FinaRoyal Review: Trading Experience, Pros&Cons

Many people think that cryptocurrencies are the real future of finance. If you are ready to leap into the crypto world, choosing a broker to invest in or trade cryptocurrencies is one of the most important steps to your success. Let’s explore FinaRoyal, one of the best cryptocurrency platforms, to check if it’s the right one for you.

Founded a couple of years ago, FinaRoyal has a streamlined approach to broker services that focus on low costs, broad market access, and perfect trade execution. Clients can trade options, stocks, futures, bonds, funds, and forex on international markets from a single web-based account. Overall, we have consistently found FinaRoyal to be one of the best platforms for professional investors and sophisticated, active traders who wish to benefit from a powerful range of tools and international access to a wide suite of assets. So let’s take a deeper look at FinaRoyal to help you decide whether it’s the right fit for your cryptocurrency investing needs.

Who FinaRoyal Is For

FinaRoyal is an ideal choice for institutional investors and traders who desire robust trading tools and access to a comprehensive list of assets. The brokerage platform has also tried to widen its appeal, launching new products, services, and educational information focused on less active investors and traders. However, FinaRoyal’ reputation as one of the best professional-level platforms may still scare off less-experienced traders. However, the company accepts all the customers worldwide, supports trading on 135 markets, and uses 23 currencies.


  • The broad range of offerings across the globe and many asset classes
  • Perfect lever of order execution
  • Superior trading tools
  • Low fees


  • It can seem intimidating at first to less active and less experienced investors
  • No automated trading or testing of custom trading algorithms


FinaRoyal’ onboarding process has become much easier recently. You can even set up an account without depositing the funds on it right away. In fact, users have 90 days for that. The web-based platform is well-designed. With an easy-to-navigate personal account and helpful customer support, you can quickly find what you need.

FinaRoyal supports several trading platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile versions available for iOS and Android devices. The application has nearly the same functions as the web-based platform. 

Users can trade the same list of asset classes via any platform. Likewise, they have access to streaming data in real-time, charts, drawing tools, news, and research across all the platforms. In addition, traders can check news from various sources, including Dow Jones, Benzinga, Seeking Alpha, Morningstar, Refinitiv, Thomson Reuters, and some in-house commentary. 

Crypto Trading 

FinaRoyal launched crypto trading in 2021, providing users access to ethereum, bitcoin, bitcoin cash, and litecoin. And although the service does not offer commission-free crypto trading as some other brokers do, the fee is pretty minimal, varying from 0.12% to 0.18%, based on monthly volume. Besides, there is a $1.75 minimum for each order.

FinaRoyal Trading Experience

FinaRoyal personal account is a great place to check your positions, receive a real-time overview of your transactions, and place basic orders. It is easy to access a trading ticket and stage crypto trade defaults. The account provides perfect functionality and is developed for active crypto traders and investors looking for flexibility and trading multiple products. Users can set up hotkeys to make orders quickly, and they have the option to set up transactions for further execution—either in a batch or one at a time. Traders can set a certain time and date for a transaction to be carried out or submit a conditional order that will become active when specific conditions are met, for example, if an existing trade executes. Users can even connect the app to their account to place automated transactions or subscribe to trading signals from third-party providers. They can place, change, and operate orders straight from the chart. Here, you will find streaming real-time price quotes, charts, and news across the platforms, even when using many devices simultaneously.

FinaRoyal Costs

FinaRoyal’ pricing schedule is a bit complicated. It consists of three types of commissions for trading equities:

  • Fixed pricing per share. It accounts for $0.005 per share that is traded with a $1.00 minimum. The maximum is 1% of the entire trade value. It includes most regulatory and all exchange fees.  
  • Tiered pricing per share. It is based on order activity per month and ranges from $0.0035 per share for less than 300 thousand shares monthly to $0.0005 per share if users trade more than 100 million shares monthly, with a minimum of $0.35 for each trade. This option does not include regulatory and exchange fees.
  • The dedicated program allows for free trades of equities listed in the United States. The payment for transactions depends on the order flow.



Excellent service, quick responses, a professional mobile application, and many tools to facilitate crypto trading. I’ve been a user for only a short period. However, I would definitely recommend my friends work with FinaRoyal.


FinaRoyal is one of the greatest trading platforms available. It’s connected to a large array of markets across the world. It can be considered an all-in-one crypto trading account with most (if not all) features and is connected to international markets. Best of all, the barrier of entry for retail investors with limited capital is low, so everyone can take advantage of what FinaRoyal has to offer. The information and statistics on available instruments (for example, stocks) provided in the platform are comprehensive.


Overall, I am extremely satisfied with FinaRoyal. However, as for me, the use of the personal account requires a bit of effort, perhaps because of the lack of relevant computer knowledge on my part.

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