Fresh BitStarMarkets Review

BitStarMarkets is the ultimate universal service for beginners and pros. It combines just enough tools to be on top of your game and not waste too much money on commissions. Among the pros are:

  • Low commissions per contract (about $0.65 and is under review for lowering);
  • Stock without commissions;
  • ETF;
  • Incorporated into social networks for the sake of getting more updates, news, and forecasts from the top groups and individuals in the industry;
  • Educational materials on assets, investments, crypto, etc;
  • Tools for research.


  • The site does not offer a full cycle of services, so at times the user needs additional external platforms. Unfortunately, they are not synced in properly and it creates an extra routine for someone who is in a rush;
  • Although the site claims to be commission-free, some items are charged for. For example, penny stock has a commission of about $7. It is recommended to read the policies carefully before starting any operation;
  • If you are inactive or have some cash that is not used for investment, you need to pay interest for it. Mind that as an additional expense for using the platform. 

Interface and Functionality

If you want to entrust your funds with BitStarMarkets, you need to sign up first. There is a procedure for creating your account. It requires some information from you. There is a privacy policy that protects it and they do not share personal details with the third party. The site looks a bit sophisticated initially but after you get the account set up, all the sections become clear.

You can upload your existing strategies, conduct research, analyze losses and profit, and of course top up your balance. All the processes on the site are swift and there is no period of delay with any operation. Trading is highly dependent on time, and the site is fit for this need. BitStarMarkets offers options when it comes to platforms. You can use the website version as well as an app. 

Overall impression

The benefits of the platform are solid and worth the try. Some drawbacks could be and potentially will be fixed in the future. However, if you are a trader who does active selling and buying daily, and it is your plate, the platform will satisfy your needs just great. It handles stocks, penny stocks, multiple and single-leg options, and futures with their options. Add crypto to that list and you have a perfect combo for success. The interface of the site allows you to fill in all the information needed for trading and have it automatically inserted.

So, the time of filling in the request is minimized. The efforts that you need to put into work with this platform are limited to clicking the buttons, which work perfectly without any delays. If you assess the commissions right, you will not be disappointed. For some trading activities, the fees will be as low as 0% and for some, they will be higher. The prices of BitStarMarkets are competitive and average for the market. 

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