Why Node.js is Best For Web Application Development?

What is node js, the backend technology of your web application plays an important role in determining its time to plug. Node.js is one such backend technology that’s a well-liked tech stack choice among full-stack developers. tons of folks confuse Node.js as a framework but it’s the opposite way around. actually, Node.js may be a runtime environment that permits you to execute JS on the server-side. 

Aside from being an open-source technology, another cool thing that creates Node.js highly popular among front-end developers is that the incontrovertible fact that it is often used for building both the client and server-side of an internet app.

What is Node Js?

Even though Node.js was released a decade ago, it only got popular quite recently. Today, Node.js is employed by business giants like NASA, PayPal, Netflix, eBay, Uber, etc for powering their backends. You want to be now wondering why tons of those big companies have chosen this technology for his or her back-end?

One of the highest advantages that encourage companies to use Node.js for his or her web app development is its ability to form real-time applications highly powerful and robust. If you’re in search of specialist developers who can develop Web Application Development with Node.js.

It’ll be an honest decision to rent developers from Pakistan, a top destination for offshore software development. However, there also are many other cool advantages that you simply get with Node.js. during this blog post, we’ll dive into the highest 5 advantages that you simply get out of the Node.js framework and can also explain the rationale why you ought to choose node.js for your web app development project. You can also choose PHP, but deciding whether Node.JS or PHP is a better option – you might want advice from a professional.

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Pros of Using Node.js for Web Application Development:


Web apps that are built on Node.js are often easily scaled both vertically and horizontally with powerful features like the Cluster module that permits load balancing over multiple cores of the processor. What’s more, Node.js allows you to feature additional resources to your web apps’ existing nodes.

Another advantage developers get out of Node js is that the freedom from building an outsized monolithic core during web app development. additionally thereto, Node.js also gives you the power to create microservices and modules that permits you to stay your web app more flexible & efficient.

Active Community Support

Even though Node.js is in its growing stage, there’s a greater surge within the number of active developers who support contributing to the present technology.

Node.js has huge community support from passionate developers across the planet who contribute and share their programming experience with others. due to the large community support, you’ll easily find answers to just about all of your queries that directly or indirectly relate to the present technology.

Event-based model.

Another cool thing that separates Node.js from other backend technologies is its event-based model. Choosing a backend technology that uses an event-driven model can assist you achieve a strong system that will make real-time decisions and instantly answer changes. the most thing that separates Event-based models from traditional request-driven models is their capability to detect events instantly.

Most of the online platforms that use traditional request-driven models spawn an additional thread for every new request. Whereas Node.js handles many concurrent connections in a highly efficient manner.

The event-based model of Node.js enables minimal coupling and minimizes latency to milliseconds, which makes it an ideal backend technology for building event-based, real-time applications that require continuously updated data. They include messenger apps, video conferencing applications, Play online games, or any application that needs constantly updated data.

Aside from that, using Node.js for building your apps server-side also can offer you the added advantage to significantly improve the agility, responsiveness, and scalability of your application. This makes Node.js a superb backend technology for building apps that handles heavy data flows.

V8 engine

Node.js is powered by an equivalent V8 engine that’s utilized in Google Chrome. Google V8 engine features a killer reputation for showcasing great performance and insanely high speeds. The V8 engine was Initially built by Google for his or her Chrome browser. V8 is written within the C++ programing language and is primarily built for compiling JavaScript functions into machine language.

Easy Learning Curve

Javascript has emerged together of the commonly used programming languages and it’s highly popular among front-end developers. Nearly every front-end developer knows JavaScript. Hence, it’s much easier for front-end developers to transition to Node.js for his or her backend development needs.

If you’re a front-end developer with fairly advanced skills in writing vanilla JavaScript, then it’ll be tons easier for your in-house developers to find out Node.js albeit they don’t have any previous experience working with this technology. Whereas, it is often a drag if you lack front-end programmers in your development team. However, if you don’t have enough time to look for a Node.js developer and at an equivalent time you would like to ship your web application faster without exceeding your budget, it’ll be a wise decision to rent a developer from a Software development company in Pakistan.


Node.js may be a go-to technology if you would like to create an internet app that will automate repetitive operations. Node.js allows you to stay your code in a systematic manner and group functions automatically. On top of that, Node.js ships with a built-in library that has plenty of prebuilt UI templates and functionalities that enhance your web application.

In a nutshell, the most advantages of using Node.js include scalability, community support, a smooth learning curve, and therefore the ability to integrate it with other technologies. Hence by using Node.js, you’ll ship real-time applications faster.

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