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Conversions Description
0 Converter Shared Library Link File Converter
000 Converter Indexing Service Data File Converter
208 Converter ASUS Notebook BIOS 208 Update File Converter
2FS Converter Puppy Linux Save State File Converter
386 Converter Windows Virtual Device Driver Converter
3FS Converter Puppy Linux Save State File Converter
73U Converter TI-73 Explorer Operating System File Converter
8CU Converter TI-84 Plus C Operating System File Converter
8XU Converter TI-83 and TI-84 Plus Operating System File Converter
ADM Converter Administrative Template File Converter
ADML Converter Group Policy Language-Specific Administrative Template Converter
ADMX Converter Group Policy Administrative Template File Converter
ADV Converter Audio Driver File Converter
AML Converter ACPI Machine Language File Converter
ANI Converter Windows Animated Cursor Converter
ANN Converter Help Annotations Converter
AOS Converter ARCHOS PCtablet Firmware File Converter
ASEC Converter Android Secure Application File Converter
ATAHD Converter ATA Hard Drive Flag File Converter
AUTOMATICDESTINATIONS-MS Converter Windows Jump List File Converter
BASH_HISTORY Converter Bash History File Converter
BASH_PROFILE Converter Bash Interactive Login Shell File Converter
BASHRC Converter Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File Converter
BCD Converter Windows Boot Configuration Data File Converter
BIN Converter Router Firmware File Converter
BIO Converter BIOS File Converter
BK1 Converter Windows Indexing Service File Converter
BK2 Converter Windows Indexing Service Data File Converter
BLF Converter CLFS Base Log File Converter
BMK Converter Help Bookmarks Converter
BOM Converter Mac OS X Bill of Materials File Converter
BUD Converter Binary Printer Description File Converter
C32 Converter Syslinux COM32 Module Converter
CANNEDSEARCH Converter Apple Predefined Search Converter
CAP Converter ASUS BIOS Update File Converter
CAT Converter Windows Catalog File Converter
CDMP Converter WCS Device Model Profile Converter
CGZ Converter Linux Drivers Archive Converter
CHG Converter Windows Net Logon File Converter
CHK Converter Netgear Router Firmware File Converter
CHS Converter Windows Chinese Noise-Word List File Converter
CHT Converter Windows Chinese Traditional Noise-Word List File Converter
CI Converter Windows Content Indexer Catalog File Converter
CLB Converter COM+ Catalog File Converter
CM0013 Converter Samsung Smart TV Index File Converter
CMO Converter ASUS BIOS File Converter
CNT Converter Help Contents File Converter
CONFIGPROFILE Converter Apple Configuration Profile Converter
CPI Converter Codepage Information File Converter
CPQ Converter Compaq OEM Disc Configuration File Converter
CPR Converter Windows Phone Display Settings File Converter
CRASH Converter Mac OS X Crash Log File Converter
CUSTOMDESTINATIONS-MS Converter Windows 7 Jump List File Converter
DAT Converter Windows Registry Hive File Converter
DESKLINK Converter Desktop Shortcut Converter
DEV Converter Windows Device Driver File Converter
DEVICEMETADATA-MS Converter Device Metadata Package Converter
DFU Converter iOS DFU File Converter
DIAGCAB Converter Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File Converter
DIAGCFG Converter Troubleshooting Pack Configuration File Converter
DIAGPKG Converter Troubleshooting Pack File Converter
DIMAX Converter DiMAX Firmware Image File Converter
DIT Converter Active Directory Information Tree File Converter
DLX Converter Renamed DLL File Converter
DRPM Converter Delta RPM File Converter
DSS Converter DCC Active Designer File Converter
DTHUMB Converter Android Data Thumbnail Converter
DVD Converter DOS Device Driver Converter
DYC Converter Xerox Printer Driver Configuration File Converter
EBD Converter Windows EBD System File Converter
EDJ Converter Enlightenment Theme File Converter
EFI Converter Extensible Firmware Interface File Converter
EFIRES Converter EFI Image File Converter
ELF Converter Executable and Linkable Format File Converter
EMERALD Converter Emerald Theme Converter
ESCOPY Converter ES File Explorer File Manager Temporary File Converter
ETL Converter Microsoft Event Trace Log File Converter
EVT Converter Windows Event Viewer Log File Converter
EVTX Converter Windows 7 Event Log File Converter
FFA Converter Find Fast Status File Converter
FFL Converter Find Fast Document List Converter
FFO Converter Find Fast Document Properties Cache Converter
FFX Converter Microsoft Find Fast Index Converter
FID Converter Microsoft Catalog Indexing Service File Converter
FIRM Converter Boot9Strap 3DS Firmware File Converter
FL1 Converter Lenovo BIOS Update File Converter
FLG Converter Puppy Linux Partition Flag File Converter
FOTA Converter Firmware Over-the-Air File Converter
FPBF Converter Mac OS X Burn Folder Converter
FTF Converter FlashTool Firmware File Converter
FTG Converter Full Text Group Converter
FTS Converter Full Text Search Converter
FX Converter ReadyBoot Trace File Converter
GMMP Converter WCS Gamut Map Model Profile Converter
GRL Converter Windows Update Status File Converter
GROUP Converter Windows Contacts Group File Converter
GRP Converter Windows Program Manager Group Converter
H1S Converter Windows Assistance Platform Help File Converter
HCD Converter Samsung Android Firmware File Converter
HDMP Converter Windows Heap Dump Converter
HELP Converter Mac OS X Help Book Converter
HHC Converter HTML Help Table of Contents Converter
HHK Converter HTML Help Index Converter
HIV Converter Windows Registry Hive File Converter
HLP Converter Windows Help File Converter
HPJ Converter Help Project File Converter
HSH Converter Windows Catalog Search Index File Converter
HTT Converter Hypertext Template File Converter
HVE Converter Windows Registry Hive File Converter
ICL Converter Windows Icon Library File Converter
ICONPACKAGE Converter IconPackager Theme File Converter
IDI Converter EVA Controller Event Log Converter
IDX Converter Index File Converter
IFW Converter INTUS Firmware File Converter
IM4P Converter IMG4 Payload File Converter
IME Converter Windows Input Method Editor File Converter
IMG3 Converter iPhone IMG3 File Converter
INF_LOC Converter Windows Driver Information Cache File Converter
INS Converter Internet Naming Service File Converter
INTERNETCONNECT Converter Apple Internet Connect Document Converter
ION Converter File Description File Converter
IOPLIST Converter Mac OS X IOPLIST File Converter
IPOD Converter Rockbox Firmware File Converter
IPTHEME Converter IconPackager Raw Theme File Converter
ITEMDATA-MS Converter Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data File Converter
ITS Converter Internet Document Set Converter
IUS Converter InfoTMIC Firmware Update File Converter
JOB Converter Windows Task Scheduler Job File Converter
JPN Converter Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File Converter
KBD Converter Keyboard Layout Script Converter
KEXT Converter Mac OS X Kernel Extension Converter
KEY Converter Security Key Converter
KO Converter Linux Kernel Module File Converter
KOR Converter Windows Korean Noise-Words List File Converter
KS Converter Kickstart File Converter
LFS Converter Samsung Phone params.lfs File Converter
LIBRARY-MS Converter Windows Library Description File Converter
LOCKFILE Converter Mac OS X PLIST Lock File Converter
LOG1 Converter Windows Registry Hive Log File Converter
LOG2 Converter Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File Converter
LPD Converter LPD Daemon Print Permissions File Converter
LPD Converter Lookout Protocol Driver File Converter
LST Converter GRUB Boot List File Converter
MANIFEST Converter Windows Application Manifest File Converter
MAPIMAIL Converter Send To Mail Recipient Converter
MBN Converter Multi Boot Image Converter
MBR Converter Master Boot Record File Converter
MDMP Converter Windows Minidump Converter
ME Converter Puppy Linux Partition Flag File Converter
MEM Converter Parallels Desktop Memory Dump File Converter
METADATA_NEVER_INDEX Converter Spotlight Never Index File Converter
MI4 Converter Audio Player Firmware File Converter
MLC Converter Microsoft Language Interface Pack Converter
MMV Converter Magnex Firmware File Converter
MOBILECONFIG Converter Apple Mobile Configuration File Converter
MOD Converter GRUB Module Converter
MSC Converter Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File Converter
MSP Converter Windows Installer Patch Converter
MSSTYLE Converter Windows XP Unsigned Style Converter
MSSTYLES Converter Windows XP Style Converter
MTZ Converter MIUI Theme Converter
MUI_CCCD5AE0 Converter Hid User Library Converter
MUI Converter Multilingual User Interface File Converter
MUM Converter Windows Vista Update Package Converter
MYDOCS Converter Send To My Documents Converter
NB0 Converter Device Boot Loader Image Converter
NBH Converter ROM Update Utility Image File Converter
NETWORKCONNECT Converter Apple Network Connect Document Converter
NFO Converter System Information File Converter
NLS Converter Microsoft National Language Support File Converter
NT Converter Windows NT Startup File Converter
NTFS Converter NTFS Partition File Converter
ODEX Converter Optimized Dalvik Executable Converter
PANIC Converter Kernel Panic File Converter
PAT Converter DiskStation Manager Installation File Converter
PCK Converter System Center Configuration Manager Package File Converter
PDR Converter Windows Port Driver Converter
PFX Converter PKCS #12 Certificate File Converter
PID Converter Creative Driver File Converter
PIT Converter Samsung Phone Firmware File Converter
PK2 Converter Silkroad Online Game Data File Converter
PLASMOID Converter Plasma Widget Converter
PNF Converter Precompiled INF File Converter
POL Converter Windows Policy File Converter
PPD Converter PostScript Printer Description File Converter
PPM Converter Post Programmable Memory File Converter
PREFPANE Converter Mac OS X System Preference Pane Converter
PRF Converter Windows System File Converter
PRINTEREXPORT Converter Windows Printer Migration File Converter
PRO Converter TurboIntegrator Process Definition File Converter
PROFILE Converter Bash Shell Profile Converter
PROP Converter Android Build Properties File Converter
PROVISIONPROFILE Converter Apple Provision Profile Converter
PRT Converter Printer Driver File Converter
PS1 Converter Microsoft Indexing Service Data File Converter
PS2 Converter Microsoft Search Catalog Index File Converter
PWL Converter Windows Password List Converter
QKY Converter Quirky Kernel Converter
QVM Converter Q Virtual Machine Converter
RC1 Converter Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File Converter
RC2 Converter Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File Converter
RCO Converter PlayStation Portable Resource File Converter
RCV Converter BIOS Recovery File Converter
REG Converter Registry File Converter
REGLNK Converter Registry Editor Shortcut File Converter
REGTRANS-MS Converter Registry Transaction Log File Converter
RFW Converter Rockchip Firmware File Converter
RMT Converter Router Firmware File Converter
RS Converter Windows Rating System File Converter
RUF Converter Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File Converter
RVP Converter Sharp Blu-ray Player Firmware File Converter
SAVEDSEARCH Converter Spotlight Saved Search Converter
SAVER Converter Mac OS X Screen Saver Converter
SB Converter Slax Bundle Converter
SBF Converter Android System File Converter
SBN Converter Cisco IP Phone Firmware File Converter
SCAP Converter EFI Firmware File Converter
SCF Converter Windows Explorer Command Converter
SCHEMAS Converter GConf Schema Definition File Converter
SCR Converter Windows Screensaver Converter
SDB Converter Custom Application Compatibility Database Converter
SDT Converter Siemens Desktop Theme File Converter
SEARCHCONNECTOR-MS Converter Windows Search Connector File Converter
SERVICE Converter Systemd Service Unit File Converter
SFCACHE Converter ReadyBoost Cache File Converter
SHD Converter Windows Print Job Shadow File Converter
SHSH Converter iPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File Converter
SIN Converter Sony Xperia Firmware File Converter
SO.0 Converter Unix Shared Library File Converter
SPL Converter Windows Print Spool File Converter
SPX Converter System Profiler XML Report Converter
SQM Converter Service Quality Monitoring File Converter
STR Converter Windows Screensaver File Converter
SWP Converter Swap File Converter
SYS Converter Motorola Driver File Converter
TA Converter Sony Firmware File Converter
TDZ Converter Drobo Firmware File Converter
THA Converter Windows Thai Noise-Words List File Converter
THEME Converter Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme Converter
THUMBNAILS Converter Android Thumbnails Folder Converter
TIMER Converter Systemd Unit Configuration File Converter
TRASHES Converter macOS USB Flash Drive Trash Folder Converter
TRX_DLL Converter Windows Startup File Converter
UCE Converter Windows UCE System File Converter
VGA Converter VGA Display Driver Converter
VGD Converter Generic CADD VGA Driver Converter
VX_ Converter Compressed Virtual Device Driver File Converter
VXD Converter Virtual Device Driver Converter
WDF Converter Windows Driver Foundation File Converter
WDGT Converter Dashboard Widget Converter
WEBPNP Converter Web Point and Print File Converter
WER Converter Windows Error Report Converter
WGZ Converter S60 Web Runtime Widget Package Converter
WPH Converter Phoenix BIOS File Converter
WPX Converter Printer Description File Converter
XFB Converter Xserve RAID Firmware Binary File Converter
XRM-MS Converter Microsoft Security Certificate Converter
ZONE.IDENTIFIER Converter Windows Zone Identifier File Converter
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