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Emerging Trends in Video Advertising for 2023

Video advertising has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to reach and engage with their target audiences. As we approach 2023, there are several emerging trends in video advertising that businesses should be aware of to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s explore these trends in more detail.

1. Interactive Video Ads

Interactive video ads are an emerging trend in video advertising that is gaining popularity as businesses seek innovative ways to connect with their audiences. These ads allow viewers to interact with the content, making it more engaging and memorable. Interactive video ads are designed to grab attention and retain interest by incorporating elements such as quizzes, games, and clickable links that direct the viewer to additional information.

In 2023, interactive video ads are expected to revolutionize the way businesses advertise their products or services. They offer a unique opportunity for brands to engage consumers on a deeper level by providing them with an interactive experience rather than just passively watching an advertisement. As viewers interact with these types of ads, they become more invested in the message being conveyed and are more likely to take action as a result.

Moreover, interactive video ads provide valuable data insights into customer behavior and preferences through analytics tracking tools.

2. Short-Form Video Ads

In 2023, we can expect to see more short-form video ads due to the shrinking attention span of online consumers. These ads are typically less than 15 seconds in length and aim to capture the viewer’s attention quickly. With social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat gaining popularity, brands are turning towards this emerging trend in video advertising.

Short-form video ads offer several benefits for businesses. They are cost-effective and provide a quick way for brands to get their message across without overwhelming viewers with lengthy content. Additionally, these short videos can be easily shared on social media platforms and have the potential to go viral quickly. As a result, businesses can reach wider audiences within minutes through these bite-sized videos.

Another benefit of short-form video ads is that they cater perfectly to mobile devices’ smaller screens as people tend not to watch long videos on their smartphones or tablets.

3. Personalized Video Ads

Personalized video ads are set to take the world of marketing by storm in 2023. With advancements in technology, it is now possible for brands to create custom-made ads that cater specifically to their target audience. This emerging trend is gaining traction because it allows businesses to connect with consumers on a deeper level, making them feel like they are being personally addressed.

One of the key advantages of personalized video advertising is that it helps brands stand out from the competition. By creating unique content that speaks directly to individuals’ interests and needs, businesses can differentiate themselves from others who rely on generic messaging. Moreover, personalization leads to greater engagement rates since viewers are more likely to watch an ad if they feel like it’s speaking directly to them.

Another benefit of personalized video ads is that they allow companies to collect valuable data about their customer’s preferences and behaviors.

4. Live Video Ads

The world of video advertising is constantly evolving, and live video streaming has emerged as a major trend in recent years. With the rise of social media platforms like Facebook Live, Instagram Live, and YouTube Live, businesses are starting to take notice of the potential benefits that live video ads can offer. As an emerging trend in video advertising for 2023, live ads are becoming a powerful tool for both big brands and small businesses alike.

One of the main advantages of live video ads is their ability to create an authentic connection with viewers. Unlike pre-recorded videos or static images, live videos allow businesses to showcase their products or services in real-time and interact with their audience directly. This creates a sense of transparency and trust that can help build long-lasting relationships with customers.

5. Vertical Video Ads

In the world of advertising, staying ahead of emerging trends is critical to success. One such trend that has been gaining traction in recent years is vertical video advertising. With more and more people consuming content on their mobile devices, advertisers have recognized the importance of designing ads specifically for a vertical orientation.

Vertical video ads are tailored to fit the dimensions of a phone or tablet screen when held upright. This allows them to take up more real estate on the screen and capture viewers’ attention in a way that traditional horizontal ads cannot. Studies have shown that vertical video ads can generate higher engagement rates than their horizontal counterparts. As such, it’s no surprise that marketers across industries are beginning to incorporate this format into their campaigns.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, we can expect vertical video advertising to become increasingly prevalent as mobile usage continues to surge.


Video advertising is evolving rapidly, and businesses need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to remain competitive. Interactive video ads, short-form video ads, personalized video ads, live video ads, and vertical video ads are all emerging trends that businesses should consider incorporating into their video advertising strategies in 2023. By doing so, they can engage their audiences in new and exciting ways and drive better results from their video advertising campaigns.

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