PRO Tips To Design a Circular Logo That Harmonizes Your Brand

The logo is just a small part of such a broad concept as branding. Nowadays, branding includes many areas, from interior design to communication style on social networks. Nevertheless, the logo has been and remains the main element of most branding strategies. We can say that creating a great business logo rests on three pillars, they are confident design skills, creative concept, and competent implementation.

Any smart designer can create a standard logo, but what if you are not a designer? We created a list of recommendations for you to understand all the trends in logo design, especially round ones. You will be able to use any resource as easily as a free online invitation maker and other tools. As we can see round logos are in great demand in all areas. The circle is the most popular geometric shape for logo design. 

This classic solution does not lose its relevance over time. There is a lot of variety in logo designs, but geometric shapes are always at the core. The circle stands out among them. Once again this classic solution remains relevant thanks to its excellent compatibility with other shapes and symbols. A round logo becomes the best option when forming a corporate identity. 

Where Round Logos are Used

A logo in a circle is suitable for use in any field. For example, this is the option chosen by Starbucks coffee. The round logo was chosen by the WordPress site management system and the BMW car brand. These examples show that there are no restrictions on the use of a circle in logo design whether you hire a logo designer or use an online logo maker. It always looks stylish and attracts the necessary attention.

A circle for a logo can symbolize different things depending on the application:

  • the seriousness and stability of the company (banking, finance, accounting, government agencies, architecture, information technology);
  • association with a natural form (eco-technologies, cosmetology, gardening);
  • harmony and balance of movement (dance schools, sports, and fitness).

An oval logo can be called a special case of this shape. These geometric shapes are similar in appearance, sometimes the oval helps to express the design intent even better.

General Recommendations

The lack of corners makes round logos pleasing to the eye. This is the reason that this form is often chosen by designers. The use of nuances acquires meaning, the circle itself will not give the logo the meaning that you want to convey to the consumer. You can use round objects as a base. For example, environmental organizations often make emblems where the circle becomes the symbol of the planet Earth.

The name fits well into such logos. The stylistic features of the font should correspond to the theme. An example is the Seed of change, when looking at the logo it immediately becomes clear that the company is related to the environment. You don’t even need to know English to read the title.

Another important recommendation is the absence of unnecessary elements. Don’t overload your work. An element symbolizing the line of business of the company and the name are more than enough. Excessive information can alienate the consumer. A large number of elements indicate that the owners of the organization themselves do not understand what they want. Minimalism is the gold standard for design.

Color Selection

The color scheme corresponds to the type of the company’s activity. Burger King fast-food restaurants use colors in their logo that are associated with the food they serve. Burgundy and yellow are reminiscent of a sandwich, and the logo is well remembered, which provides recognition. It is difficult to confuse a brand logo with something else.

Individual colors can attract particular attention. The red circle seems to say “look at me”, here you need to pick up additional elements in order to accurately convey the essence of the message.

A beautiful logo sometimes becomes the key to success. There are several methods for using a circle to create an emblem. First of all, the circle can contain the entire logo, representing its border. The label can be placed in the center of the circle, below or above it. This option is the simplest, therefore it is used by a large number of companies.

The round shape of the logo can be conditional. The circle itself in this case does not outline the border, it is obtained as a combination of the location of other elements. This option has a complex design, but it guarantees memorization at a glance. The scope of imagination of designers is not limited by anything.

The use of a circle in the formation of a logo does not always define the overall geometric shape. Round elements can be part of an emblem of any kind, be it a square, or a rhombus, it can even symbolize an object or use as a basis for a photo. Champagne and sparkling wine producers use the circle in their logos as a symbol for bubbles.

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