Introducing the CZUR ET24 Pro Scanner: Unveiling a Versatile Tech Companion

Getting a good document scanner is no less than a solid investment. Let’s be honest; a professional book scanner isn’t widely available in the current market landscape, too, at a nominal cost. Recently, I got my hands on CZUR’s best Black Friday deals and got myself an ET24 Pro. Since it could be used for professional and personal purposes, I think being a tech enthusiast, I had to utilize the ET24 Pro at least once to make a comprehensive evaluation.

The ET series is known for its contactless scanning capability, thereby devoid of the wear and stress on the page. CZUR ET24 Pro is a high-end device that caters to the needs of teachers, students, and others and can be used to scan, preserve, and archive books, magazines, etc. Furthermore, Its user-friendly interface makes it accessible to a broad spectrum of users.

In the article, I will take you through my unboxing experience and the device’s specifications and give you a final review of the CZUR ET24 Pro. Stay tuned till the end to know all about it. 

Initial Unboxing and Impressions

CZUR ET24 Pro comes in a good pack box that is strong enough and easy to transport. The hinged polystyrene box is used for the packing. Every part of the accessory is well labeled, making it easy to get to know. 

The stuff in the box includes a USB cable and power supply adapters for the plugs from different countries. There are three plugs: European, American, and Asian. So you don’t need to worry about the type of plug. It has all three. 

The manual buttons can be used to do things the way you want. In addition, there is a foot pedal that allows me to free my hands and use the foot instead.

To hold the paper immaculately and accurately, the finger cots are of great help. They helped me to hold the thick and heavy book without much effort. The good thing is that the traces left are removed automatically. You don’t need to do anything to remove the traces. 

Although it is easy to set up CZUR ET24 Pro, a beginner’s guide comes if you face any troubles. I also got a CD, which virtually presented the ways and methods to set up the device. The good thing is you can also download the software from its official website

Under the Hood: Technical Specifications and Features of CZUR ET24 Pro

Not to be over-enthusiastic, but the CZUR ET24 Pro has some outstanding features, thereby impressing the market due to its impressive capture quality, viable productivity, material flexibility, calibrated sensors, and curve-flattening technology. 

1. Right Light 

The CZUR ET24 Pro is a small and compact device with the right three-level lights for scanning available. This was personally very useful for me, as not every time I scan, there’s an equal amount of light in the room. So, that’s thoughtful and convenient. The light is even detachable, making it more flexible to use. The light at 45 degrees makes sure that there are no reflections and shadows to spoil the image. The balanced and full light spectrum also makes the scanning easy and comprehensive. The four buttons on the stand can coordinate and manage the lights. 

2. Curve Flattening Technology 

Patented Curve Flattening Technology ensures that the page straightens at the binding so that the text is not lost in between. Automatic page turn initiates the following scan and the next as you turn the pages of a book or magazine.

The CZUR ET24 Pro has high-quality scan ability with no warm-up time, thereby scanning one page at an astonishing speed of 1.5 seconds. CZUR ET24 Pro can capture documents of varied ranges, ranging from bound books, spiral notebooks, periodicals, and loose material up to A3 size. 

3. OCR Support

While scanning using CZUR ET24 Pro, I got rid of correcting OCR. Otherwise, correcting OCR happened to consume much of my time rather than scanning itself. The OCR function supported by CZUR ET24 Pro can recognize more than 180 languages.  

4. Visual Presenter Mode

The HDMI feature supported by CZUR ET24 Pro supports the visual presenter mode. It allows you to use the overhead projector with the help of the HDMI feature. HDMI port allows higher FPS when live streaming. It supports 1920*1080 20FPS. In addition, CZUR ET24 Pro also supports the USB feature. At the same time, the resolution it supports is 1920*1080P 60Hz.

The ET24 Pro software itself supports Visual Presenter mode. So, on that front, you can use it either way. 

From Box to Scan: Setting Up Your CZUR ET24 Pro Scanner with Ease

Setting Up CZUR ET24 Pro is easy and simple. It can be set up easily. It does not require much of your time. Follow the given steps to set up. 

  1. Choose a suitable adapter. You are provided with three adapters. Choose one of three adapters that come along.
  2. Download CZUR software from the official website. However, you are supposed to download the corresponding software for the different models and series.  
  3. Once you are done with this, you need to spread the 18.9 by 14.2-inch black mat and install the scanner at the edge of the mat.
  4. Adjust the side light accordingly. You can adjust the light according to suitability to avoid reflections and shadows. 
  5. You can use the finger cots on the side of your books. Press the fingertips on the edge of your book on either side. The scanner automatically removes them from the picture. The finger stuff is quite handy if your book for scanning is too large.
  1. After downloading the software, you can now check and enter the SN code of the scanner base and start the scanning. 

Scanning with ET24 Pro

The scanning, with the help of CZUR ET24 Pro, is seamless. The induction of a laser line projector to automatically flatten the pages is a feature worth mentioning; thereby, you don’t need to cut the binding of a book. This modern innovation eliminates the need for separating the pages physically by retaining the integrity of the bound documents. Although the scanner looks like a conventional one, the good thing is that it possesses a boasted resolution. 

Once you click Scan, enter the scanning page. You have the flexibility to choose different color modes before scanning. You can opt for black-and-white book pages or colors closer to the physical page that closely resembles the physical appearance of the original document.

CZUR ET24 Pro further offers a range of scanning modes. These include the option of (Flat Single Page/Facing Page/Combine Sizes/Manual selection/No processing). You can choose the one that you like best. The CZUR ET24 Pro ensures an adaptive and versatile scanning experience by accommodating a spectrum of preferences.

The Verdict on CZUR ET24 Pro: Is it Worth it?

CZUR ET24 Pro is a go-to device even if you are not a professional. The quality it delivers is spot on for the reason that it can be used for archiving and preserving documents. In addition, it can also be used as a live document camera, which costs about $600, which is worth it. The Best Black Friday deals offered by CZUR at a discount of up to 50% by using code BF allows you to have it at an even cheaper price. Its high-end feature, with archival and classroom use that the department can use within a school, is helpful for both students and teachers. 

However, from my experience, I can point to certain areas where it could have been better, where there is a scope for improvement. The screen, according to me, is too small. Therefore, I prefer the app on the computer over it. Some of the features are too technical, which is not easy for a novice to get hold of without knowing about it properly. You can only learn about certain features if you are particular with some of the Settings. 

Since I used it, the result, by and large, is satisfactory because it does not cost you much. So, for $600, the CZUR ET24 Pro is genuinely worth it and is a go-to device. 

Wrapping Up the Tech Adventure: CZUR ET24 Pro as Your Scanning Companion

CZUR ET24 Pro, a portable high-end scanner, boasts user-friendly software and a neat layout. The left end of the page is suitable for editing and document output after the scanning is completed, the middle part is the preview of the scanned image, and the right side of the scanned file is the storage path;

One of the features that stands out is the Facing Page for book scanning. The scanned page is automatically saved and flattened into two pages, and the scanning result is just exceptional. At the same time, when we use the side light on the books with the shining surface, I observe that the light glare disappears. 

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