Social MediaTech Review: is It Safe (and Good) for Youtube? Why Yes, Why Not

Nothing can excite you more than getting organic growth for your channel, and social media has come a long way, becoming a way to become famous and reach millions of people, but also super competitive. Organic engagement and traffic are the most needed to get recognized on a platform and grow a YouTube channel. And if you are running a YouTube channel, then you surely know the value of the views, comments, and subscribers.

Without subscribers and views, there is nothing good and motivating in running a YouTube channel. You need to increase the engagement and subscriber base on YouTube either slowly and by being patient, or by depending on YouTube marketing websites.

Yes, there is a number of sites that are helping YouTube channel owners to increase their number of subscribers, and help them to expand their channel.

Here, we are about to review one of the sites, I personally tried this website for a few weeks and I got a clear opinion of their services, which I thought I would share today.

In this LenosTube review (here their official website), we will analyze whether is it safe for YouTube owners or not and if the quality is good.

What is LenosTube all about?

LenosTube is a specialized marketing agency from Italy, and it was launched in 2019, especially for YouTube creators and developers. Within two years, they become one of the most popular Italian platforms, and now they started to handle international clients as well.

We all looking for plenty of ways to increase the number of subscribers for our YouTube channel, but here in this review, you will know whether it is safe to invest in this LenosTube website.

But what do they do? Well, they claim to offer a lot of quality and innovative services which will increase the organic growth of the channel, and it apparently uses a safer method to increase the engagement rate and subscriber base of a channel, compared to traditional strategies or bots.

The best part possibly is they also offer a “refund policy” so if any of their clients are not satisfied with the services, they can get a refund on their invested amount.

So, if you really care for your channel, then it could be a good idea to go for LenosTube to expand the growth of the channel, in an organic way. Time to share what I found out while using and testing their YouTube services!

Is it safe for your YouTube channel?

As per the LenosTube review, if you are planning to purchase a plan from LenosTube, then it is considered, in my opinion, risk-free. They use tested, organic, and cutting-edge marketing techniques that involve real people. So, whatever growth your YouTube channel is getting is organic growth, therefore it completely uses safe methods that come under the YouTube policies, and not fake people or traffic bots which often end up having the opposite effect (and which, unfortunately, I witnessed myself in the past).

Another thing that might be obvious but worth mentioning, is that the process is a straightforward process: once you selected the desired quantity and provided a link to your site then they will start promoting your channel within a few hours. Just remember that depending on the quantity and daily speed, the time required to deliver to ALL subscribers will differ. It can even take a few weeks in some cases.

Should you trust LenosTube? Why Yes, and why Not

So, is it a company that can be trusted? Like most things, there are good things and bad things. Let’s start with the good ones, and why I think it is trustworthy.

Why yes

Below are the good reasons why LenosTube could be trusted and used for YouTube marketing.

  • Excellent service

Once you submitted the link to your YouTube channel, then they will start delivering the subscribers, views, or whatnot within a few hours. They offer fast and excellent service for all types of packages. And, from real users. From what I have seen while using their service, their quality is actually quite good. I liked some services more than others though. For instance, I would not buy their “low-priced views” again, but I love their “monthly engagement” offer. Also, their “monetized channels” are something that I liked.

  • Real subscribers

LenosTube is a safe platform as it will offer only verified and real subscribers. And, this is not something common for YouTube marketing; most times, subscribers mean bots! But in this case, the users that will subscribe are real people. In some cases, they are verified by them: the profile photos and the name of the subscribers will be authentic. Among the subscribers, few have even saved playlists and uploaded videos. They will give only qualified subscribers to your channel, real people.

  • No drop in the subscribers or views count

One of the best parts of LenosTube that I experienced, is that you can sleep relaxed when using their subscribers and views, as they will make sure that your views, likes, or subscribers won’t go away. This is one of the main reasons why they are staying in the market for a longer time and why I kept using them for some time now. So, you can be free as you won’t get sudden heartache where your hard-earned count of views or subs will decrease as sometimes happens when using similar services.

  • Warranty

LenosTube stands unique from other social media marketing companies as they offer the safest marketing techniques to deliver their YouTube views and subscribers. Also, the subscribers will be permanent, and even while taking the plan you can see that they recommend a lifetime refill guarantee for their service, “just in case”. So, even If there will ever be a drop (let’s say due to YouTube updates) you are still covered, forever.

  • Extra stuff for free

Whatever plan you choose to increase the engagement rate or traffic of your channel, last you will be getting extra of the same. Be it likes, watch hours, views, or subscribers, you always get more than what you paid for. Your subscriber count for instance, in the end, will have more subscribers than you ordered.  Also, they have some freebies, such as “free animations” of “free rank checker”.

  • Complete privacy

If you are planning to choose LenosTube services for your channel, then it requires little information of yours. But whatever information you shared on the site will be safe and it won’t share with third parties. They offer risk-free services as no one knows that you have purchased subscribers, not even YouTube can find that! So, even if you are a famous individual, your integrity is not at risk. I did a test by sending an email to them and asking for information about another user’s purchases, and I was pleased to see that they told me that, “to protect the privacy of their clients”, they can’t share the information with no-one except the email of the client.

  • 100% secure payment

For the payment, if you are sharing your bank or credit card information, then it will remain safe with the site. The site is encrypted with 256-bit SSL so it will ensure to offer of safe and secure payment methods for the users.

Why not

Not everything is roses and flowers. The same goes for LenosTube. Let’s see a few reasons that for some users can be an issue.

  • No live chat

LenosTube does not provide live chat support at this moment, and their response time, based on my experience, can be slow at times. Let’s say, for your answer you might have to wait one day. While they always seem to answer in a proper way, sometimes, and especially if issues if your order arises, having instant support could help.

  • No PayPal option

While the site claims to have used PayPal in the past, at this moment is not an option. Sure, there is debit and credit card available, but we all agree that PayPal feels like the easiest, fastest, and most safe way to purchase online. Having the ability to pay with PayPal is always a good thing.

  • Some services are expensive

While I do think that many services have great value for the price offered, and are worth it, I also think there are a few exceptions. For instant, spending over 200$ for YouTube watch hours sounds a bit too much for me.

Plans and pricing

The pricing of LenosTube is average compared to other sites in the industry, but on the other hand, all its products and services are unique when compared to similar sites. Most importantly they are from real people and I have never seen any drop issues on the orders.

Within their website, they are offering different types of plans on subscribers, likes, comments, views, and watch hours. This means that for each of them, depending on the option you pick, you have different pricing. Take YouTube views for instance. You can pick the “low-priced” option for just 2.40$, and then with the “Keyword SEO Views” the pricing for the same quantity will jump to 14$.

Depending on the plan you choose, the quality, and the speed rate for delivery, your channel will differ. Most services I believe are worth the price, and especially this applies to high retention, monthly engagement, video creation service, and subscribers. For other services such as watch hours, the pricing is a bit too much in my opinion.

LenosTube support review: good or bad?

In this LenosTube review, it is clear that the site is well-known for its YouTube marketing. The company is handling different types of clients from small businesses to big corporations, and they have a good reputation among the clients.

And what about customer support, in case you have questions, inquiries, or even problems with your orders?

It is good and bad.

In a way, I loved LenosTube’s customer support, as they are very cooperative, and answer all the client’s queries in a specific way. With other sites, I had experiences of receiving extremely generic or obvious answers, which if I did not hear back, would have been the same. With LenosTube this does not seem the case. Even in the site FAQ, you can find a bunch of common questions with accurate answers, and still, if you need any help from the site, customer support will help you.

But as mentioned previously, I believe at times is a bit slow. This should not be a problem I believe unless you have an urgent query, and in this case, having to wait can be a bit frustrating.  


From this LenosTube review and my experience, it looks that using the LenosTube is safe, as it uses real users to expand your YouTube channel. Most services also appeared worth their pricing considering the received value, and it really feels like their marketing does help your channel to grow. We all love to spend time and effort on our channel, but if the results in terms of views lack, it makes us feel unmotivated and negative, so it is normal to seek some help from YouTube marketing websites. And, I believe you can use a site like LenosTube if your channel’s health and organic growth really matter the most to you. If you also used the site in the past, let me know how was your experience with them in the comments, as I’d love to hear more opinions!

John Harper

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