Furthermore, using such a framework makes it very simple to develop any business procedures. Additionally, framework-based solutions are easily scalable and modernizable. Second, compared to the majority of popular CMS, framework solutions are typically significantly quicker and more load-bearing. For this reason, a large number of well-known online shops use frameworks rather than boxed content management systems (CMS). Well, security is the most frequently cited benefit of frameworks. Framework-based solutions are far superior to self-written systems and equivalent to CMS in terms of security. As a result, some people believe that websites built using frameworks are significantly safer.

Top Web Development Frameworks

Here are the best and most reliable web development frameworks we advise you to use.


React.js, a client-side framework developed by Facebook, has recently become one of the most widely used web development frameworks. Despite its numerous benefits, its ability to scale effectively and retain top performance regardless of the application’s size and level of use is its most important one.


One of the most potent PHP-based development frameworks is Laravel, which is highly regarded. It offers a variety of capabilities that may be tailored to practically any project and adheres to the model-view-controller architecture. The creators of several well-known websites and web apps chose it because of its generally simple syntax.

Ruby on Rails

The most well-liked framework for Ruby developers is, without a doubt, Ruby on Rails. Convention Over Configuration and Don’t Repeat Yourself are only two of the many web development design patterns and concepts that it introduced.


This is a Python development framework. Its administrative interface and a great degree of customizability make it a popular choice among many app owners. A strong template system, a number of security features, simple database migration, and integrated RSS and Atom feeds are just a few of Django’s features.

An open-source, cross-platform framework for server-side web development is called An architecture that needs less code and maintenance, good support for developing cloud-based and IoT apps, and lightning-fast performance are among the features.


It is a TypeScript development framework that has received much acclaim for its modular design and capacity to produce apps that look fantastic on both mobile and desktop platforms. The extensive list of built-in default functions is one of its key advantages.


The objective of Symfony, like those of the other frameworks on this list, is to expedite the creation of web applications. The directory structure may be changed, third-party libraries can be included, and the framework can be integrated with other tools to aid in testing and debugging. Webmasters are free to do pretty much anything they want.

Final Thoughts

Well, we just looked at what web development frameworks are and what they can be useful for.

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