How We Evaluated the Best Lead Distribution Software

Lead distribution software is a tool that helps deals and marketing directors route inbound leads to the correct rep or groups. The top software streamlines the lead distribution by scoring leads grounded on preset criteria and automating assignments to agents who can give timely backing. There are dozens of lead distribution options available; we’ve estimated the top software to help you find the one that best fits your requirements.

Why Use Lead Distribution?

The best chance at converting a lead is to connect with them within the first five twinkles. Lead distribution software uses efficient and smart algorithms to instantly deliver leads to where they need to go.

Automated Distribution

Using Robotization, you can custom-set configurations to make sure your leads are being distributed to your precise specifications. Automated distribution with the ping tree service also reduces issues and disseminates leads faster.

Optimized & Dynamic Forms

Choose from a variety of web form templates or make a form that best suits your requirements. Produce your perfect lead channel by fine-tuning your forms and conforming to your lead distribution platform.

Convertible Lead Filters

Keep your lead distribution process running easily by only taking in and allocating leads that meet your criteria. reduce errors to maintain high-quality business or make adaptations for lesser lead volume.

Who Uses the Lead Distribution Software?

Deals directors who want an automatic system that can assign leads incontinently to deal reps. Enterprises with remote salesmen working in different locales and time zones. Lead generation enterprises, advertising agencies, and marketing companies. Enterprises dealing with multiple products and that bear immediate supereminent distribution to their deals reps for a quick response.

Small enterprises need to move from a time-consuming, homemade supereminent distribution system to an automated system that will help their deals rep close deals more accurately.

What’s the Best Lead Distribution Software?

The best lead distribution software should be the one that can be customized to meet all your lead distribution requirements. A lead bidding system should help you maximize your profit and save your time on the lead distribution process through AI capabilities. The lead distribution system should be easy to set up and should also be easy to integrate with your CRM and lead operation result.

Evaluation Criteria for a Lead Distribution Software

We divided our scoring criteria into six orders. Also, we used a list of crucial subcriteria to assign every option a score out of five in each order and used that information to determine an overall score for all lead distribution software on our list.

1 – Cost: 25%

This includes yearly rates, stoner caps, and free options (trials, demonstrations, and/ or free-for-life platforms).

2 – Core Features: 25%

We looked at each software’s core features for functions ranging from the supereminent prisoner and routing to lead scoring and touchpoint scheduling.

3 – Ease of Use: 20%

We not only tried the software ourselves, but we also read through stoner reviews regarding perpetration and diurnal use.

4 – Expert Score: 15%

This combines our professional opinion with that of the general public.

5 – Integrations: 10%

We considered how important each software’s point set can be enhanced via individual third-party apps and app connectors like Zapier.

6 – Client Support: 5%

We considered the depth of each software’s client support channels and knowledge base.

As per our evaluation criteria, you can find the best lead distribution software with a first-place tie for core features and above-average scores in other categories. Read on to see how every lead distribution option fared across all six criteria.

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