5 Best Preparation Resources for Examsnap CompTIA Network+ Certification and Its Qualifying Exam

CompTIA offers the whole certification program with the options of different levels to all the interested candidates, and Network+ is a sought-after certificate from the Core path. It is popular among those individuals who want to prove their skills and knowledge of the implementation of network security, protocols, and standards. Those candidates who hold this certification have the relevant expertise in routers and switches to segment network traffic as well as create resilient networks. It also shows that they know how to identify the drawbacks and benefits of the existing network configurations.

To earn this certification, you need to deal with the CompTIA Network+ Practice Test. There will be about 90 questions to answer within 90 minutes. Therefore, an individual should have good time management and Examsnap test-taking skills and master the topics covered in the exam. That is why it is important to prepare wisely and know which prep resources to use. The most popular choices among the students are the following:

  1. eLearning – There are a lot of preparation materials that you can find if you prefer self-study. The learners can use videos, practice performance-based questions, instructional lessons, games, videos, countdown calendar, and even more to prepare for the certification test with great deliberation. All these tools cover the exam
    objectives and help you gain the needed skills.
  2. Interactive virtual labs – The vendor offers the browser-based virtual lab environments that can help you earn some hands-on experience before the test. There are the basic to advanced tasks, and with their help, you will be able to quickly understand the impact of the system changes you make.
  3. Study guide – The official book is available in the print or PDF formats and can be purchased from the official store. It leads you through all the exam domains and gives you an idea of what is important in the sector. The information is presented clearly so that you will be able to understand any concept.
  4. Instructor-led training course – Whether you want to study individually or with your group, you can go for the course with an instructor and learn in a classroom or online. A certified instructor will explain all the vital details and teach you how to absorb the content better.
  5. Video training course – If you want to study on your own but the explanation of an expert is important for you, you can opt for video courses. Developed in partnership with ITProTV, they cover the same concepts and details, but you can watch the videos when you want and from anywhere.


Of course, these are not all the options that are , and many candidates also use the materials from other sources. However, the resources we mentioned are the most common choices of many. The good news is that you can mix these prep tools with each other or with the ones you find on other websites. There is no one perfect combination, and each individual chooses what he or she prefers, so go for those options you like and consider the best and your preparation phase will not go in vain.

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