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7 Lead Generation Strategies To Improve Your Ad Campaign

Lead generation is a crucial element of the sales process for modern businesses. US digital lead generation ad spending in 2021 grew to $4.6 billion. The numbers prove that modern brands are ready to invest much of their budget to support their lead-generation efforts.

If you want to improve your marketing campaigns, investing in effective lead generation can be the first step. This short guide outlines strategies to capture more leads and boost profits.

1. Use SEO and Competitor Analysis

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be an effective online lead-generation strategy with a high return on investment (ROI). This advantage occurs because optimization can help brands acquire new customers even with a small budget.

Keyword research can help you generate targeted leads, which can help improve the lead-to-sales rate. You can use keyword research tools to explore broad topic ideas relevant to your company. These solutions can give you long-tail keywords, which help you target your ideal customer more accurately.

Using competitor analysis to take your SEO lead generation strategy to the next level would be best. This tactic involves checking your competitors’ keywords and what content works for them. This strategy can help you better monitor the performance of your campaign and predict key performance indicators (KPIs).

2. Produce Relevant and High-Quality Content

Whether using paid social media ads or offering gated downloads, attracting an audience without great content can be challenging. However, if you do it right, you will see better results from your content marketing and lead-gathering campaigns. 

One effective strategy for attracting high-quality leads is to publish helpful content that informs your target audience. You can post blogs, case studies, or even FAQs. By doing so, you are positioning your brand as a thought leader and answering common queries. 

This strategy can help attract new customers in several ways. First, this tactic makes your website more browseable and discoverable. Search engines will recommend your content to potential customers, and when they land on your site, they will have logical reasons to keep exploring. 

Remember that publishing more content means having more advertising and marketing materials. 

3. Perform Tests Correctly

Getting excellent advice can be positive, but it can be dangerous to think that because it worked for others, it will work equally well for you. Instead of immediately implementing new tactics you hear about from others, test them first.

Make it a habit to perform split tests, even when you think they are unnecessary. Sometimes, the results from your audience will seem counterintuitive, but this is why testing is crucial.

Ensure you are conducting the test correctly and using the correct subject pool. Other aspects you must consider include correctness, images, and immediacy.

Remember to split-test your headline, background image, and CTA button copy. The test results might surprise you, but the new data can help you make more informed optimizations.

4. Try Live Chat Features

An artificial intelligence (AI)-based live chat feature can be a great way to generate leads on your main website. 

When people land on your website, they will have questions before deciding to spend their money and make a purchase. A live chat feature lets you easily connect with visitors and answer their queries. 

This feature helps capture audience interest, which is crucial to encourage them to stay on the site without leaving their information. Remember that customers want to be able to ask questions, so give them this option by having a live chat feature on your site. 

If you are using chatbots, you can collect leads almost automatically. You can set up proactive rules and trigger the pop-ups of chat widgets at the right time. This tactic can help site visitors with questions or who need more information. 

By setting up automated chat replies, you can do the following:

  • Gather contact information
  • Assign the new contact to a salesperson who will follow up
  • Send welcome emails to new leads

5. Improve Your Offerings

One creative way to boost conversion rates is to give your audience better offers. This tactic involves making more meaningful changes than your typical optimizations, like changing site layouts or updating fonts.

For example, software companies offer free trials, while lawyers and doctors offer free initial consultations. Think of a unique and compelling thing you can show that provides real value to your audience.

If your conversions are at two percent or lower, you will need to make a drastic change. Remember that minor optimizations will lead to small results.

For example, your company sells phone plans and mobile phones. If you want to expand your reach for lead generation, you can reach out to older audiences. To help in this effort, you can offer AARP smartphone plans to convert your older audience to paying customers. 

6. Optimize Landing Pages

An effective sales landing page is straightforward and does not require readers to process plenty of information. 

Remember that simple landing pages can outperform others because site visitors do not like to get overloaded with information. They leave a page when they are required to read long content, especially if they are on their phones.

When developing a landing page, remember the following tips:

  • Establish trust and credibility
  • Limit the number of actions on the page
  • Be clear on what you are offering to the reader
  • Match the expectations and needs of the site visitor
  • Make different offers to secure the contact information of potential leads
  • Speed up load time

7. Retarget Leads

Remember to retarget and remarket leads likely to buy something from your site. You can use mostly paid ads to target prospects who have already interacted with your website or social media account. 

A retargeting campaign should provide a more personalized experience for your prospects than your initial campaign. You can fine-tune your approach based on the results of the initial interaction with the same person.

Moreover, you can use various methods to retarget your prospects. To rekindle the interest of potential customers and prompt them to finalize their purchases, you can utilize email or SMS as a means of communication.

These tactics can help increase your leads and boost your conversion rate. Some of these strategies are also economical, which can be valuable if you have a limited marketing budget.

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