What Is Supply Chain Visibility?

If your business has a direct or indirect connection to logistics, you may have realized the importance of supply chain visibility for it.

You are not the only one who thinks about its importance. Since the start of the pandemic in early 2020, many businesses have realized that supply chain visibility is necessary to stay competitive.

The customer’s demands have been exponentially growing from time to time. Therefore, it is sensible to strive for visibility.

What is supply chain visibility?

For those who don’t know, supply chain visibility is the ability to track and trace particular orders in between the nodes of the supply chain. That includes dispatching from the warehouse to the customer’s address. But from the business point of view, it could trace back to the raw materials. So, the SCV should be applicable from the raw materials that come from the suppliers to the final products that arrive at the end customers. There’s a possibility that the customers are not satisfied with the products, so reverse logistics will take place.

The main objective of supply chain visibility is to improve the supply chain process by increasing transparency in information transfer between the vendors, stakeholders, partners, and customers. Since we’ve mentioned all of the parties involved in the supply chain, it is also not an exaggeration to say that every party in it really needs to achieve a high level of SCV.

Back then, attaining the SCV was optional for some businesses. But nowadays, it is a necessity. To reach that level of visibility, you can get the SCV tools and shipment visibility platform from Agistix to enable every node in the supply chain to access real-time information regarding product movement. That works for both the inflow and outflow of the products.

Why is supply chain visibility crucial for most businesses?

Regardless of the scale of the business, the SCV is highly important for all of them. From small to mid-sized businesses, startups, enterprises, and large companies, supply chain visibility can be a huge difference between success and failure.

Experts have emphasized the importance of supply chain visibility a lot. The main objective of it is to effect a betterment in the supply chain by improving the transparency of information in every part of the supply chain.

Supply chain visibility must be available to all of the parties involved in the supply chain. It is all about knowing where the inventory or cargo is at a specific time. Besides the real-time location, the participants will be able to see the exact condition of the items. The products in transit can be traced when they move from the starting point to the address of the customers.

It has become more important to improve the supply chain. Bad supply chain visibility allows the business to quickly take action to prevent problems from happening. In real-time, the providers will be able to locate the disruption and make the right decision based on the good insights pulled out of the data.

In the global market, competition is high. Being transparent is a bonus point that many customers would love to see.

Modern customers have high expectations and dynamic demands. They want to keep checking on the status of their order. They are expecting to be able to check their order status at any time, anywhere they want. Not to mention, the information must be clear and responsible.

That raises the bar for the competition. Companies that are not able to meet the customers’ demand could leave the competition table in no time. It does not take a long time until the customers decide to take on another vendor for their purpose.

The main goal of supply chain visibility is to improve the supply chain by making order information available to all stakeholders.

Most experts even confirm that visibility is not an option but a necessity.

Here are the reasons why supply chain visibility is important to be considered in the supply chain.

The complexity of supply chain management

The organizations are using numerous modes of logistics and carriers to send the products. It is possible that your business is working with multiple partners at the same time. This is what makes the tracking of the order more complex. Each vendor might have different methods of service. And these differences often lead to less visibility. It is challenging to collaborate with them to unlock information transparency for the sake of the customers. The best solution to overcome the complexity of SCM is to improve the level of your supply chain visibility.

Customer demands

What your customers demand in the future could be different than today. Not to mention, there are plenty of options that they can choose to match their preferences. Modern customers are expecting shorter product cycle times. They are expecting the packages to arrive on time. They are easily disappointed when they experience late deliveries. It is true that there is high demand. But you can nail it as long as you reach the SCV. Companies need a transparent and more effective supply chain. With better data and information, they can maintain a high quality of services that always satisfy the customers.

Being compliant

One of the irreplaceable benefits of SCV is its compliance with the regulations. When you use the best SCV solution from Agistix, you will be able to trace the changes in the regulations and requirements by the government, customers, and other authorities. This perk is indeed relevant for businesses that are participating in the global market. Businesses can trace the regulations and requirements’ dynamicity so that they will always be ready to make changes in their practices to stay compliant.

Agistix is a great firm that concentrates on supply chain visibility software. By using their solutions, your business will stay on the right track for SCV improvement. Agistix offers solutions to clients across different industrial sectors. Name your business and categorize it, and they will be ready to help you. You can even request a free demo to see how Agistix solutions can help you.

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