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With the 2022 tax season approaching, many accountants and certified accountants will be thrilled with the business opportunities it offers. However, most of them still use traditional QuickBooks (QB) desktops without remote access (required for the 2022 tax season), which ultimately undermines overall potential and is the next tax. You will not be able to make the most of the season.

QuickBooks Server Hosting Services amplifies the capabilities that QB Desktop already has, so you can be more productive and improve your business performance. Ultimately, it improves your organization’s perspective and allows you to reach your full potential.

1. Increase productivity

Employees working remotely are 13% more productive. As workloads increase significantly during the 2022 tax season, take a similar approach by having employees work remotely, increase overall productivity, and better manage workloads. I can. This is useful for hosting QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud, but you don’t have remote access to traditional QB solutions.

It is also beneificial for the company itself. With increased employee productivity, the company can achieve better results. Not to mention, hosting plans are quite affordable these days. However, as an alternative you can check for cheap hosting plan on Hostinger. It only costs $1.99 per month, which can be even a better choice to part of the people.

2. Better security

QuickBooks Desktop’s cybersecurity infrastructure lacks the depth and sophistication to prevent modern cyberattacks and can easily be compromised to access such valuable data. 

QuickBooks Desktop in the cloud is deployed with the latest anti-hacking tools to prevent hackers from exploiting cybersecurity infrastructure. Reputable QuickBooks hosting providers use high-level security measures such as bank encryption, multi-factor authentication, intrusion detection and prevention systems (IDPs), anti-malware, and AI monitoring to enhance the security of your data. 

3. Assured uptime

Whether it is the classic QB desktop or a hosted QuickBooks solution, every solution is hooked with some downtime issue. With your employees working their hardest to complete projects rapidly, downtime is the last thing you will want to happen during the tax season of 2022. Yet, the outage time in both systems varies greatly. A reputed QB provider can provide up to 99.999% Service Level Agreement (SLA) backed uptime availability, which reduces your overall downtime to just around six minutes per year!

4. Unobstructed data availability

The traditional desktop environment is saved locally. Local data storage can easily be destroyed by a variety of human and environmental factors. If the database is corrupted during the 2022 tax season, the entire organization will be paralyzed, leading to significant losses. 

The reputable QuickBooks hosting provider backs up QB data to multiple strategically located data centers to minimize damage from environmental factors.

5. Easy collaboration

Accountants find it difficult to collaborate with team members and clients in a traditional QB environment. Their usual collaboration method involves repeatedly sending files until the task is complete. While it gets the job done, this pre-and post-exchange often results in multiple file versions, which are cumbersome and confusing to manage. 

It also slows down the system by occupying unnecessary disk space. However, the cloud-hosted QuickBooks desktop provides a centralized database that makes it easy for anyone to collaborate with the help of Desktop as a Service providers. Stakeholders can access the central database while working to make the necessary changes in real-time.

6. Simplified IT management

With hosted QuickBooks, all infrastructure management is handled by the QuickBooks hosting provider. Managing endpoints is much easier than managing internal infrastructure.


With hosted QuickBooks, all infrastructure management is handled by the QuickBooks hosting provider. Managing endpoints is much easier than managing internal infrastructure.

Hosting QuickBooks with the providers like Apps4rent who are expertise in guiding on are also Microsoft Office Migration service provides multiple benefits for end-users. For instance, you can enjoy auto-updates, data entry automation, and remote access.

Learn more about managed vs unmanaged VPS hosting.

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