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How to Manage YouTube Comments: Viewing, Moderating, Replying and More

YouTube comments let you have an interaction between your company and your followers. However, moderating them could become a full-time task.

Brands can benefit from the fame of YouTube by not just creating entertaining and helpful videos but also by controlling the YouTube comments section and more. There are services available from where they can even buy YouTube subscribers, comments, and views as well to stay on the top but moderating these statistics is what takes time.

They want to be heard. Engagement is crucial to making people care about your business. It also has the added benefit of enhancing your YouTube ranking. To ensure your videos are rated and appear in search results, be on top of responding, liking, and moderated YouTube comments.

We’ll take a look at the ways you can:

  • Enable comments
  • Reply to comments
  • Report and remove YouTube comments
  • Comment on your writing comments that you’ve written your own
  • Check what your YouTube comment history

How to disable comments on YouTube

You’ve uploaded your first video, and you’re looking forward to seeing some action.

The first step is to ensure whether your YouTube comments are enabled.

Take these actions:

1. Log into YouTube Studio

Visit to log in to your YouTube channel’s dashboard.

2. Go to settings

On the left side, scroll at the bottom of the page and click the gear icon to go to Settings.

3. Select Community

Here, you can alter the default settings in the Defaults tab. By default, this setting is set to store possibly inappropriate comments to be reviewed. You can leave the settings as they are or alter them to:

  • Let to be all comments
  • Refrain from submitting any comments to be reviewed
  • Or disable comments.

Tips: If you discover that YouTube comments do not show be sure that the “Disable Comments” option isn’t chosen as your default setting.

On the Automated Filters tab, you can set additional settings, for example:

  • Moderators can be added
  • Users can be approved or blocked.
  • Block certain words

How do you manage comments on YouTube?

In your role as moderator, you’ll need to consider yourself a host at the social gathering. As with any good host, you must provide an enjoyable, interactive atmosphere.

This could mean you’ll be able to:

  • Remove untrue comments to your YouTube videos.
  • Stop specific users from posting comments to your videos shortly.
  • Invite discussions with questions.
  • Answer comments and questions on your videos.

There are times when you may notice the highlighted comment tag on sure of your comments. If you’re wondering, what is a highlighted word? on YouTube, It’s essentially created by the platform and is designed to draw the comment’s attention to your focus. It will disappear once you’ve read the highlighted statement or gotten involved with it.

How can you reply to comments on YouTube?

If you are a YouTube user willing to connect to the brand you represent, do not let them in suspense!

To respond to your comments, return to your YouTube Studio page and select Comments from the left side menu. There, you’ll be able to view comments from other users who have posted to your account.

Based on the settings you have set in your YouTube comments settings, you’ll be able to view public comments on the Published tab or unpublished observations on the Held for Review tab.

If you’d like to reply to comments in the second section, you’ll need to sign off your approval first.

Be aware it is essential to note that comments that are either held or under review can be awaiting approval for 60 days. Once that time is up, the comments will be removed.

There are several choices for how to respond:

1. Utilize the innovative words reply feature.

If you’re looking for a quick solution and believe that YouTube’s responses are more persuasive than you do, select one of the many choices available, like “Thanks!”. It’s short, sweet, and straight clear.

2. Click Reply to type in your original message.

3. You can also use the thumbs up, the thumbs down, as well as the heart symbol, to interact with and thank commenters.

You can also make use of visiting a particular video’s YouTube page and then clicking the Reply button to answer directly from there.

If you’re using Hootsuite’s streaming service, You can also like comments, like, or respond in My Videos and stream search and playlist.

To respond, write your message in the box that appears below the comment.

How do you effectively report YouTube comments?

In the YouTube Studio section, click on the three dots above the like, heart, dislike, and like options the YouTube Studio section. There, you’ll be given the opportunity of clicking the red flag and submit comments.

If you do ensure that the post is clearly in violation of YouTube’s guidelines, otherwise YouTube is not likely to take any action. This feature is one to apply if you’re experiencing threats or harassment, spam, fraudulent comments, or content that is incomplete discord for YouTube.

How do you delete comments on YouTube?

  • YouTube allows users to delete comments easy for users.
  • Be careful when using this feature. Your viewers will notice the time comments are removed. Some brands are criticized for blocking complaints from the audience or even dialogue.
  • If you’re keeping comments for review, click the trash icon under the word to delete the comment.

If the comment was already published, click the icon with three dots below the statement, and then click Remove from the dropdown menu.

How to block comments on YouTube

As with delete comments or removing comments is not a standard procedure. This is because you would like your followers to engage with you and develop relationships with your company.

If you think it’s necessary, however, you may disallow comments in the following manner:

  • Log into YouTube Studio
  • Choose the Settings (the icons for gear) on the left-hand side
  • Choose Community
  • Go to the defaults tab.
  • Under Comments on the new videos, click the option to disable comments
  • Don’t forget to click Save

How do you look up the YouTube comment?

To conduct the YouTube search for words first, make sure you’re on YouTube Studio.

After that, select the menu under the tab called Published. Search is the first option to choose. It’s your YouTube comment searcher. Then, you can type in the search term you’re trying to find.

It is possible to lookup content with keywords and sorts the results according to date and relevance, views count, and rating. Although you can also search for services providing free YouTube views If you’d like to go back to a famous YouTube comment on some of your YouTube videos, this is the option to utilize.

How do you comment on YouTube videos?

The video’s comment section can be as active as the content itself. If you’re trying to increase your brand’s engagement and develop relationships with other brands, engaging with other content could be an excellent method to begin.

For making comments:

  • Make sure you’re logged in to the account of your company.
  • Select the video you would like to interact with, then scroll through the comments section.
  • Enter your comment precisely in the area that says Add Comment to the public.

How do you view your YouTube history of words?

To keep an eye on every word you’ve left on YouTube, it’s best to look over your YouTube comments history.

1. Go to your YouTube video history

After confirming that you’re signed on to the correct YouTube Channel (not your YouTube studio), then click to reveal the three lines at the upper left side of your screen.

2. Scroll down to select History from the menu dropdown.

3. Click to add comments on the right side.

This will display the comments you’ve made as well as the ones you’ve responded to.

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