5 Best Sales Enablement Tools to Rising Sales for Smashing Success

Every sales team relies on some tools to generate leads and sales for their businesses. No matter how talented a team is, they will need to find and use sales tools to manage their operations. We did some research to create a list of the 5 best sales tools that help a team directly.

Before you go through this list, we recommend considering your requirements to figure out how many tools you need. Also, you can check the pricing of all the tools to know how much they cost you to integrate technology into your team.


CocoSign is one of the most reliable tools to generate some leads for your business. The platform offers a lot of useful templates to help you draft some emails for your email marketing. Also, you can draft some agreements and many other sales-related documents with its templates.

Now, the most popular solution of this platform is an electronic signature. Whenever you create an agreement, you can sign it digitally using this solution. Also, you can share some documents through the same platform and get them signed with a single link. 

The solution works as a complete solution for sales teams. You can easily create some email templates and check the progress of your campaign on this platform. Once you get some leads, you can close them using the available templates on this platform. We recommend checking out its website to learn more about the offered solutions.

Here’s what we love about this platform:

  • CocoSign is an affordable tool for large sales teams
  • The solution is easy to use and you do not need an expert to adopt it in your sales funnel
  • The solution offers secured access to digital signature technology

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most popular tools for sales experts. You do not need to worry about managing any sales process when you are backed by an application like this. Hubspot offers three different types of solutions to its customers. 

You can check out all three plans to understand which one suits you the most. For now, we can say that the first option, i.e., Hubspot Sales free is enough for any company to begin their sales process with a strong foundation. 

Hubspot is not just about the tools as there are many helpful templates, guides, and blog posts that will help you improve your sales process.

Here are the reasons why we love Hubspot:

  • The leading platform for sales teams
  • Offers a lot of free templates and services to its customers
  • Works as a complete solution and you won’t need any other platform to mix with your sales strategy

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professionals. However, LinkedIn’s sales solution is way more than networking as it lets you generate some quick leads with the solution. It offers some useful insights into your sales campaign with millions of potential customers. Thus, you can always rely on LinkedIn sales solutions to start your campaign on a positive note. The application also comes with some data that lets you make decisions regarding your product and services.

The platform offers email services to connect with any LinkedIn user you want. If you think carefully, you will realize that it is a golden opportunity that lets you connect with your potential customers through direct messages. 

Here are a few things we love about this tool:

  • Access to millions of potential clients with no additional costs
  • Some advanced tools to help you use the data properly
  • One of the most trusted platforms where your potential customers are willing to connect with you, improving your lead’s quality

4. Calendly

Sales are not just about contacting the prospects to market your product or service. It is a complete process that starts from the research and ends when the customer buys your services. In the process, you will need applications like Calendly to schedule calls, meetings, and counseling sessions. 

That is why Calendly is a perfect application to complete your sales toolkit. You can easily update your schedule on your website and the prospects can choose a time for the meetings. 

The good thing is you can upload your preferred timings so that the party can understand your working hours and choose a time accordingly. 

Here are a few things you need to know  about this tool:

  • You can get a 14-day trial of this service before paying a single dollar
  • It saves you a lot of time by eliminating the need to schedule meetings
  • You can easily integrate it on any application or website

5. Zoom

The last application on our list is Zoom. It is an online video-conferencing application that lets you host online meetings, conferences, and events for easy communication. The Covid-19 pandemic created the best ground for the service as many businesses adopted it in the same period. 

If your sales strategy requires you to connect with your customers, you can adopt this application. It offers different free and plans for all types of businesses. 

The good thing is that the application is already used by hundreds of thousands of businesses for their operations. Mostly, digital marketing agencies go for this tool to improve their communications. 

Here are the things we like about this application:

  • The easy to use interface  that any business can adopt
  • Perfect solution for a quick meeting without any registration
  • Small businesses can use free plains with limited options


Half of your success in sales depends on what type of tools you are using. Therefore, it is important to add the right set of tools to your sales toolkit to get some positive results. We shared the five most popular tools to help you improve your sales strategy effectively.

Some of these applications like CocoSign, LinkedIn, and  Zoom offer free solutions to their customers. However, you can always upgrade to the paid plans to get better results.

We recommend you prepare a new strategy with these tools and give your company a fresh start.

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