Is There a Market for Selling Vintage Football Shirts?

Everyone is looking at trying to make some more money in this world and one of those ways is by selling extra items alongside their full-time job. One thing that is being sold at the moment and is very popular is vintage football shirts.

With teams bringing out shirts every season there has become a surplus of old football shirts that are now becoming vintage. However, there is still a market for the 80s or 90s football shirts. So what makes these shirts popular like a Forex brokers list?


As we have touched upon there is a market for people who want to buy these shirts because there is a new one each season. The matter comes with the fact that many fans feel they are becoming diluted and plain compared to the “better ones” of the past.

Vintage football shirts have become part of fashion and it has become cool to wear a vintage football shirt. They can be seen at festivals, on local football five aside pitches, and even in the cool part of the cities such as Shoreditch in London or the Northern Quarter in Manchester.

How have clubs responded to old shirts being purchased?

It has become very common for clubs to design their shirts, or at least one of their three or four shirts, with a throwback to their more standout shirts that evoke memories of better times or look good.

Who are the big players in the market?

The biggest company that really helped the market for vintage football shirts is certainly Classic Football Shirts. They started off as a small business selling shirts but are not the biggest players in the market and even have deals with clubs designing concept shirts or even sponsoring professional football clubs like Burnley.

Issues with selling vintage shirts

At the moment a lot of people are jumping on the bandwagon and selling shirts so the market can be flooded with a lot of people selling shirts.

However, many of these shirts could be “fake” and it is a trap many sellers fall into because they see the deals from China and think they can sell them as replica ones. This can lead to you being banned from websites such as eBay.

But these cheaper Chinese options are becoming increasingly popular for buyers as they are willing to wait for the cheaper option as opposed to real vintage shirts.

Should you invest?

It could be a big ask unless you are fully committed to scouring the likes of eBay, and charity shops and know what you are looking for. One of the best ways is to check that they are real and not the diluted market with Chinese copies.

There is money to be made but as a side project, it could be strenuous so it could be time-consuming. However, selling shirts before World Cups and European Championships can be an incredibly profitable way of selling shirts.

It can be done but you have to be committed.

John Harper

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