How to Identify The App Used In A Shopify Store

Are you wondering what apps your competitors are using in their Shopify stores? In this article, we will discuss how to identify apps used in Shopify stores. Let us begin with breaking down Shopify.

What Is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows entrepreneurs to initialize, scale and manage their business in one place. It is a subscription-based software that allows you to easily set up online shops to sell products. It helps business owners by unifying the activity into a single central command center.

Merchants can build and customize their online presence to sell in multiple places, including online marketplaces, social media, and even physical locations, provided they have the right applications and hardware. Shopify’s features include managing product inventory, payments, shipping, and even customer service if you so choose. Apps like provide a one-stop solution, so you don’t have to go looking for these features.

Since Shopify is entirely cloud-based, you can access it from any compatible device with an internet connection. The software and server handling is taken care of by the service provider, in this case, Shopify, allowing the business owners to run their businesses from anywhere.

How Does Shopify Work?

Remember when phones used to have one simple function? You either made a call or received one from someone. Today, phones do so much more than just that. A basic phone is expected to function as a clock, calendar, calculator, camera, and we’re only on alphabet C! Similarly, businesses today have evolved to be digitally multi-functional. Shopify provides a platform for those activities in one place as an alternative to the owner juggling multiple applications.

The platform lets you choose the applications and stack them in layers for your convenience. This is where third-party apps come into play. There are thousands of apps built by independent developers to customize your code to fit your wildest dreams without ever requiring you to code!

How To Detect the Apps Used?

Every Shopify store has a unique combination of applications that make them stand out from its rivals. Have you ever looked at a Shopify store and wondered what apps are used? Of course, you’ve made some intelligent guesses but keep in mind: the third-party applications have rivals too! Not every messaging app is smooth, and you will definitely come across buggy payment applications. If there is one thing a customer does not like, it is fishy payment methods that neither serve them nor you any good.

App Detectors

Here are the tools for you to find out what apps your rivals use:

  • Shopify App and Theme Detector: This handy tool by is a Google Chrome extension that shows you what theme the website is using and the applications installed. Recognizing over 250 different applications from the Shopify store, this is a smart way to keep tabs on your competitors.
  • Inspect Element: This method is for those unidentified apps. Right-click on your browser and select ‘Inspect element.’ A HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code console will pop up to show you every individual element that went into making the website. All you need to know is where to look!
  • Other Browser Extensions: Extensions like Wappanalyzer will display information regarding the platform a website is running on, along with other tidbits that make the website functioning and unique.
  • Websites: Websites like BuiltWith will require you to enter the store’s URL, and in return, you will be provided with a range of website descriptions. You can identify the apps, widgets, and other customizable features used in the website. Depending on the website, you could also find advertising and analytics!

There you have it. These application detectors will help you break down Shopify stores, see what works for them and why. This information will push you one step closer to making informed decisions that tailor-fit for your store. Finding the right combination of applications is key to building a good online business.

How to Find a Decent Shopify App?

To be able to decide which applications are good, you must know what approaches work well. Of the vast number of Shopify stores, many of which make millions of dollars, what common characteristics factor behind their success? The answer lies in these six simple features.

  1. A well-designed and structured, mobile-friendly website
  2. Capturing visuals that attract customers
  3. Intuitive navigation
  4. Simple checkout processes
  5. Seamless store management
  6. Flawless performance

If you come across a store that boasts all these features, find out what applications are used and consider using them as well.

Final Thoughts

E-commerce environments are known for their high competition. You can’t allow yourself to fall behind your rivals in terms of customer service, which becomes as important as the offered product quality and its price. Use this knowledge to scale your business, help it run smoothly, and create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers. Good luck!

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