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Proven Ways to Get Guest Posts on Top Blogs

Guest posts are a great way to gain exposure and connect with other bloggers. However, they can be tough to land. Numerous studies have shown that having a blog helps people learn about various topics and skills. Having an online presence builds credibility for your ideas or work. An online site is also instantaneously available for anyone who may want to share those interests. However, not everyone is cut out for blogging, at least not yet. There are a few things you can do to help increase your chances of getting published. Here are essential tips for successful guest blogging.

Know the Blog

When promoting yourself for a guest post opportunity, you must know as much about the blog to ensure your content is relevant to them. Read every article from their archives. Ensure you also browse through their social media channels before pitching anything. Take notes on their audience, interests, and topics they regularly cover. Try to find similar ways in your niche. It is also crucial to form a relationship with them before pitching anything.

Be Prepared

Before writing your guest post, make sure you know the topic well enough to speak about it for the appropriate word count. Your pitch is not the place for a basic introduction of what you will write about. In addition, backlinks should be the last thing on your mind. Having links in your pitch is considered by many a definite no-no. Writing a pitch is to sell yourself, not your blog or business. Be selective and think about the blog in advance. The more you know about them and their audience, the better your chances of getting published.

Think About Social Proof

When using guest posting services, find ways to link in a meaningful way with the blog’s readers. Social proof plays a significant role in the guest blogging. A guest post is nothing without the right amount of social proof. You need to assess how much buzz your target blog is getting on social media. It is also crucial to determine how many people find it interesting enough to click through to read the content. If they are not on Twitter or other social media sites, you need to start looking for things that will help you get a following on Twitter or Facebook. Even if they are not on Twitter, you can still find other ways to network.

Know Your Audience

You may be able to write your guest post about anything. However, if the audience does not find it interesting or relevant, you will have difficulty getting published. Ensure you are aware of finding out as much as possible about the blog and becoming familiar with their topics before writing your pitch. This will serve as helpful background for any conversation you may have on Twitter or email. When pitching content, always reach out first. This is an excellent way for you to get a better idea of their social media following and the community they cater to.

Keep in Touch

There may be no formal link exchange after the guest posting is over. However, this does not mean all connections are dropped. You always want to keep in touch with these bloggers. Ask them questions. Also, let them know how your work is going with a new post and comment on their blog. Ensure you keep them updated on what is new with your blog. Remember that this is about networking for the long term. Always link to the post you pitched in a meaningful way. It is also essential to let them know you are actively promoting it. You may also want to consider adding a thank you note to the end of the post. The note becomes part of the post mainly if it features in their social media feed or newsletter.

Guest blogging is an effective way to get your content seen by a large audience. It is also a paper trail that can help you build your credibility and establish yourself as an expert. Many successful bloggers have shared their techniques online. However, there is not much information on how you can land that coveted guest post. The list above shows the most popular and practical strategies to get a guest post on a blog. Following them will make getting your guest posts on top blogs easy.

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