Review of Foxit PDF Editor: For Knowledge Workers And More

The portable document format or PDF, has always been an excellent format for sharing and distributing documents for several reasons. For one, PDF files inherently have small file sizes and, as such, take no time to transfer from one place to another. In addition, programs designed for other data types, like Microsoft Word or Google Chrome, can open PDF files. 

Perhaps its main downside is that you cannot edit documents in PDF format using incompatible software. To do that, you must use specific programs called PDF editors.

For these reasons, PDF is among the most commonly used formats by knowledge workers or anyone whose job involves dealing with all kinds of information, for that matter.

Introduction to PDF editors

As the name implies, PDF editors are programs designed to make changes to various elements in a PDF document. These may include texts, images, electronic signature, and other objects. Although these programs have the same purpose, the extent to which they can edit a PDF file varies according to their features. Below are some examples of what you can do with a PDF editor:

  • Add, delete, and edit texts
  • Add, delete, and edit multimedia (images, GIFs, audio, video)
  • Convert a document’s format
  • Collaborate with other people in the same document 
  • Set up a reading assistant

Naturally, those with fewer features would have lesser editing capabilities. Similarly, editors with a higher number will be superior in terms of editing capability. As such, you must make sure you choose excellent PDF editors, and Foxit PDF Editor is one such option.

An overview of Foxit PDF Editor

Foxit PDF Editor is, in essence, the PDF editor product of Foxit, a company that develops software relating to the Portable Document Format.

While the Foxit PDF Editor technically has similar functionality as other editors, some factors set it apart from its competitors. You can learn more about the software by reading the description of this video:

Other examples of their offerings include PDF Reader, Smart Redact, and Foxit eSign. All these services are for more efficient use of PDF files.

With that in mind, let’s look at a review of Foxit PDF Editor to see its pros and cons and how it compares with similar programs. 

Pros of Foxit PDF Editor

1. The software is feature-rich

Most programs rely heavily on their features for functionality. As stated earlier, more features generally mean greater capabilities. Fortunately, Foxit PDF Editor isn’t lacking in these features. It has the basic functionality of PDF editors and more. Here’s a look at the features of Foxit PDF Editor that you’d rarely find in other programs:

  • Convert to different formats

Many PDF editors lack the feature that converts to or from PDF/other formats. Usually, you have to export the document first and change the format by typing in a different file extension. Meanwhile, Foxit PDF Editor has a section of features dedicated solely to document conversion.

  • Export images

As the name implies, this feature allows you to export all images within a document. The program does this by scanning the document for any object that contains bitmap and raster data, which usually only includes photos. It then generates an image based on the collected data (e.g., color, pixels, format). This feature is handy if you want to extract the assets the owner used to create the document and use it to craft your own.

  • Accessibility

You can find several tabs on the Foxit PDF Editor menu bar. One such tab is Accessibility—a term that refers to how well people with disabilities can digest the contents of a document. In this tab, you’ll find numerous features contributing to the file’s accessibility. You can change color contrast for low-vision individuals, set up reading assistants for those with reading problems, and more.

  • Audio & Video and Add 3D

Aside from images, you can also add other graphical elements to your documents, like videos or 3D shapes. The program can insert audio files as well. These two features can improve the visual aspect of a document.

2. The license is affordable and comes in a one-time payment plan

Many PDF editors have subscription-based payment schemes. Basically, they require you to pay monthly or annually to continue using the program. It may have its advantages, but this can be unfortunate if you want to invest in a PDF editor you intend to use forever.

The good news is you can buy a license of Foxit PDF Editor in a one-time payment, meaning you no longer have to pay again. It may be more expensive than the monthly or annual fees, but it’s the more economically viable option in the long run. The one-time payment is USD$119.00 or USD$139.00 for the Pro version. But how does this fare against other programs? 

Since most PDF editors charge around USD$12.00 per month, you’re effectively saving money after 12 months if you instead purchase the Foxit PDF Editor via one-time payment. 

On the other hand, if you’re only planning to use the editor a few times a month, Foxit PDF Editor also offers monthly and annual subscriptions. The monthly subscription charges USD$11.22 a month, while the annual subscription charges USD$59.12 a year.

3. Foxit PDF Editor is relatively lightweight

It doesn’t take too many computer resources to open a PDF file. But surprisingly enough, it takes considerably more computing power (e.g., GPU, CPU, RAM) to edit them. As much as you’d like to believe this is natural, it isn’t. The resource taken to edit PDF documents depends entirely on the PDF editor. Some are inherently lightweight, while others consume computing resources needlessly. Fortunately, Foxit PDF Editor belongs to the former.

Cons of Foxit PDF Editor

1. Steep learning curve

Many feature-rich programs have a clunky interface due to their inability to fit many features in a single area. The intimidating setup often results in a steep learning curve as users struggle to determine what each feature does. Unfortunately, despite its rather simple interface, Foxit PDF Editor suffers from the same issue, albeit less severe.

However, it’s worth noting that PDF documents were originally designed to be uneditable. Therefore, it’s only natural for most people to be unfamiliar with these programs’ editing features. In short, a steep learning curve is to be expected from PDF editors.

Wrapping up

Not many people require the services that a PDF editor offers. However, if you’re one of those people, you’ll need an editor that’ll serve you well, and Foxit PDF Editor is one of the few programs that fit the bill. It may not be a perfect PDF editor, but if you know your way around PDF documents, that shouldn’t be much of an issue.

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