How To Write A Motivational Essay For Admission To An American University For An International Student?

“To achieve something, there is one secret – to begin,” Mark Twain, who gave the world the adventurous and courageous Tom Sawyer, famously stated. From personal experience, the great writer understood that getting started (particularly on a manuscript) might be difficult. I have provided guidelines on how to write an essay for university entrance in the United States for you (yes, it seems even more difficult than composing a novel).

How to pick a story for writing an essay is the full secret. Are you concerned that you’ve picked the incorrect personal example, that your work will appear dry and artificial, and that no one will remember it? These seven pointers will assist you in crafting a compelling tale that the admissions committee will want to include in their “pile of favorites.”

1. Try To Come Up With The Perfect Example One Week Before.

Many institutions in the United States require you to write about a challenging scenario you faced, how you dealt with it, and how it influenced you. Please take your time. Write down the events that had the greatest impact on you as a person on a sheet of paper. Next, make a list of the things you admire in yourself. Examine which of the scenarios you wrote down exhibited the qualities you most like in yourself.

2. Don’t Be Scared To Talk About Your Failures In Your Writing.

Many students write about their health challenges, family tragedies, or financial troubles in their essays. You might also discuss such incidents if they have had a significant impact on you. You should not make up unrealistic stories if you have always lived in a happy, healthy household with a solid salary. After all, we’ve all experienced both major and little disappointments. Small setbacks and hurdles can have a significant impact on the development of your personality. The most important thing is to write the truth since this will bring your narrative closer to the reader.

3. Failures, Misfortunes, Or Tragedies

Describe how you acted and what attributes aided your progress. These are the episodes in your text that the admissions committee is looking for. They assist you in determining what type of person you are and how you vary from others.

4. Prioritize Experiences That Are Important To You

In addition, many American institutions will ask you to write about a meaningful life event, a person who inspired you, or an accomplishment that helped you grow in your essay. In this scenario, make a list of all the key individuals in your life as well as any accomplishments you are proud of on a piece of paper. Draw the reader’s attention to the qualities that assisted you in achieving a goal or those you would like to acquire. Rather than biographical information about yourself or your favorite celebrity’s career path, emphasize them.

5. Write About Certain Individuals.

If you’re asked to write about an inspirational individual, choose someone you know. Adele, for example, may inspire you because she cares about her fans, addresses her issues, and pours her heart and soul into her songs. Americans pride themselves on providing a good example for their children. The songs are touching and in keeping with the American ethos of standing up for one’s family.

6. Don’t Only Look At Your Official Accomplishments.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t have an Olympic medal to brag about when you write about your accomplishments. Everyone recognizes that graduating from high school and opting to study in the United States is already a significant achievement.

Consider a time when you were happy. Consider how pleased you were about something you had worked so hard for. When was the last time you felt relieved, happy, and proud of who you are? For others, the achievement was enrolling in an acting studio to become less reclusive, while for others, it was saving money and taking their first actual vacation to their favorite nation.

7. Be Yourself.

Don’t read online essays that helped students get in. Every American university likes to publish the coolest essays in the “essays that worked” section. However, there is no exact guarantee that your essay, written after reading someone else’s work, will remain unique, personal, and sincere. Write about what touches you; if you have something to write about from yourself, you are sure to become an American college student. Find your voice, your theme, and you won’t be forgotten even by the Harvard committee.

3 Main Stages

Stage 1: Preparation

Consider the substance of the essay before you begin writing it. Make a list of questions to be answered during the essay-writing process:

Stage 2: Composing An Essay

Begin by jotting down your responses to the opening questions.

Organize your thoughts: Make a list of things to include in your outline, such as:

The Main Part (paragraphs 2,3,4)

The final paragraph

Stage 3: Editing

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