How to Earn Money For Students: 8 Useful Tips

Where can students find part-time and full-time work? Where can I make some additional cash this summer? What choices are there for students who want to work from home using the Internet? What should you do if you don’t want to run into a crook? I’ve prepared 30 alternatives for you to choose from for every occasion.

Students have long learned to adapt to the challenges of student life with the zeal and inventiveness associated with youth. Yes, for many young people, student life may be difficult. Exams, homework, and coursework… order essay papers. How do you balance study and work? How do you juggle everything? To begin, you should master a soft skill such as time management to effectively manage your time. At you may also use professional dissertation writing services to obtain essays or research papers from experienced specialists to excel academically.

Fortunately, you may now work from home. There’s no need to waste time looking through classified advertising in newspapers when you can use the Internet to discover any job you want.

Offline Work Vs. Remote. Which Is The Superior Option? Pros And Cons

All of the work I mention below falls into one of two categories:

  • Work that is done in a traditional (offline) manner (office, food outlets, businesses, and so on). The steps are as follows: seek a job using all available resources, send a résumé, attend an interview, and perhaps sign certain documents, such as an employment contract (be cautious here!). Usually, an unpaid internship is required the first time (a few days or a week). 
  • Work from home (through the internet). The project is linked to the Internet. Programmers, web developers, copywriters, content managers, translators, SMM professionals, SEO experts, and other professions are in high demand. There are, however, possibilities for people who do not consider themselves to be in a distant profession, or, to put it another way, for unskilled employees. It’s an issue of one-time errands, part-time jobs, and long-term employment. Job searches are conducted on certain websites. Customers (employers) place an order and wait for the performers to respond (us). Your task is to tell about yourself and your work. 

First, let us consider the pros and cons of remote work:

No dress code.Loneliness. If you work from home, sometimes you can feel lonely.
No need to get to the place of work.It’s hard to make friends in a job like this. Among my acquaintances, none are fond of freelancing, and communication with like-minded people on the Internet quickly came to naught.
You can take a lunch break or rest at any time.You might run into scammers.
Free work schedule.High responsibility. If the customer does not like your work, they can easily refuse to cooperate.
There is no strict dependence on superiors (in this case, customers).It’s not a steady job.  There are times when people you may have worked with for a long time just disappear.
The amount of payment depends on the amount of work you have done.
You can constantly improve your skills, which leads to higher pay.
Ability to find regular customers (i.e. permanent work).
On freelance sites and exchanges, you can “pump up” the rating. For example, if your rating on ETXT is about 10000 units, then the chances of getting a job are much higher than for beginners.
It’s skilled, not looks or age, that influence getting a job.

Now let’s look at the pros and cons of traditional employment:

Work in a team (friends, colleagues, communication).There may be a dress code (uniform, formal suit, and other).
Official employmentYou may have problems with your colleagues or bosses, which will make you feel stressed all the time.
Fixed payment.Need to go to work (money + time).
If you prove yourself as a good worker – possible career growth.Fixed schedule, you may have to get up very early, you can’t be late, lunch at a certain time.
Responsibilities are shared between colleagues and superiors.If working outside, it can be hard in hot or cold weather.
Sometimes it is necessary to act strictly according to the rules of the organization (lack of opportunity to introduce your ideas).
Age and appearance can sometimes make the difference between getting a job.

5 Ways For Students To Earn Money Offline

Way 1: Work At The Food Outlets (Baristas)

A barista is a specialist in the preparation of coffee. Duties include the proper preparation of coffee and similar drinks. At my university, there were about a dozen of such outlets. Your duties also include preparation of food (simple sandwiches or burgers from prepared ingredients), brewing coffee, taking orders at the cash register.

Thanks to the free schedule, you can work at a convenient time, but the salary depends on the number of hours worked. Usually, a student gets to work 4-8 hours. If you work not at the university, but in a city coffee shop, the salary will be higher, but also be prepared for a stricter schedule.

Way 2. Working In Fast-Food Restaurants (KFC, Mcdonald’s, Burger King, Etc.)

Working in fast-food restaurants is probably one of the most popular jobs for students. Yes, and the managers of such establishments do not hide it and often in the ads focus on students. But is the work worth it?

Way 3. Working As A Waiter/Administrator In Cafes/Restaurants

The waiter is the most popular part-time job for students. The duties include: serving the guests of the institution (taking an order, communicating), accepting and giving out dishes. Also, the waiter needs to control the cleanliness of the hall, to monitor the condition of the instruments, utensils, equipment.

And the most important requirement: a neat appearance, affability. Personally, I like it when I am served by a cheerful person, which lifts my spirits. The work will suit almost all students.

Cafes and restaurants often need receptionists. Their tasks are to meet guests, seat them, take phone calls, and count customers. They must also keep accounts and supervise the work of the hall. Also, a simple job that is suitable for students.

Way 4: Work As An Operator

An operator works as an assistant in a company. Roughly speaking, he is the “link” between the company and the client. He connects with people by phone and helps them or offers any services. You can work at home, the main thing is to have the Internet and a good microphone.

You need excellent knowledge of your company’s services, as well as politeness and tolerance, because there may be rude people on the phone who ruin the mood.

Way 5. Work In The Academic Department At The University/Laboratory

The job is suitable for students who are really passionate about studying. You will have to do different things – help professors, work with documents, organize various events, and others.

On the plus side: the work does not require qualifications and can easily be combined with studies, you can earn the loyalty of the teacher. On the downside: you have to spend a lot of time at university, low wages. The student is required to have a good education, otherwise, you simply will not be hired for this job.

To get a job, you should apply to the department or the dean’s office of the university where you study.

3 Ways To Make Money For Students Remotely

Here we will look at jobs that can be done at home. For many, you will need the Internet and a computer and that’s it! No bosses, no strict schedule, and other problems. If you want to grow your money you can even check different investing channels whenever you’re on break and you decide when and who you want to work for yourself.

I chose freelancing as a work-at-home job and I was great at combining it with my studies. You can work and do your homework at the same time while sitting at the computer. Of course, freelancing has its disadvantages: the work is not permanent, the payment depends on the amount of work you do, the possibility of fraud… But you quickly adapt to such conditions!

Way 1. Video Games

Lots of teenagers often spend a lot of time playing video games. You can turn the hobby into a source of income, and the work will bring pleasure and money.

You can earn money by playing games, as well as engaged in “side” activities, such as promotion of the site, copywriting, and others. I distinguished the following ways to earn money from the games:

  • Selling game currency, items, accounts;
  • Earnings on streams and videos;
  • Selling game time;
  • Driving, mentoring (help from experienced players)
  • Cybersports;
  • Game tester;
  • Intellectual, logical, and gambling games;
  • Gaming Journalist.

Way 2. Freelancing – Creating Websites, Providing Various Services

A freelancer is a free worker who does not depend on the boss and does not have a fixed work schedule. This person looks for work on the Internet, performs it, turns it in, gets the money and that’s all – he can either continue to wander the expanse of the network, or negotiate a permanent job with a customer.

Everything related to programming, journalism, design, architecture, translation, video, and photography is in great demand. Students whose specialties are related to the above activities can try their hand, earn money and gain experience!

Freelancers can find work on special sites called freelance exchanges. On them, people place orders, specifying the price and conditions, and wait for the response of performers.

For example, a person needs to make a website for the delivery of food. He applies to the freelance exchange and looking for an executor who will do the job. Willing to be a few – then have to select for rating, portfolio, and other criteria. You, as the performer, must convince the customer to choose you like by in some cases simply offering them their website reviewer.

But even if the work is given – do not be lost and honestly perform it, use free SEO tools for services, to earn a rating and reviews. They will be your path to other, more expensive orders.

Way 3: Helping Students – Homework, Tests, Term Papers, Diplomas

A common type of earning among students, based on knowledge of various subjects. Sometimes I find it difficult to keep up with the abundance of homework that we are assigned, or simply I am not interested in the subject and do not need it. Then I turn to people who are good at it and ask them to do the job for money. 

If you excel in, for example, mathematics, then your help will be useful to people in the humanities. How can you promote your services? You can use social networks and place an ad in the groups of your university.

Or register at special sites and help students from all over the world. These are exchanges where there are customers (students who need help) and performers (in this case it’s you).


Some students are supported by their parents at the beginning of their studies. And many find it incredibly difficult to accept their money. So at one point, many decide to earn and support themselves. Sooner or later it would have to be done. 

I hope I helped you decide on a job. The main thing is to have the desire, and I’m sure you will succeed!

Bio: Rebecca Carter works at as an essay writer. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and during her study developed an enthusiasm for writing articles about her experience. When she is not writing Rebecca enjoys being in the mountains, gym, and volunteering.

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