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Conversions Description
ABF Converter Adobe Binary Screen Font File Converter
ACFM Converter Adobe Composite Font Metrics File Converter
AFM Converter Adobe Font Metrics File Converter
AMFM Converter Adobe Multiple Font Metrics File Converter
BDF Converter Glyph Bitmap Distribution Format Converter
CHA Converter Character Layout File Converter
CHR Converter Borland Character Set File Converter
COMPOSITEFONT Converter Windows Composite Font File Converter
DFONT Converter Mac OS X Data Fork Font Converter
EOT Converter Embedded OpenType Font Converter
ETX Converter TeX Font Encoding File Converter
EUF Converter Private Character Editor File Converter
F3F Converter Crazy Machines Font File Converter
FEA Converter AFDKO Feature Definitions File Converter
FFIL Converter Mac Font Suitcase Converter
FOT Converter Font Resource File Converter
GDR Converter Symbian OS Font File Converter
GF Converter METAFONT Bitmap File Converter
GLIF Converter Glyph Interchange Format File Converter
GXF Converter General CADD Pro Font File Converter
JFPROJ Converter JSON Font Project File Converter
LWFN Converter Adobe Type 1 Mac Font File Converter
MCF Converter Watchtower Library Font File Converter
MF Converter METAFONT File Converter
MXF Converter Maxis Font File Converter
NFTR Converter Nintendo DS Font Type File Converter
ODTTF Converter Obfuscated OpenType Font Converter
PCF Converter PaintCAD Font Converter
PF2 Converter GRUB Font File Converter
PFA Converter Printer Font ASCII File Converter
PFB Converter Printer Font Binary File Converter
PFM Converter Printer Font Metrics File Converter
PFR Converter Portable Font Resource File Converter
PK Converter Packed METAFONT File Converter
PMT Converter PageMaker Template File Converter
SFD Converter Spline Font Database File Converter
SFP Converter Soft Font Printer File Converter
SUIT Converter Macintosh Font Suitcase Converter
T65 Converter PageMaker Template File Converter
TFM Converter TeX Font Metric File Converter
TTC Converter TrueType Font Collection Converter
TTE Converter Private Character Editor File Converter
TXF Converter Celestia Font Texture File Converter
UFO Converter Unified Font Object File Converter
VFB Converter FontLab Studio Font File Converter
VLW Converter Processing Font File Converter
VNF Converter Vision Numeric Font Converter
WOFF Converter Web Open Font Format File Converter
WOFF2 Converter Web Open Font Format 2.0 File Converter
XFN Converter Ventura Printer Font Converter
XFT Converter ChiWriter Printer Font Converter
YTF Converter Google Picasa Font Cache Converter
Conversions Description

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