Food Safety and Food Compliance Software

The food safety industry has got to meet a variety of federal and native compliance rules. Jadian helps you to take care of and lift your compliance levels to realize a competitive advantage for your business.

Consumer concerns, global food production and distribution, and continually changing certification and accreditation bring a confusing array of issues to watch. Gain a competitive advantage and cut margins with software that helps you in raising your compliance levels. Food safety application allows you to have full control of your food, safety, and compliance management.

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Importance of food safety

Each country has its own food authority. Which formulates guidelines in the matter of food and drink. It is very important to follow the principles of food safety. Food Safety is internationally recognized. Which are regulated by the regulatory authority. Food safety arrangements are very effective. Food safety software plays a role in the framework of safety precautions.

Food safety protects us from diseases.

Food safety plays an important role in our lives. Food safety keeps our food and drinks safe. If we do not pay attention to food safety, many diseases can occur in our food and drink. Which will harm us in every way. Many diseases can enter our bodies if we do not pay attention to food safety. Which initially causes nausea and abdominal pain. There is such software to protect consumers from these diseases. At every stage of food processing, it can take precautionary measures to protect consumers from any foodborne illness.

Benefits of Food Safety Software

The advantage of food safety software is that it can give you an automatic food safety schedule. It is important to note that automation of food safety schedules is essential for all food safety issues. This type of technology will also provide alerts if you ever miss anything. This can help ensure that you have full control points and that you are qualified to ensure food quality.

Food safety compliance software is very important for all businesses that are selling food to ensure that it is safe.

The software can:

  • Monitor food safety and nutritional quality.
  • Manage compliance standards including HACCP and other important regulations.
  • Make record keeping automated and standard.
  • Easily access important records and data from a web-based system.
  • Increase traceability and visibility with easy-to-use platforms
  • Communicate with easy tools across all aspects of your business
  • Create reports required to monitor and comply with regulatory standards
  • Help you find ways to exceed the standards and gain a competitive advantage 

HACCP Compliance

This document provides general background, a reference guide, and more practical information about HACCP (Risk Analysis Critical Control Points).

The HACCP Principle

  1. Hazard analysis.
  2. Determination of critical control points (CCPs).
  3. Establishment of critical limits.
  4. Establishment of a monitoring system.
  5. Establishment of corrective actions.
  6. Establishment of verification procedures.
  7. Establishment of documentation and registration.

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